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Hi, my name is Shania Richards.

I am a young Wongutha, Bulang, Mirning, Ndaju, Gubrun, Barngara woman with British and German heritage.

I grew up between Kalgoorlie, Esperance, Kambalda, and across the Nullabour to Port Lincoln.

I completed my studies at the Western Australian Academy of perfroming Arts, then studied Commercial Cookery.

And am now doing a singer song writer course while working as a cultural heritage consultant/monitor on behalf of BDAC, and maintaing my own art business (Nerdy Indigenious Art).

I was very lucky to have recently been elected the 27th Youth Governor of South Australia.

Born between two worlds, I have been guarding secrets my whole life as whenever I try to talk about sacred knowldge I am often misunderstood and called crazy. Once I was wrongly insituationalized for having a massive realization, I knew I had to keep my mouth shut or be persecuted by the fear of the unknown from my own family and community.

So I am just trying to find my real people, my soul family.

As I’m here to help destroy the system of illusions and lies, you can thank me in the afterlife <3

As a carbon based life form that has a short lifespan and limited resources, I am here for a GOOD TIME not a LONG one alright?

We are this tiny miniature speck in the whole creation of the universe, yet according to the laws of the universe you were deemed worthy of life and get to have the chance of experiencing the reality game of “Being human” on “Earth” so literally enjoy life while you can.

No use saving money your whole life if you just suddenly drop dead.

You do you Boo <3

I prefer not to think before speaking, I like being just as surprised as everyone else by what comes out of my mouth ;)

*Decendant of the Ancient ones, with several powerful bloodlines running through these aboriginal veins!

Thanks be to those who came before me and to those who will come after, your contributions to the Great Work and the sacrifices will not be forgotten!

In the name of Love, Love under Law, shall we prosper into peace and prosperity and imperfect perfection into the Great FOUND civilisation of the new Utopia <3

Thank you ancestors, decendants, Universe and everything in between.

Her Excellency, Lady Shania Richards

Her Excellency, Lady Shania Richards

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