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Underneath, On-top and Above

By Steven & Evan Strong


Whenever the topic of UFO’s and Aliens is raised during recent times the responses are as fascinating as they are predictable. For quite a few such fanciful prattle is pure fictional nonsense espoused by the gullible and deceitful, while for even more there are varying degrees of acceptance that often spills over into unquestioning reverence. For some they are technologically advanced devils, others see them as being angelic and for many they see nothing at all. The reality is every reaction has nothing to do with the evidence accumulated by each person, but is all about their free will.

Of course, when it comes to an indistinct object moving in the sky, there is some room to negotiate as to whether it is a planet, frisbee thrown in the air, weather balloon, drone, swamp gas, secret flying object made by humans, due to photo-shopping or tricks of the light are all permanent and extremely convenient offerings. But none of these ‘as on top’ excuses are applicable to what has been found ‘so below’ in the earth. None of the archaeology presented moves through the air as all are stationary and still and in every case exhibit either solid evidence or Original testimonies that is beyond the capacities of all forms of Earth-bound technology.

That was the common starting point in all of the translations and interpretations Slater made when consulting the records of Dunlop. He was obliged to do so simply because the phrase ‘came to Earth’ is the most often used and always meant the same thing: the first Sky Heroes came from other constellations. And when it comes to Slater’s interpretations of the engravings on rock platforms at Burragurra, they came from the skies above in spaceships, landed their craft on this planet and some chose to stay, and some did not.


We have previously examined engravings on this rock platform, and because of this we will not go into all the details of this incredibly important site, but will add an extra piece of proof as to the legislated importance of this site and the esteem and respect upon which was lauded upon Slater from the highest quarters. Of course, Slater spent considerable time interpreting this site along with the closely intertwined site of Mount Yengo. In the simplest terms the spaceship of Biaimes’ landed on the top of the flat plateau of Mount Yengo, and it was from there they set forth towards Burragurra where they set down engravings sharing their wisdom, deeds and observations.

Photo By Erik Bower

Slater was instrumental in getting mainstream politics and academia in accord in backing his work on these sites by setting them aside, and by association his Dreaming accounts of the Sky Heroes not being born on the planet are also part of the site. Such was the acknowledgement of Slater’s work at these two sites, he was awarded the trusteeship of both sites by the “Governor of the State of New South Wales.”(1)

An Official “Proclamation,”(2) dated, “signed and sealed at Sydney, this 9th day of November, 1939,”(3) carries two entries that span over ten years.

“In accordance with the provisions of the Public Trusts Act, 1897, I, the Right Honourable JOHN DE VERE, BARON WAKEHURST, Governor of the State of New South Wales, with the advice of the Executive Council, do, by this notice, appoint the undermentioned gentlemen and bodies as Trustees respectively of the portions of land hereinafter particularised.”(4)

What is of massively relevant importance is the two entries that relate to Slater’s research at Burragurra and Mount Yango. “Reserve no. 61,527 at Yango, area of about 10 acres, notified 8th November, 1929, for Preservation of Aboriginal Carvings:- Professor Joseph Shellshear and Messrs, Frederic Slater, Walter John Enright, Frederick David McCarthy, Clifton Cappie Towle, Roy Hamilton Goddard and Albert Burns. P. 39-8,745.(5)

“Reserve No. 68,293 at Burragurra, area about 12 acres, notified 28th April, 1939, for Preservation of Aboriginal Carvings and Drawings:-Professor Joseph Shellshear and Messrs. Frederic Slater, Walter John Enright, Frederick David McCarthy, Clifton Cappie Towle, Roy Hamilton Goddard and Albert Burns P. 39-8,745.”(6)

All of these men are employed in vocations of the upper professional level, be it doctors, lawyers, architects, editors or academics, none were labourers or factory workers. Moreover, to be twice awarded trusteeship ten years apart indicates a lengthy and honourable track record. Equally, that both sites are known to be two of Slater’s highest priorities would most likely explain why that after the Professor’s name, next in line was Slater. What this proclamation does do is award an official tick to both Slater’s source material and the credentials and narrative of the site.

