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Compliance: The Final Straw

By Steven Strong


The world of today is littered with half-truths, secret agendas, omissions and vilification for any who do not comply. The media and government agencies in all their multi-various forms no longer tolerate criticism, and any that complain will immediately be labelled a conspirator at best, and perhaps even a traitor. Wherever we look or listen it is all about blame, fear mongering and uncertainty.

The most recent roll-call of people, places and events on this planet is no less than tragic and most likely, lethal. It is all about making money and war, whether the spokesperson be Trump, Biden, Boris, Putin, Sco-Mo or Albanese, anything else is an incidental afterthought. Over the last decade wars have been waged in the Ukraine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Sudan and Yemen along with many other slightly less brutal internal conflicts, and all the way along humming in the background is the incessant talk of a global escalating conflict in Taiwan. At a global macro-level, the planet is echoing to the sounds of explosions and aggression, but believe it or not it gets no better at the personal and individual level. There is a silent turmoil and outrage taking place in every location and within all inhabitants of this planet that is far more dangerous and insidious.

This planet is pulsating in economic inequality and depression, compulsory medical procedures, exorbitant mortgages, chemical trails in the sky, the nefarious deeds of the cabal, starvation, downsizing through sacking workers, AI, the deliberate lies and half-truths in regard to existence of UFOS and creation of an utterly false world history, pollution saturating the land, water, air and every pore in our skin and body. As things stand today, more animals than ever are becoming extinct, and if you feel that is unavoidable collateral damage to guarantee humans survive, then look around, our drinking water from the taps is laced in toxins, the air we breathe can kill us and the sunlight we feel on our skin could create a cancer. This is an extremely brief but appalling state of affairs as it stands now, but the worst of all these many reckless deeds and words is something far more sinister, mind-numbing and pervasive, the total control and censorship of the media/press. From our perspective that invasion into mind control and manipulation which leads on to what suits and what to delete, is the final straw.

Three Responses

Although our reasons for believing there is a fundamental change in global circumstances immediately ahead for all humans, is based on a successful ascension ceremony at Uluru in December 2020, and this is unknown to many others who speak of a global change in circumstances, a fundamental part of this transformation involves humans dividing into ‘two camps.’ It is a deceptively simple process of self-selection through how each human behaves during these final days. Every word spoken, thought entertained, deeds and desires performed is your final submission. For these are the times when your actions and intentions have long and short-term consequences. In general terms we believe that there are three ways of reacting when placed under duress, and two should be avoided at every cost.


The easy path is to simply accept without hesitation or questioning. Whatever is proclaimed by those in control or reported by a subservient media outlet should be absorbed and obeyed. Stay within their defined precincts, do as instructed, and never think or look ‘outside the box.’ If you do not ask questions as there is nothing to see here, your life will be predictable, simply because the reins have been handed over to those who run the show. It is the path of least resistance and equally, a life where nothing is gained and so much is lost.

From our perspective the lyrics of a song composed by the group Muse sum up perfectly what is sacrificed to the altar of chaos and fearmongering.

“No more defiance, we just need your compliance,

Oh fear is controlling you.”(1)

No Matter What Make a Stand

To do nothing bar acquiesce is the worst possible course of action, but doing the opposite is just as bad. To walk away from constant compliance towards incessantly complaining and objecting, therefore wallowing in negativity, is a no-win situation. For many the passing on articles devoted to issues that inflame and frustrate is a daily event. Alas it is also a reflection of the psychological health of the person pressing the buttons. If those who comply are attacked by those convinced of their infallibility, yet clearly the individual reasons of each person who complies is unknown, as many who accept do so with a heavy heart and the real prospect of losing employment, their mortgage or marriage and are firmly deposited between a rock and a hard place, therefore, passing any judgment is a deep reflection of troubled waters stirring within the critic.

But of course, not for one syllable do we advocate meek compliance, but to embark on a quest against an enemy or protagonist that runs the show and writes the script only harms the soul of the person who sees the inequality, but never the improbability.


However, if there is a miniscule chance of righting a wrong, injustice or lie, then it is full steam ahead, but in moving forward it must be done with one word/mantra as the principal guiding post: whatever. If it turns out the words or deeds perpetrated are utterly unable to be rectified accept this reality through a commitment to the philosophy of whatever. If this wrong cannot be righted then that is the way of things and if whatever has been done makes no difference, then the only path available is to adopt the stance of whatever. Move on, look elsewhere, if nothing can be done then there is no point investing time, effort or grief in a lost cause. And without doubt wallowing in the collateral damage and sharing this grief with others can achieve nothing except harming the walowee. So, it all comes down to the judicious use of whatever when needed, or full steam ahead when required.

Full Steam Ahead, but Where???

