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A Soul Remembers: Chronicles of Akashi - Book 1

A Soul Remembers: Chronicles of Akashi - Book 1


Authored by Lea Kapiteli.


Three lives.

One soul.

One last chance to right the wrongs.


The burning desert destroys the weak, flays the strong and dements the cunning, but it’s home. Giria, the black jewel of the red sands, is a grand city protected her denizens from the deserts, but the Oracles were bent on protecting their power on the inside. For Von-wratha, her masters were her family, her gods were the fetid Twin Serpents, her hollow existence was her life. Until one day she chose to protect a life from her masters. The cost was exile, but she would ensure it was to be paid in blood.


In the centre of the roaring blue seas once sat the white city of Atlantia. The golden age of humankind, the empire the spanned across the world and into the stars. A civilisation that took millennia to build; a civilisation that took moments to destroy. Delta witnessed the end of the empire’s life, yet she did not know it. In the land of psychics, her mundanity forced her to peer behind the curtains to reveal the impending doom that was coming for them all.


An enchanted forest is razed by war, childhoods stripped, families murdered and survivors on the hunt for someone to blame. For decades, the Nalashi and Noszarel tribes tore at each other’s throats, but the war’s first casualty was the truth. Arrazanal of the Nalashi tribe despised the Noszarel for taking her parents, until the loss of her sister forced her to work with her enemy. What she discovers threatens to destroy the war machine, along with both tribes.

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