What needs to be appreciated is that this official Proclamation contains a list of thirteen sets of trustees that deal with land dedicated to the public good between 1929 through to 1939, and of all thirteen plots of land released by the government only two relate to parcels of land with a nominated Aboriginal usage, and Slater’s name is on both legal documents. He is legally obliged to protect such sites and always act and speak truthfully.

What is even more intriguing is that in the simplest of terms, Biaime “came to Earth”(7) from the stars. That, in the Original engraved Burragurra narrative, his wife was not born from the Earth, and one of Biaime’s sons decided this planet was of no interest to him and he soon departed in a craft that stood so high it “mingled with the clouds,”(8) and when it took off flames and smoke were seen as it made its way towards the “Southern Cross,”(9) all of these events are very implicit and lacking in allegory or metaphor. It is clearly a story of Aliens landing in Australia in ancient times with some staying and others departing.

Knowing that all of his work was freely shared and clearly respected, as he was a twice appointed trustee of the sites he interpreted and published a paper, it is still somewhat surprising that this particular translated text did not call into question his credibility or cause an outcry. But then again, knowing it was another three decades before any Original person in this country was not officially part of the native animal census count, it would be easy for other commentators back then to just dismiss the content as a rambling nonsensical fantasy believed by those of lesser intelligence with a naïve inclination.

Nor is such content limited to one off-world account, there is only one Dreaming Story that is known and revered in every tribal estate in Australia. All other sacred stories have some form of specific link to each tribal estate, nothing else is pan-continental except, The Seven Sisters From the Pleiades. That is a story of seven women who were born not of the earth, but the Pleiades, who came to this planet and made their way across all of Australia, while being pursued by a male Alien from Orion. All custodians of Old Way Lore know this Dreaming Story is of the highest pedigree and based on fact.

Put together these two most scared Dreaming Stories of Alien presence and residence as an agreed fact, and that gives us the correct base to move forward, yet to begin with, remain in the same general area. If this is the first arrival location for what all Originals believe to be the most revered Sky Hero, Biaime, then there should be more evidence underneath and on top of the rocks.


Burragurra and Mount Yango are about thirty kilometres to the west of the coast, all the creeks and Hawkesbury River flow east to the sea (Central Coast NSW). The next five artefacts are all found in the Central Coast area around Gosford, and just as it is at the Burragurra rock platform, all of them have an indelible and undeniable Alien imprint or metallic signature.

The engravings at the Bulgandry site have been poorly understood, and alas, never had the privilege of Slater reading what the engravings really meant. The recently removed official explanations were so far from the truth as they were ridiculous and clearly wrong, sadly all this did was to become a deliberate distraction to an ancient engraved historical record testimony of the first arrival to Earth of star people. There are two main figures, a male and female, and all other figures are animals, fish, birds, insects and possibly one massive human male sperm in transit. And then there is the biggest ever engraved canoe, it measures over eight metres in length and has a relationship with the male whose foot is only five centimetres from the bow.

As to what this incredibly diverse collection of animals mean, that part of the archaeology is easy, twice over. Both Evan and I have listened to Darkinjooong Elders, Aunty Bev and Gavi Duncan speak about the sacred Dreaming Story associated with this engraved pictorial narrative. The long narrow boat symbolises a craft designed to navigate across the “Milky Way.”(10) As was expected both Elders clarified the identity of this imposing male figure to be that of Biaime. Aunty Beve was adamant that the NPWS’ description of the small round object in one hand and banana shaped object in the other hand certainly was not a miniature shield and boomerang. The size of the so-called shield is barely 20 cms at best, way, way too small for something needing to be so big and defensive, the same logistics apply to what the authorities had determined to be a very small returning boomerang. If preparing for or in battle, holding a shield is compulsory, elsewhere it has no use. So too is the choice of the correct boomerang, it must be a much bulkier sharpened edged killing boomerang, one that can easily break the legs of big kangaroo, never a blunter much lighter and smaller bird-killing returning boomerang. The real answer is simple, as Aunty Beve said often, in one hand is the sun and in the other the moon, and across his waist is the belt of Orion.