Now that realism reigns supreme, and there is an action, interference, lie or outrage that has the potential to be resolved, where to next? Whatever plan is prepared or envisaged, it has to be positive, whinging and complaining has a very short ‘shelve life,’ whatever is broken has to be repaired. The best way to illustrate how such positivity can become applicable is to become personal, to share with the reader two recent examples of how far the decay of all global societies has accelerated. And that is the foundation principle behind any and all actions we take. The Earth’s vibration is ascending, and the transformation is almost complete, so those who obstruct, oppose or deny will be overcome by the consequences of their actions, which means seeking punishment, revenge or even contrition is not your concern, it is theirs alone. Deal with the problem not those responsible.

In our case there are two events that occurred just over a week ago, and both incidents took place on the same day. A coincidence, I sincerely doubt it, but what did happen was in combination we saw these two warning bells as signs, as positive portents, of the beginning of the very last and final days.

There was a time not so long ago that if residing in Australia you could reasonably claim that we lived in a democracy, where people had the right to freely express their opinions if peaceful in inclination, without fear of oppression or censorship. It became crystal clear on that day that any and all notions of democracy no longer existed in Australia. Move over George Orwell because the Australian political and media steam train is ploughing through.

It all became as clear as mud about eight days ago when Evan passed on an email sent to us by an Original female author. We had decided our next monthly free online presentation was to be about book launches of which we have two recently published books (Interview with an Alien, Frederic Slater: A Genius or Mischievous?). In the spirit of Wirritjin, our intention was to ask a non-Original male Paul Wallis to speak about his newest book in the East of Eden series, and then compliment that with an invite to an Original female to talk about her recently published book. Well, that was our plan, but her publishing house was operating on a different agenda.

Buy Paul’s new book here:

The publishing house is one of the oldest in Australia, and insisted that she would not be speaking with us. We were persona non grata, they made it clear not one word promoting the book would be allowed while in our presence. We gave this lady an open rein on what she wanted to say and imposed no restrictions or content areas. Nevertheless, if she wanted her book published with the prospect of more, that was solely contingent on her agreeing to this censorship. They were censoring the content from the book they published from being shared to potential customers, which would lead on to an increasing profit. So, this decision/directive was financially counterproductive but non-negotiable. What is a step further is that if it was any Government or legal agency that is par for our course, but this is a company with shareholders and is clearly making a decision to lose money.

All up it was a step more than we had experienced, but in the spirit of whatever we wore it and changed the poster and tried not to mull over spilt milk.

The Final Straw that Permanently Broke the Camel’s Back

That afternoon we received a group email from Duncan Roads who is the editor of a somewhat radical magazine called Nexus. It was a statement about the next upcoming issue that was dire in consequences not just for him, but everyone. It caught us unaware, yes things are falling apart, but we never thought something like this was on the radar, yet. Duncan was telling a story that just did not gel, but knowing of Duncan’s honesty and integrity I had no doubt it was true.

This magazine was a bi-monthly publication that had a publication run of 120,000, the reason I am using the past tense of was, is because that is the upshot of Duncan’s email, that this is a real attempt to permanently cease and censor the magazine. As to how this magazine was being taken off the newsagent and newspaper outlets throughout Australia, I just couldn’t get my head around how that could legally happen. The magazine is entirely peaceful in disposition, certainly never pornographic or prone to incite violence, and mainly uses authors with degrees and university postings. Granted most of the press in Australia is owned by the Murdoch and Packer families, and the media is utterly subservient to their whims and plans, but bringing down one of the very few dissenting voices through overt censorship is surely a step too far. In the mainstream media, news is never just reported, it is translated and interpreted into sensational snippets. Nexus always looked for alternative explanations, there were times where I just said no, maybe on other reports and with quite a few it is all new and feasible. The point being whether I agreed or agreed was secondary, that I had the opportunity to self-reflect and pass my opinion is paramount, and is rightly considered to be one of the redeeming strengths of any form of democracy.

However, a much as I respect the honourable intentions of Duncan it could be that the supposed censorship was incorrectly relayed or just a scurrilous rumour, it needed more confirmation. After a few failed attempts I managed to speak to Duncan on the phone and got a degree of clarification, but even then, there were still gaps and players unstated but certainly active. Duncan told me that the magazine is being taken off the rocks in newsagencies across Australia and that was due to a concerted campaign of the ‘public’ ringing to complain about the content. So concentrated and co-ordinated was this approach, Duncan did not have a way of contending or disputing through any official channel, it was the age-old approach of if you throw enough mud some will stick and then festers into a truth. He also told me that authorities from the UK had contacted Nexus and advised them that a decision would be made about this magazine’s suitability after assessing the bona fides of the next three issues.

So not only did this campaign to censor take place in Australia, at exactly the same time pressure was being exerted in the British corridors of power. But there was still one aspect of this flagrant censorship I had not investigated nor confirmed, was their magazine actually being deliberately blocked from being presented for sale in Australian newsagencies?

