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Covert Cultural Conditioning

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

By Steven & Evan Strong

Special Thanks to Brenton Calyun


This is somewhat like a follow up article to our earlier report on the UFO flying at Uluru before and after the ceremonies at 7:32 on December 21, 2012. To be honest, the content is drawn entirely from the ‘reserves bench,’ containing incidents that were considered, albeit briefly, then rejected. It is not that this is the rubbish pile, and we are at a loss for anything to write, far from it, but more that even though these candidates are valid and of immense importance, they lack the empirical one hundred percent tick required in the earlier article. We are aware that we will be presenting content that sceptics and those of a permanent negative inclination will readily scoff at and ridicule.

And that is the main reason why this ensemble was not included previously, apart from a miniscule chink in their scientific armour, they serve a better purpose in assisting in our investigation as to why such a critical and often sarcastic response comes about that often descends into sniggers of ‘tin hats’ and ‘little green men from Mars.’ What we wish to come to grips with is that why is it that the topic of UFOs is never seriously discussed in universities or polite academic circles? Equally, the scant coverage given in mainstream media is almost always derisive, or at the very best, questionable and open-ended. In every official circle, until the belated release by the Pentagon addressing the UFO phenomena, whether the government, universities or military, it has been either no comment or a wall of silence. It was all a matter of ‘nothing to see here’ and move along to approved pastures.

There is no building, government funded organisation or even a solitary mainstream media outlet that specialises in UFO sightings/contact or abductions. And it is that overwhelming absence which denies authorised legitimacy and casts a shadow on every eye-witness account and visual testimony. Even when we began reporting on the real Original history and legacy, we intentionally kept clear of everything that had even the slightest connection to the Alien package. We knew this was a ‘poison chalice’ and that the official and public response would involve a total denial of authenticity and questioning of our integrity, honesty, thirst for millions, and in my case, my shabby appearance.


Despite the undeniable culture extolling a refusal to meaningfully engage, since the Second World War reports of sightings and first contact with Aliens and their craft have never let up. Even though rarely if ever seriously covered in mainstream media outlets, the reality of this continuous extra-terrestrial presence must be ignored or ridiculed. Brenton’s account is reliant upon one photograph, a ‘selfie’ taken with what could be two UFO’s hovering behind. It is supplemented by no personal sighting of either object at the time, which “was about a year ago,”(1) or any visual clues that anything was in the air close by. He is an Original man of the Kaurna tribe, very connected to Old Way sensibilities and wisdom and has neither the inclination to create mischief nor the skills to photo-shop.

Photo by Brenton Caylun

I had assumed someone else had taken the photo, deliberately manoeuvring the lens so as to include Brenton and both of the flying objects, but no it, was intentioned to be a one person selfie. Just as it is with the film of the UFO flying at Uluru during and after the ceremonies on December 21, where the person filming neither saw the craft in the clouds, and is legally blind, Brenton also had no idea that two of these off-world flying space ships were in the air nearby. However, despite lacking in any visual clues, Brenton was aware of something in the ‘air,’ and that “all I know that it was the best feeling of my life.”(2) When pressed for more detail as to what he experienced, he responded in confiding he was “feeling light.”(3)

Nonetheless, whether Brenton or any other witness, when evaluating such claims, it inevitably spirals backwards into questioning the morals and motivations of the messenger. Whether alleged to be driven by dishonesty, attention seeking or a profit to be made, the critics and sceptics have a fertile reservoir of stock-denials to fall back on. Even though Brenton would never lie or deceive in Original cultural spiritual matters and has no reason to do so, nor does he possess the technical capacity to rearrange the photo, he will be doubted and blighted by condescension. The conventional truth of today is in a cul-de-sac and, as Brenton sees it, “nothing else can explain it.”(4) As to whether these crafts are “travelling in two dimensions,”(5) well Brenton is most likely right. Makes no difference, it could be just a one-dimensional transit, because past where it may be moving towards, at that moment in time and location two UFO’s were nearby and in focus.

