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Four More Anonymous Contributions: Sacred Rocks

By Steven & Evan Strong


(***Names of the Rock Keepers were changed for security reasons)

We are obliged to open proceedings with an apology as we are forced to withhold names and locations of the rocks presented simply because to do otherwise causes too much grief and unwarranted hostility. What is a 100% certainty is that if someone posts information and photographs of an unusual rock they found, often decades ago, they will be vilified, hectored and lectured with an immediate demand the rock must be taken back to the Australian location from where it was found. What these critics invariably ignore in the abuse is the accompanying information supplied. Often it is made clear the location is unknown, or as it has been in recent cases it is an American rock, An Australian went to the Original Elders who instructed him to hold it for now until they are ready, or people simply can no longer remember where. What is constantly overlooked is that the people picked up these rocks simply because they looked so odd and did not fit into any known category.

That recurring truth is fundamental, there was no text, historical account or contemporary counterpart for any of the finders to compare or consult. Our interest is restricted to rocks that exhibit clear evidence of technology that sits outside the embrace of all types of Original stick, stone, bone and open fireplace technology. What that means for each of these people is because it is assumed that this stone technology is the permanent state of affairs before Cook, it has been understandably assumed that the rock just can’t be an Original product.

What is even more relevant in every cultural sense, is that there has been one eternal constant in every report given to us by the people who came upon rocks of this high technological input, is that the rock instigated the interaction. On every occasion the person involved will volunteer their conviction that this event was by design. They begin by stating something along the lines that as much as this may sound weird or worse, the rock alerted them to its whereabouts. Whether it be being told to pull up at a car-park then walk over to a specific point, wading knee-deep in the sea and directed to dig into the sand or told to walk down a bush-track that had already been avoided, the underlying modus-operandi never varies, each person feels they were directed by the rock to recover this lost treasure.

Every rock we have accepted was either bought on the open market or given to us, we would never take a rock off-country, in our case it would be fatal to do so. And that is another point lost in translation, these rocks are aware and have powers. In one of the rare cases where a lady found a sacred high technology rock and actually knows exactly where it was found, the worst thing that could be done would be to repatriate it back on the original site. It was found underneath high-tension power lines at Chinchilla, QLD. Alas that particular location is ‘fracking-central’ in Australia. It is a rabbit-warren of tunnels and holes and sitting under a constant discharge of electricity is a dreadful state of affairs. Nevertheless, those who know best were vicious in their condemnation and righteous in their directive of an immediate return. Despite being called over to a site this woman had no intention of walking near or under, those who were neither there or called by the rock, insist they know what is best for that rock.

Our advice to every person who has been called and obeyed, is the same every time. First up, as the rock chose this person there is business between the rock and finder that must be resolved before a choice of two options must be considered. Past that first prerequisite we suggest that they must either find an Elder who will not put it in a glass display cabinet or building and give it ceremony, or if that is not possible, send it to us so that it can join others at a complex where they will be placed in a sacred formation sitting on the ground. At no stage do we encourage anyone to go looking and taking, never have, and in every case presented in this article the rocks were found well before any of these people were aware of our research.

Consequences …

What these uninformed attacks create is two-fold in consequences. First up once identified, if on our Facebook we block all access to the person who becomes insulting and belligerent. Over the last year at least twenty people will no longer be able to make any further derogatory comments. Sadly, the collateral damage has been substantial as two of the people who asked for further guidance and directions have understandably closed up ‘shop.’ They, along with two stunning rocks, are no longer contactable.

Those found responsible for earlier attacks are no longer with us, and equally they have never seen up close, touched or been called by these rocks. Such are the numbers of people on our Facebook there is no guarantee there are not others ready to offer unsolicited commentaries, and because of this we have reluctantly withheld the names and contact details of those who have come upon rocks that are clearly beyond the capacities of any Original stone, bone, stick and open fire tool-kit. For any still unable to accept these truths and rules of engagement, the only real names remaining are ours, and criticising us achieves nothing whatsoever and is merely ‘water off a duck’s back.’

Each contribution is clearly an example of extremely advanced technology and as our principal aim is to again make it clear that these rocks are not either a recent or mischievous product we have created, the commentary we provide will be brief.

The First Alias

This lady who we have renamed Lois, initially rang us to talk about two rocks but actually sent us three. It was clear that because both her husband and son had recently started to experience nose bleeds the rocks no longer needed to stay with her. Nose bleeds are a classic indicator that the rocks must be relocated, and it was decided by Lois that they would be posted to us.

The first of three is the smallest and most intricate. The dark black overlay is very thick and the base rock to which it was attached is somewhat unusual. According to my wife, who is a professional artist, the underlying colour is a “mix of yellow ochre with a tinge of burnt sienna.” The markings that cut through the top dark veneer and into the base rock number thirteen very small dots/circles and five that are larger, one continuous very fine line that skirts around an edge and the second largest shape is a crude rectangle that is also the deepest on the rock. On the top edge is not so much a defined shape but more an accumulation of gouges and cuts of varying depths. Some have exposed the underlying base rock while others are not as deep with traces of the black coat still remaining. Clearly this is meant to be the thumb-rest position which facilitates a deeper contact with the base rock.

The irregular depression means this rock is a holding rock. The top side which has the most marks contains a series of eight very small dots which may well be stars/planets with the much larger ninth dot close to the middle. Of the eight dots on one line two are much larger. In combination, if excluding Pluto as recent scientists have decreed, this could represent our planets and sun. The left-hand thumb sits far more comfortably than the right, so this means it is women’s rock.

The second rock is also a holding rock, and unlike the other rock which rests in the top two fingers and thumb, this rock sits comfortably in the entire hand with the base extending across the palm. As there is a depression on the left-hand side and it is heavily pecked, therefore exposing the base rock, the rock must be held in the left-hand and is a female rock.