Down by the Corner

The simple solution was to go our local newsagency with the intention of purchasing the most recent edition of Nexus. At first glance what Duncan had said that may have been misunderstood was now looking more likely, as there were the usual spaces on the rack set aside for the magazine Nexus, but right now it was vacated. I know the people in the newsagency and knew asking more would not offend. The lady that was now looking all over, made note of the fact they had been selling Nexus for a long time and then added something she just recalled. She was fairly sure that this particular magazine had not been here for a while.

When I asked why it was no longer for sale, and what made them decide not to stock it, her response cleared up a few potential contradictions, as it was never their choice. It was explained that they are part of a chain and someone further up the pecking order chooses the stock for them. So, rather than having hundreds of members of the so-called public ringing thousands of sales outlets for magazines in Australia, which would take a lot of time and co-ordination, the more effective ploy is to go to the top of the chain of command and issue such an ultimatum to sympathetic ears.

With the magazine, which did have an Australian publishing run of 60,000, no longer on display where people can check out the list of articles to see whether that is of interest to them, along with the real chance another 30,000 sales in the UK will be censored and unavailable, that turns out to be a potential loss of three quarters of their readers. Such an outcome could make it impossible for Duncan and his team to continue publishing, which of course, is just what those involved in this denial of liberty want to occur.

The recurring point of contention is that this magazine does not advocate violence, anti-social behaviour or immoral content. Undeniably some articles challenge those in control and provide alternative explanations, if that is their crime then they are guilty as charged. But why is it all these accusations and ploys took place and there is no official avenue from which to publicise or challenge the legality of this censorship. What is the most disturbing part of the day we realised both ourselves and Duncan were being censored, that the censorship of an Original speaker was at the behest of a company with shareholders, while in Duncan’s case there is a political edge at play. Who can we challenge or even force to give a public explanation as to why one of their authors cannot try to sell her work at our free online presentation? The answer is the same for us as it is for Duncan, they can do what they want, and we have no right of reply or avenue to object.

The Solution

In Duncan’s case, yes Nexus will no longer be on display in any retail outlet, but if you subscribe that keeps them financial and able to continue. More importantly it provides the reader the chance to read and absorb or reject news, stories and information ‘they’ deem unworthy. Who gave them that right or role? Where in the political manifesto of political parties in Australia and the UK does it state that unknown and unnamed people will decide what the published truth is and what is a lie. This form of extreme censorship is more the norm than people may assume, as there is a historical track record of similar behaviour that goes way back and never went away.

“If you can tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such a time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to suppress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.” That observation was given by Joseph Goebels who was the Minister for Propaganda from 1933 until 1945. Such deceptive tactics were certainly applied over eighty years ago in Germany and still does in Australia today. The only variation is that back then they burnt books, now they ban books and magazines like Nexus, either way the intentions and motivations are identical.

Whoever or whatever controls how information is dispersed is no longer beholding to any democratic principle, everything is about maintaining power and their final say, and to that end there can be no honesty or morality.

I am in a very unusual and unprecedented place here, as until now we have never put up an article about politics, day to day events or anything that did not have an archaeological foundation or link. To add more in condemning this pernicious form of censorship by proxy is stating the obvious, the only truth is that while censoring Nexus may be right in North Korea, it is wrong everywhere else and at every level.

Nevertheless, despite this dreadful current state of affairs, there is one near future silver lining. I noticed that in one of Duncan’s more recent editorials he spoke of a global change, as we do constantly, but unlike us he was more general, but equally confident it was coming. If so, the good and bad leading up to this ascension is spilling all over the place. Mezreth warned us the road ahead was brutal and those in control would persist. And just like Hitler when the war was lost, and his armies were in retreat as they pulled back, they trashed the country without a trace of contrition or mercy. It is the same again right now in these final days, and Nexus is certainly part of the collateral damage while a bit of shrapnel has flown our way.

The only way to respond has nothing to do with those who have wronged, as their karma is already upon them, but to take the positive approach through sharing this article with others, maybe even encourage them and yourself to subscribe to Nexus thereby thwarting this clear and present example of censorship running rampant. Who those responsible are is irrelevant, whereas how each person reacts or complies, that means everything.


(1): Matt Bellamy (songwriter), 17th March, 2022. “Compliance”, From – Will of the People, (Producer: Muse, Label: Warner).

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When Nazi Germany fell Australia, America, the UK and Canada took Nazi scientists including Mengele because they wanted their knowledge. See Operation Paperclip and MKUltra where the CIA continued these inhumane experiences. Many of us who are survivors of this torture keep speaking out and against RSA. Likewise, we feel humanity has chosen to ascend.


Dom Gannon
Dom Gannon
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The one positive thing Government censorship does is make the inner journey look more and more appealing everyday

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