Photo by Brenton Caylun

And herein lay the pivotal issue central to every witness to an Alien interaction, it all comes down to the integrity and honesty of the person supplying their account. So pervasive and derision ridden is this climate of look the other way or wear the sniggers and raised eyebrows for the first timers, and for those who persist through degrees of hostility ranging up to personal threats and death, it really is best to watch, observe and tell no-one. Moreover, if Brenton or any other person with a conscience and conviction wanted this truth to be known and seriously investigated, where to go and who to see? There is no phone number, advertised or registered department or any admission of existence in all official channels.

Photo by Brenton Caylun

Some Ancient History

Going back over fifty years when I was a high-school student at Punchbowl Boys High, that same culture of ‘nothing to see here’ was the central consideration when what was undeniably a metallic flying saucer hovered above the school. It appeared as the school day was complete and no less than a hundred students and quite a few teachers were standing still looking up for around ten minutes. Every response, and there were plenty, was always revolving around two words: flying saucer. There was nothing else on offer, simply because that is exactly what was hovering barely one hundred metres above.

The next day at school, was just as unremarkable and dull as those before, and not solitary syllable was uttered by any teacher or media outlet. They were united in their ten-minute amnesia, and understandably so if they wished to continue teaching, it just wasn’t worth the grief and clandestine visits from officials with sinister agendas.

Well before Punchbowl and for some considerable time after, that was how it went in this country, whether it was one person or a hundred there was only one sensible course of action, to look the other way and say no more. There were exceptions, and almost invariably the response was at the least hostile and sometimes lethal, but for the mainstream it was all about ‘steady as she goes.’ However, there was one exceptional occasion when the numbers were not in the hundreds, but thousands and alas, the witnesses included judges, magistrates, sundry police and solicitors. This time around the numbers were too many to silence and media interest too widespread.

My source is a lady well-known and highly respected in the Gosford area, so highly regarded is her volunteer work in so many community organisations and countless efforts in righting wrongs, she was awarded an O.A.M. by the Australian Federal government. So just as it is with Brenton, this person has an unchallenged track-record in helping and her word should not be challenged or doubted.

Nina Angelo, along with over a thousand local residents, witnessed a massed fly-by of multiple UFO’s all over the Gosford region. It went on for hours, received extensive media coverage for the next day and soon after submerged into the same black hole of silence and inconvenience. Nevertheless, from Nina’s viewpoint she saw the craft hovering over the waters barely a kilometre from the Kariong glyphs. And just like the five-legged UFO’s engraved on two of the walls, these Alien craft had five legs hanging down sucking up sea-water. It was that similarity in design and five suspended appendages Nina returned to often, she couldn’t get over the identical shape, legs and proportions between what she was seeing hovering above the water then, and the ancient engravings in the stone and hieroglyphs gallery. Of one thing Nina was adamant, there were spaceships in the sky that night, and so say the thousands who stood watching in Gosford that night. Whether others in higher stations see things differently is entirely irrelevant when seeking the truth, they weren’t there, and Nina was, end of story.

Photo By Ildi Budai

The Final Verdict

So, there you have it, the testimonies of two people I know, respect, trust and like, plus my trip down memory lane, and all we are saying is give UFO’s a chance (my apologies to John Lennon). Why is it if so many people from every country, income level, occupation and side of the political fence swear they saw a UFO, why must they face so much negativity from the very first second onwards? But not anymore! The final verdict on the authenticity of unidentified flying objects has been formally issued from the highest station and authority of planet Earth: The Pentagon. Their final proclamation acknowledges that these unknown craft did and still do actually exist, that is fully ticked off, all that is left to question is the non-American ownership of flying craft with a far superior technology and of a capability unknown.