Of the five sides, most of the pecking is on the same side where the thumb rests and numbers close forty. There is also has one very fine straight horizontal line measuring 6 cms which almost joins up to a second fine straight line that continues on to the opposite side for another 3 cms. There is second delicate vertical line of the same width measuring 2 cms which also extends up to the top side for one more centimetre. Excluding the top side, which also has about twenty pecks, the other three sides are almost untouched.

As with the first rock, this rock also has a topcoat attached, but it is quite thin and nowhere near as thick. Not as dark or black as the previous rock, it has a much thinner somewhat dark brown veneer and even though the pecks and cuts barely scratch the surface the colour of the base rock is easy to see. Its colouring is decidedly different being more a creamy beige. Irrespective of the differing colours this chert and resin compound necessitates a temperature running into the thousands of degrees Celsius needed to melt any silicon rock. Obviously, no campfire, no matter how many logs are stacked, will get close to one thousand degrees.

Lois’ third contribution was not discussed beforehand, the first I knew of it was when the parcel was opened. Clearly it is a holding rock, and it was originally covered with a coat, but this time around it is not the normal dark black or brown chert and resin compound. A light reddish-brown lacquer is the dominant feature on four of the five sides, with the base rock exposed on the fifth side and is a pale-yellow ochre. The topcoat is exceptionally thin and we feel it is not so much a coat melted then attached when extremely hot, but more like a room temperature lacquer that was painted on.

There is an easily found holding pattern with thumb rest if held in the left-hand, which is the same for the other larger holding rock. Because the other two are also female rocks, and both males in the household were bleeding through the nose, it does seem reasonable to assume all three rocks have the same gender preference.


From the first sighting of photos of the rock Mary sent us pictures of, we knew we already had another rock of the same geology, technology applied, and esoteric purpose served. When comparing the photographs supplied of the one so similar to that of Lois’ rock, there really is very little to add. Both lack any evidence of rock-on-rock percussion points/bulbs and were clearly cut by no less than a very hard metal blade or something further up the ‘technological tree.’

Outside acknowledging the intricacies of cutting and shaping either rock, we do know that the one we have is used in high-order ceremonies and magic and because of the clear similarities there is every reason to assume the same rules apply to the rock of which Mary is the present custodian. Because of this sacred quality we firstly gave the same spiel about the short and long term placement, but went further. We shared with her details of rock ceremony to be given, and how it should be stored and dealt with. What was never shared and totally forgotten by Mary was the place or even general location from which this rock was removed. Despite my prompting she just could not begin to recollect or even guess. As we have often pointed out if the relic is not seen as Original or functional, it is a curio, something that grabs the eye and comes from somewhere in the bush.

Photo By Samarah Wood

Twice Over

As with the last rock making sense or confident commentary about a rock seen only through a photograph is risky business. So, we are intentionally brief and circumspect in any observations made, as will be the case with Sebastian’s rock.

Of the many choices available we chose this rock because it focusses on a style of rock communication the previous rocks do not have as a main feature. On this rock it is all about lines. There is no coat of any thickness, not even a hint of lacquer, the rock is au naturel , and the lines cut into this rock are straight.

Both sets of lines are continuous and straight and this was not done through the use of any type of chisel. What is even more compelling is that there are two applications, the thicker and reasonably straight lines are below then at some time after a second set of thinner and sharper lines were also cut, and these ones are ‘gun-barrel’ straight. These lines require a stone mason par excellence or machinery. As all the lines are straight, it is star rock language and deals with as on top business as do all rocks that contain the same type of script, of which we have dozens.

The Blade that Never Chopped

From the very first time we saw this fascinating hybrid, what struck me about the extremely sharp pristine state of the blade was that the one thing this object looked like was an axe head, but wasn’t. Both the artefact we had, and this one photographed by Brian, have never cut down a tree or any other object. Neither show any sign of being attached to any handle. While it is undeniable the five-kilogram stone axe that we have is utterly untouched and in pristine condition, and Brian’s axe is moderately damaged, in both cases there is absolutely no evidence on either blade of impact or usage. They were both only ever used in sacred ceremonies and men’s business, as for hunting or chopping outside, absolutely not. However, this more recent and smaller stone axe adds something more in that the much heavier axe we have has an artificial reddish-brown coat without one mark, peck, line or symbol etched or cut into the surface. On the second rock the reverse is true.

We have line and angle language all over this faux axe. The lines are straight, with a uniformity in cut and width that demands no less than a hardened metal edge. Brian’s rock seems to be an exception to the rule in that ceremonial rocks lead a sheltered life and rarely see the light of any day. Almost always such rocks show no sign of wear or contact. This rock does seem to be a cross-over as sections are untouched, but all up there has been some form of dramatic interaction with something very hard.

Put all of This Together and …

There is no doubt that the rocks we have plus those of many others is merely ‘the tip of the iceberg.’ From our perspective the only issue unresolved is not what they are, or the technology needed, but why now. And in determining why all these rocks are appearing now we must also include the rings and metal objects from Atlantis and Lemuria, four no-forehead skulls and the Egyptian artefacts. All of this and much more is here now ready and waiting. They have all returned to the ‘scene of the crime’/redemption to assist and guide in the upcoming global transformation.

What began when the ‘magic box’ was activated by Original Elders at Uluru on December 21, 2020, and complimented by over 15,000,000 souls in deep meditation, was the beginning of the end. Two paths now exist, and each soul must choose wisely as the time to make the correct decision is running out. All of the rocks and assorted artefacts are merely part of this global ascension. Their magic is needed not only for the planet, but for us.

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