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Interview with an Alien - Audiobook

Interview with an Alien - Audiobook


"If I was to offer the impossible, to be able to speak to the Creator of Everything and ask anything you want, surely only a fool would decline. But what if the nest-in-line was willing and able to tell you everything, would you be agreeable to have a series of conversations?" - Steven Strong

"Mezreth only speaks to those who listen, but once he starts, he never shuts up." - Lea Kapiteli


*Once you download the file, it will appear as a zip file. Please right-click it and press 'extract files' to get access to the file. Make sure your computer has an audio playing program. 


    A brave account of a broader truth comes to mind as I read Interview with an Alien, Book 1, authors Lea Kapiteli & Steven Strong.   I met Lea soon after her mother, a scientist wrote about daughter Lea and shared she had struggled with what Lea had told her about her Contact experiences with Non-human Intelligences. However, she also believed her.

     I met both mother and daughter and Lea spoke openly and candidly of her experiences with non-human intelligence’s.   Lea also showed her art work of life drawings of these non-human intelligences some of which are incredibly detailed and visually stunning. The combination of the images and detailed understanding of characters, & personalities was extremely convincing and gave further credence to her story.

     What I think is the most intriguing not only of Lea’s present experiences as a human in communication and relationships with these ‘intelligences’ but she has detailed recall of some of her’ past lives, as a soul incarnated from this source, Lea takes Contact with non-human intelligences to greater level of understanding.

     Interview with an Alien is a compendium of images of some of these intelligence’s Lea has interacted and communicated with.  However, the specific communication with ‘intelligence’ Mezreth, is fascinating as he is a representative of an interstellar co-operative of many species.  Mezreth answers questions put to him by researcher of Australia’s true history Steven Strong.  Steven asks a series of profound questions of Mezreth from philosophical, metaphysical, religious, to anthropology, archelogy, science and extra-terrestrial.  Questioning the prevailing knowledge and seeking the truth about human history and civilizations such as Atlantis and Lemuria.  Steven makes it clear that the information Lea shares from Mezreth is not channelling but a two-way conversation with this intelligence.

    The breath of subject’s information and complexity of the dialogue alone make it an absorbing, intriguing and fascinating must read.

    Mary Rodwell, Founder and Principal of The Australian Close Encounter Resource Network


    Edited by Sanja Korlaet 

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