According to the Pentagon, all UFO’s can be sourced to one of three locations. In order of likelihood the Pentagon listed Russia, China and an Alien race or races. Irrespective of which comes first, no-one can now challenge the existence of what Brenton ‘accidentally’ photographed, or what Nina and so many others saw. That must immediately cease, the Pentagon was the organisation mainly responsible for last fifty years of stonewalling, derision, threats and assassination and has finally ‘fessed up.’ And all of this denial and obstruction until that day of semi-admission was predicated around one mantra, it is something else or nothing at all. Now that UFOs officially exist and are definitely not American military assets. The verdict is clear, Nina, Brenton and myself are not guilty or deception or lying while many others are.

The Final Revelation

With if reluctantly conceded, the time has come to return to the most important question ever asked on this planet, why. But that can only come to pass once the false issue of who is resolved, and it seems the referee has nominated three candidates.

The first Pentagon choice is Russia, the theory is they have developed these flying craft that defy gravity and every known metallic stress test in some of the manoeuvres filmed by American pilots. If so, why is it none of this super-advanced weaponry has never been used against America, or for that matter in battlefields they have fought in? Surely, if it is their craft they could have at least threatened or bargained with this sophisticated weaponry?

As for China being the only culprit, sightings began during WW2 leading on to Roswell in the late 40’s, at the same time Mao was beginning to assemble an army of peasants with the crudest weaponry imaginable. Yes, of recent times China has caught up and often surpassed in technology and computers, and in the last two decades such involvement is feasible, but there are as many decades when UFOs were seen and in China some factories were being built and progress was being made, but they were a long way off in this sophisticated field for at least half the time, so they can be ruled out.

Moreover, in presenting these two nations as the owners, where is the actual proof? Surely, as adroit and sophisticated as their intelligence agencies are with countless satellites above at their disposal, why is it the Pentagon report did not offer real evidence? A photograph from a satellite showing a possible set of buildings, an intercepted telephone conversation could convince, maybe a testimony from a scientist or cleaners with a set of photographs of craft in manufacture, and at a stretch an email or official letterhead with some description of an extra-ordinary flying object may add some substance. There is nothing, no proof except a vague unsubstantiated reference that quickly vanishes when either nation is considered and assessed seriously for more than twenty seconds. Without any proof forthcoming as to who is responsible for this mischief pointing to any nation on this planet, there is only one possible candidate remaining, Aliens.

The Final Ceremony and Gift in Transition

With the issue of ‘who’ resolved in the Alien affirmative, the time is right to ask the pivotal question, why? Why did so many different Alien races and life-forms come to this planet? What was the underlying motivation to invest so much time, energy and frustration into a planet of male sapiens fighting almost continuously over the past five thousand years?

And this time around, unlike all earlier events where it all came down to words without pictures, we have film of a flying object, an avalanche of supporting empirical evidence and the answer as to why all alien races and beings have been so intimately involved and concerned about events taking place on this water planet. Of all the many events they have seen come and go, all of this led towards a culmination point at Uluru on December 21 at 7:32 pm. During that Original and global ceremony of over 15,000,000 participants a UFO was filmed, it came to see whether the ceremony was successful and left behind the final piece in the jigsaw.

The one minute twenty odd second film of an object very slowly flying above Uluru is not a helicopter or plane, we have checked the records and in the original article we have fifteen pieces of real evidence supporting both the presence of a UFO and a massive surge of energy exploding out of Uluru at 7:36 pm.

That global healing ‘event’ was the reason the spaceship came and was also filmed in a three second video, which is also loaded in the previous article, and if seeking a fuller picture of what actually happened, rather than a few snippets, we recommend reading that earlier article:

What also increased one hundred times in intensity at around 7:30 throughout the planet, was the Schumann Resonance. It was idling at around 0.3 just before 7:32 pm then accelerated to just above 30 and stayed at or slightly above that level for the next four hours. These Earthly ‘events’ and many others previously discussed ignite just on or soon after 7:32, the space ship came in hope and left soon after smiling, these two things go together. But what does not fit into this evidence is Russia or China, there are eight frames that make up two seconds of this film that completely, and forever after, rules out any nation on this planet claiming ownership of what this apparently slow-moving UFO left behind as a departing gift.