The entire gallery is about beings from other constellations travelling to this planet, and what was an entirely unexpected addition to this interstellar passenger list was a comment Darkinjooong Elder, Gavi Duncan shared when being filmed at the Bulgandry site. As he was wearing a grey wallaby Law-man’s coat and on country and in Lore, he is obliged to speak truly, and he specifically drew attention to the engravings of three kangaroos/wallabies, all very close to the spaceship that travelled across the Milky Way. Gavi said they belong to the Aliens who came, and originally came from another star.

As it is at Burragurra, all the engraved depictions of humans at Bulgandry also seem to be wearing helmets. They have no necks, in fact the widest part of the head is the neck, it is the same all over this tribal estate. I still remember Aunty Beve’s minor correction to my suggesting that they all seem to be wearing “helmets,”(11) she smiled and replied, “well they are, but we called them hats.”(12)

It is not a coincidence that the ancient Egyptian God of Wisdom, Thoth, carried the sun in one hand and the moon in the other. So too, engraved into an Australian rock is the first Sky-Hero who is the bringer of wisdom, offering the same incentives and gifts. And less than five kilometres from the Bulgandry site there are engravings on sandstone walls and some pieces of metal that are very old and some of it is just not from here, it had to be sourced and mined at another planet.

Around the Corner and Down the Road

Before examining the picture graphs/hieroglyphs engraved into four sandstone walls, there is the matter of two clumps of dirt sitting on the floor between the engraved walls Original Elder Aunty Minnie Mace only picked up because the Guardian Spirits of this site insisted that she do so.

Both clumps of dirt accompanied Aunty Minnie to her home, and it wasn’t until what she estimated to be close to thirty minutes, that all the dirt was removed and the metal and bone clearly revealed. To devote so much effort in cleaning these two artefacts is indicative of considerable time and pressure while under the surface, leading on a time well before Cook.

Every ancient piece of metal carries within a metallic time signature, as does this metal object that was quite possibly worn on a necklace chain, but irrespective of its purpose there is with one totally unique off-world detour. The analysis is 73% Aluminium, 3% Copper and 24% Unidentifiable, it is worth bearing in mind that this Southern Cross University laboratory is one of the best in this country, and the scientist in charge, Graham Lancaster, was at a complete loss for any explanation as to what one quarter of this alloy is. He did say something about double-checking on some form of oxidisation, but that came out blank.

Photo by Samarah Wood

But it is not just that a quarter of the content is not from Earth, what is left over is certainly not from present-day Earth. Aluminium and copper alloys of today vary between ten and twelve percent, the reality is that such a low percentage of copper was last used over three thousand years ago. The norm then was two to four per cent and this piece of metal sits in the middle of that band, but whether today or three thousand years ago, until this analysis, no other metal object (except one we have) has a reading above 24% non-terrestrial in origin.

When it comes to analysing what lay within the second clump of dirt Aunty Minnie Mace was instructed to remove, what is certain is that there is no metal here. At the time Aunty Minnie insisted that we accept her gifts, she said she felt this was an Egyptian bone, and not any run-of-the-mill Egyptian, but the son of Khufu, Nefer-Ti-Ru. Of course, that name is utterly impossible to substantiate through every type of bone analysis, but there are some fairly convincing circumstantial indicators. To begin with, the Head of the Local Base Hospital Fractures Unit was fairly certain it was a very old human bone, most likely the top of the femur. But to be sure, he set up a very intensive examination at the Cat Scan Unit, which found that the bone “had the same density and patterning as a human bone.”(13)

Photo by Samarah Wood

From our perspective, with Proto-Egyptian hieroglyphs a few metres away from where Aunty Minnie picked up both clods of dirt describing how Nefer-Ti-Ru died and was interred nearby, the chances are extremely high it is his bone. But the primary issue here is that bauxite deposits are not in Egypt, so why was he wearing and owning a metal object that was never made in Egypt?

