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I am incredibly grateful to have been led to Steven & Evan & all the work they do. This has all been instrumental in my own healing, coming from a background of residential schools, and multiple generations of pain stemming from the abuse my own family suffered at the hands of my own 'government' & society due to the fact that they wanted to live in harmony with nature, teach their own children & live in peace. Such things cannot go unpunished in our society LOL The past 3 or so years since I was led to you all have been eye opening, painful, mind-blowing & healing in a manner I cannot even describe.

This has led to me doing more research in regards to my own family, which was never spoken about due to deep, deep shame, and discovering many things which have allowed me to heal more completely. We must know where we come from, who we come from, what we come from, our people's customs & beliefs, our spiritual core, in order to live the lives we are meant to live - not the lives we are told we should be living. I literally hang on every word of the elders when I hear them speak during each conference. They bring me to tears, hearing all the things I've believed all my life being mirrored back to me, things which in the past led to me feeling ostracized & very much misunderstood. I love to hear them sharing the knowledge they generously share with us, and the beautiful energy they possess. No offense Steven & Evan LOL but I always listen to the elders' presentations first, even before your own :-)


I am a healer myself, someone who works with the plants & animals, the elements, the energies, crystals & all the gifts of nature I am provided with. I make medicines, formulate natural products for those who need healing & pain relief, forage wild medicines & foods in the rainforest, meditate with the waters of the ocean, collect bones & stones, have started making ceremonial drums & rattles, sketch in the wild, sculpt when the urge hits me, teach what I know, garden to sustain myself as much as possible, and am always learning more myself. So much to learn & re-learn....these are all things which which feed my soul on its deepest levels. I am happiest alone, in the forest where my home is, with the animals & all my other family members of so many species. Despite my very painful upbringing & majority of my adult life, I am grateful for those experiences because they have all led me to where I am now - I don't ever remember being this happy or content, living with my Mother, gratefully utilizing her many gifts to us, surrounded by her beautiful, wild, healing energy.

I have also been a formal teacher in the past in Indonesia & other countries & have been doing IT work for the past 15 years as part of my so-called 'real' job. It pays the bills & allows me to use the abundance I am so grateful for in order to help myself & so many others in need. So many of us need healing now like never before....

Much love, blessings, healing & protection to all :-)




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