The Eye in the Sky

Our selection in this one-and-a-half-minute excursion into an amazingly coloured sky and one small UFO idling above in spectator mode is restricted to two seconds of this film. As the camera returns for a third time to the path taken by the UFO, only this time coming back it is apparently gone. Past that point the camera keeps moving and again the flying object is nowhere to be seen. We had assumed it accelerated at a phenomenal rate, and from such a slow take-off speed, wherever it went it just wasn’t there anymore. Or so it seemed, until a lady by the name of Amanda decided to run the video at one fourth speed, and there in one of the four frames that make up the fifty-ninth second, the same round UFO not present on the first three frames has returned! The same result is there on the fourth frame in sixty-second quartet, the craft reappears. Past the turn of the minute, the image of the UFO is no longer in the film. The trick is for the two seconds it was partially here, and mainly elsewhere. Whether this is an example of what Brenton sensed when he and his partner both felt that the two UFO’s were crossing dimensions, is still debatable but increasingly likely.

Captured by Amanda Smith

Captured by Amanda Smith

There is no machine made on this planet that can do what was filmed and not filmed, it is that clear cut, that was an Alien spaceship. What is nearly as clear cut, but still retains the infinitesimal chance that the timing is coincidental, is the date when the Uluru ceremony took place, December 21, is also the date in America when the Pentagon made the totally unexpected declaration that for the first time ever there would be extensive investigation into what they referred to as the UFO phenomena. Within twelve hours of the big red rock exploding in pure healing energy, the top military arm of the USA decides after fifty years of denial and much, much worse, for some reason the time is now ripe for an inquiry. We believe if the ceremony at Uluru was not successful, that hedged admission would never have eventuated.

What still staggers us is that in conceding these UFOs are agreed to exist the Pentagon showed no contrition, no apology of any sort was forthcoming. Not even we got it slightly wrong in vilifying, threatening and killing people who are truthful, there was nothing beyond they are here, and it isn’t us and never was. Primarily they agreed that they concocted a fifty-year lie, but accepted no responsibility and offered no remorse. What really stood out was simply why decide to announce to the world this massive change in operating procedures on December 21, 2021? There was no surge of public opinion demanding to cease lying, Biden certainly didn’t make any mention of breaking the cone of silence, there was no deluge of petitions nor media outlets clamouring for the files about UFO’s be released. Yet amongst this apathy lacking a reason or motivation to share a truth hidden for over half a century, it happened at a time almost immediately after a ceremony at Uluru that promises to change the way humans live, in presenting to each soul two roads to choose from. Could be providential or coincidental, like everything in life it is all a matter of choice.

‘The Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth (or Lie)’

If ever testifying in an Australian court of law, whoever speaks in the witness box is required to swear that oath before presenting evidence. To do otherwise is illegal and invites, no demands, prosecution. But there are degrees in the severity of the lie and damage caused. However, if one of, if not the highest level in the America government orchestrated this deceit, and did so repeatedly over fifty years, and was never sanctioned by the government at either state or federal levels for this flagrant offense, that lie carries with it two implications. That this lie was known of and encouraged by both the military and federal government, and more importantly, if both are prepared to deceive together in denying such a fundamental truth, what other truths have received the same cavalier dishonest lack of respect?

If prepared to lie about one issue, and not even bother to apologise, when does the charade end? It didn’t just get covered up in the USA, this denial and deceit around everything associated with UFOs was global, so this ends up being a huge lie with massive global proportions. Would lesser lies be the norm? And there is an even bigger concern, more so in a world gripped by fear and apprehension, this is a fertile brew where lies thrive. Perhaps the best way to conclude our investigation into the central theme in this report as to why before the pre-Pentagon concession, it was so hostile and scary to speak aloud about the truth of UFOs, is to ask an expert. Why not consult a historical figure who is an agreed to be a mastermind par-excellence in the art of mass deception and the propagation of outright lies that he alone massaged into state-endorsed truths that were obeyed?

“If you tell a lie often enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such a time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.” (Joseph Goebbels, German Minister of Propaganda, 1933-1945)

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