What does need to be factored into any explanation of which some will claim is a plant or due to an accidental drop off. This is not just about one very inconvenient metal object found next to hieroglyphs, because if moving forward a little over twenty years and more towards the front of the passageway, there underneath the surface was a second metal object. First detected by a metal detector by others then dug out, the small metal object is the same colour, lightness and also has an incredibly hard surface and grain. But this is not jewellery, and the fact that a piece of crystal is embedded inside this metal is quite startling. It is only in the last century our technology merged crystal and metal, and with the chances ever so high that the read out of elements will be identical to the piece of jewellery and couldn’t be assembled or manufactured on this planet.

Of course, the engraved hieroglyphs continue that Egyptian theme, but what is equally undeniable, is that the most repeated glyph/symbol has no Egyptian equivalent and has been called by the public the UFO glyphs. All up, there are seven of these glyphs, but four seem to be crashing with the other three landing with five legs extended. Elsewhere on the three sandstone panels are three sections where the main person is seated in a chair and on two occasions, he is holding what seems to be a type of steering device that protrudes out of his stomach. There is one glyph that looks so similar to the symbol we use to denote DNA, and this one is split in half. One very large glyph sits well apart and is almost level with the dirt floor. It is of a female probably giving birth with the baby held out and merged into a staff, it is our understanding this is all about the sharing of off and on world genes.

Ros’ Rock 1

Photo by Samarah Wood

Photo by Samarah Wood

The Dreaming Story of this rock was given to us by Karno, and in doing so, that created consequences, and so many of them. One such obligation relates to the sequence and order of information given about this unique rock, which must always begin with the Dreaming Story Karno gave about this rock. Despite the overload of empirical evidence, we are obliged by first presenting Karno’s Old Way setting and eternal truths regarding this rock.

A very long time ago Aliens from a distant constellation made their way to Earth with long-term plans and objectives, but for some time their intentions were thwarted by two Australian totems, the Crow and Eagle (Original human animal totems) fought against the Goanna (Alien animal totem) and successfully stopped them landing. After some time in battle the Crow realised that the Original people of Australia would be best suited in a relationship with these off-world beings and switched sides. Together the Crow and Goanna defeated the Eagle and when they finally landed on Earth the Eagle gave the Goanna a token signifying his defeat, which was the eagle’s claws. The goanna attached these claws and then with those sharp talons wrote down the Law and their story on that rock.

There is so much evidence of the most advanced styles of technology and in each case whatever tool or device was used, it certainly wasn’t part of any stone, bone and stick tool kit. So too the intersecting straight lines clearly cut into the rock need no less than a metal blade, the seven imprinted shapes on the top of the rock are also beyond the capacities of any nomadic tribe and there are also two gaps that have been in-filled with an exotic orange granular mixture using some form of adhesive that still works today. Knowing that this rock was recovered from a pile of sandstone excavated from a depth of just over one metre. That fact automatically rules out any post-Cook involvement.

Recovered no more than three kilometres from the hieroglyphs corroborating the same Alien presence and residence, according to the representative from the Smithsonian Institute this rock has no comparison and is unique. What even they did not know was that those same lines and angles of intersection mean something quite sensational and totally global in implementation. Dr. Derek Cunnigham’s main archaeological focus relates to the ancient lines and intersection points engraved into rock all over the planet. He is of the belief that the lengths, angles and intersection points constitute a global language, and that Ros’ Rock 1 serves the same purpose as the Rosetta Stone.

Not only did he fully scan every angle on Ros Rock 1, but he also then compared the results to three other rocks he measured. Of the twenty-one angles on a marked rock found in Calgary (Canada), nineteen are also on Ros’ Rock 1. All of the fifteen angles marked on a rock found in a tunnel beneath the Bosnian Pyramid are also cut into the surface of the Australian rock. So too, the ten angles on a rock found in Germany are replicated on this rock found so close to the Gosford glyphs. In total, of the forty-six angles measured on rocks found in Canada, Bosnia and Germany, forty-four angles are also marked on Ros’ Rock 1.

