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Dearly Beloved,

The final preparations are being revealed to each of us as we prepare to step from the old earth and into the New earth and remember who we truly are.

I as many of you have been preparing for this moment for billions of years and I am humbled every day that I was chosen to hold the Divine Feminine Light with my twin the Divine Masculine when we are finally called upon.

This years mighty Saturn and Jupiter Conjunction was the exact type of energy shift Mother Gaia needed to break through the trapped density of evil energy which has kept us enslaved for millions of years.

Finally we have arrived, we have won the battle. Our skies are filling with Galactic Federation Fleets from every corner of the Galaxy forming in their thousands while they circle the Earth and get comfortable and patiently wait for the signal to come take their place.

I am blessed to be part of this unique collective and finally feel at home with my Spirit Ancestry.

You, reading this message now, have broken free from the darkness that had you enslaved all those lifetimes ago and finally emerging in this lifetime.

I am eternally grateful to meet another kindred spirit on the road to our true selves and who we were always destined to be, the Divine Incarnate.

I welcome you all to this space and I send you all blessings of love to help guide you on your way Home.

Remember Beloved, this game of life is won using your heart and not your mind.

I have fought the devil for my soul and I won. And I continue to push him back to the gates of hell so that I have the honour to stand before you and ask, "how may I serve you?".

Much Love to you all,

Divine Remembrance.


Andrea Fraser
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