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*Traps of the earth fasle earth false ascension

*They are creating another matrix to trap us even deeper… if not already in that matrix

*Last time something of


this magnitude happened… wich we are still in the middle of… so the war hasn’t never ended.

*Some of us where trapped by family and are own kind….some of us where in suspended animation…while playing the game and locked in that way… some of us were tricked into the game… some of us inserted ourselves fully knowing what would happen and whats going on…to try to fix the situation..

*At first beings came in with technology…they came in looking for ppl that they knew where lock in.. they could not find everybody…

*Reason why we would put are self in suspended animation… was to preserve the body live and experience what ever we wanted… and most of the time it was some type of trials and tribulations we would try to experience…

*But the tech got better and we could just hook in and time was experienced traumatically different..

*Lets just say some wanted to feel what it was like to have nothing to be nothing to have problems that we didn’t have… to experiences

*Not sure what time line we are on now… or if we are in a whole different sim…

*Or are we in there new little matrix that they have created…so on that topic

*Every body in the truther community was saying oh this is a big op and the ones in charge are playing 5 d chess…. Just sit back and enjoy the show… oh we will be liberated; justice will be served…. And a lot of ppl fell for that crap… and they did their job by keep the true patriots at bay and stopping them from raising up…

*** off topic just herd “ amuamua just pulled up”

· Not sure what that was about but just had to put that out there..

· Anyway, meanwhile while they are saying all this they are strategically playing 12 d chess making moves on humanity… and figuring out how to trap the organic souls or the already lost ones…

· If you notice certain ppl are no longer know there platforms and no longer putting out info.. is this because they are an empty vessel kno