The chances that these four rocks share the same angles and mathematics is all down to coincidence is incredibly remote. But what does need to be appreciated is that the Seven Sisters of the Pleaides is a Dreaming Story that is spread throughout the country, and so too evidence of off-world beings is also not restricted to the Central Coast of NSW, and such evidence of Alien activity and presence can be found all over Australia.

Close to the Far Edge and back to the Middle

The choices are endless, many Elders have told us that the Pleiadians are their brothers and sisters, and evidence of their attendance on Earth is all over the country. It is pointless listing every possible site and piece of archaeology, while a selection of three shaped and marked rocks spread across Australia as it was a long time ago is more than sufficient. Of course, Slater would insist remnants of the content of the First Language can be found throughout the planet, but since we are solely focussed on the activities and testimonials left in Australia, we are restricted to this one continent, but when it was at its most expansive.

The next stone artefact was given to some Australians who were posted to Papua-New Guinea in the 1980’s. They had a reputation of being sympathetic to the local people and spent any of their free time with the villagers. So highly were these people regarded they received an invitation to visit a highland tribe that had until then deliberately kept away from white-fellas. It took two days hiking before reaching the village, and as to whether the stone objects were always going to be given to them, or it could be they had to prove their worth first, was never revealed, but either way some stone artefacts were given to the Australians. What was made clear to them was the equal amounts of fear and loathing they held towards a stone head and their insistence the people of this tribe, past and present, knew not how it was constructed and were fearful of the object and felt it was best moved on to others.

Photo By Kate Nesbit

The stone head with a fine nose and facial features positioned on an extremely unusual spheric skull shape, bears little to no resemblance to any person from Papua-New Guinea, or for that matter any Original person of Australia (which was all part of a greater continent called Sahul until 8,000 years ago). When it comes to spreading further., there is no hominid race on this planet that comes close. However, it does have a lot in common with pictorial renditions of Grey Aliens, but until we have a complete skeleton of one of these beings from the stars, there can be no definites here. What is clearly not in contention is that in creating such a shape out of a granite block nothing less than a hardened metal blade will suffice, and equally, this head is not indigenous. Those two inconvenient truths, along with the clear discomfort experienced by the Elders of the tribe, do call into question the notion that manufacturing took place on this planet with humans being the principal agents.

The next two stone artefacts come from the middle of Australia, positioned thousands of kilometres from the granite head, star-shaped object and metal objects near the Gosford Glyphs.

The Circle and an Oval

To begin with I assumed these two rocks were so precious and sacred they must have been stolen from Original custodians. We just could not envisage an arrangement where such treasures would be voluntarily given up. We held to that belief until we were contacted by a gentleman who sent us pictures of five rocks, two were extremely similar to the oval rock. The markings were delicate and intricate, the shape of one rock was almost identical and incredibly thin, but what really stood out was the response given to my questioning the morality of stealing such rocks. No it was freely given, in fact the Elders responsible sought out a non-Original Health Worker and pleaded with her to take the rocks. Their reasoning was faultless, some of their tribal members had fell under the sway of Pentecostal missionaries who demanded that those who had joined their ‘flock’ immediately destroy any artefact that did not honour Jesus. It was the Devil’s work, which they were obliged to steal and smash. By giving the rocks away this meant they were saved.

Knowing that the two rocks we are about to discuss come from the same general area and both sets of rocks were found/given/stolen in the 1950’s and were most likely held by the same person or tribe, it may well be that these rocks were also better off not remaining on their tribal estate. Of one thing that was passed on to me about the other rocks that is incredibly relevant is what the Original custodians told the Health Worker. She was told that they did not make the rocks and that they were given to them “by star people.”(14)

What first struck me when first sighting the rock with sixteen spirals, was the degree of preciseness in that each line is evenly spaced apart. Every line is consistent in depth and width, there is no kinking or unevenness in reproduction and in combination requires a craftsman of the highest order. What also deserves special consideration, and a tool kit of the most advanced technology, is that there are other rocks where an attempt at replicating the same design was made and failed. Elsewhere the lines are erratic, at some locations the sharpened stone tool did not break the surface and these lines stray and vary greatly in depth and width. That one side has seven spirals and each of a different diameter, leaves me to confidently predict that this side represents the Pleiades. That the only other marking on both sides are emu footprints, only reinforces the as on top connection as they are always associated with the sky and stars.

