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For thousands of years, humankind has asked the question ‘are we alone?’ From the likelihood of how enormous this universe is and the virtual infinite worlds there are, surely at one point, one of those worlds held life as we know it. Many can agree with that there is extra-terrestrial life, but few dare to answer: ‘have they visited earth before?’

   Our Alien Ancestry explores that question from every angle: archaeology, paleontology, recorded history, witnesses and contactees from all over the world. Every month for a full day, we put together a panel of seasoned researchers and experiencers to bring public awareness to one of the most important topics known to humanity. Our team started as independent investigators and witnesses wanting to show everyone what we have learned over the years. Specializing in our own fields of alien contact and with the aid of the internet, the choice was simple.

   Each passing conference opened new doors to people from different backgrounds, however, many mentioned the same thing repeatedly: the prophecy. All cultures have spoken about it, added their names and twists, but the core is the same. There have been many over the ages, however, the peculiarities of modern days have added credibility to this event, or series of events. The world is destabilizing, our paradigms will crack and fracture under the realization of one thing: they are coming back. 

   Who is and why? That answer leads back to an ancient time, where humans and aliens were equals. We share a history that most have forgotten. The purpose of these conferences is to illuminate the shadowed unconscious memories of humanity and help desensitize everyone to the otherworldly presence.

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