What is also remarkable and unequalled is how wafer-thin this oval plate is, it is a uniform 2 mms, which is exceptionally slender and makes it look very fragile. But we do suspect appearances here are deceiving, as there is a plausible comparison to another similar rock that has a chipped section revealing a metallic-like silvery grey colour. Another feature the sixteen spiral rock shares is that once again this is another engraved rock where its origin anywhere on this planet is called into question.

The Esoteric Side of this Rock Equation

Alas, for this enigmatic sixteen spiralled thin oval shaped rock, we have no report on what the Original custodians said or thought, but we do have access to people/beings we consult who we hoped would add some background or maybe even more. Whenever a new rock arrives, I spend a few days holding trying not to pass verdicts or judgments, and just see what eventuates. Our standard operating process when approaching a sacred site or rock is to make sure we include someone with proven psychic skills in any and all deliberations. As so much of ancient Original archaeology is couched in mystical parameters, to do otherwise is both disrespectful and bad science.

So, knowing that both rocks have latent powers, we sought out the opinion of three people who we hoped could assist. Aunty Trudy Roberts is an Original custodian of Old Way Lore, our resident psychic Mary who has never been wrong in her readings of the rings, bones and rocks and I also sought advice from Mezreth, who is assisting and guiding us during this expanding journey of change and resurrection. All had important observations and recommendations to offer.

Both women focussed solely on the side with seven spirals, which representing the Seven Sisters of the Pleaides, is clearly female business, while Mezreth gave more an overview of both sides. Aunty Trudy was all about the Pleaides, that this side was a narrative of their dealings and deeds on Earth. Mary was totally on song with this interpretation, and she went further in adding that the rock was used in “initiation and integration”(15) with Star People, and if in congress with this rock, all information was there for the taking. What really caught us unawares was that Mezreth used the exact same three words of initiation and integration, and just as it was with Mary, was adamant that this rock was neither assembled or constructed on this planet. All three version of events began off-world with this rock. Mezreth, who has the benefit of being part of the scenery before humans existed did extend proceedings in nominating who and when. He told us that 280,000 years ago these rocks were given to humans, and then added that the being responsible was the no-forehead Alien, of which we have the skull and bones.

What also was revealing, at many levels including an inherent degree of personal scepticism, was my reaction to Aunty Trudy’s reading of the second polished circular rock. She said it was used in levitation exercises, being quite heavy and completely unmarked outside a cluster of pecks on the bottom section of the rock, it certainly did not appear to be something that would facilitate being lighter than air. Such was my concern that Trudy had missed this mark, the first question I asked Mezreth related to its ceremonial function, and to be honest I expected a no, yet got confirmation. Mezreth agreed that this rock was able to initiate levitation, alas, he gave no instructions or clues as to how, outside confirming that Trudy was correct.

Slater was Merely Transcribing

Slater was correct in his interpretations, all he was doing was acknowledging the work of three earlier academics in referencing their notes. What many critics of Slater do not fully grasp is that in criticising and denigrating Slater, that critique and derision spills over to include three other researchers. Their work was the earliest on record and in Eliza Hamilton-Dunlop’s case, not long after the British Invasion. This is not Slater’s one-off excursion into fantasy, but the compilation of the research of four scholars that never met each other, but maintained identical historical records. And that is the crucial point in this exercise, the critics have attacked Slater on so many levels yet remained silent when it comes to the three accredited sources Slater relied upon.

The reality is this is really a case of ‘don’t shoot the messenger.’ Of the four Slater was last in line and the first and only target, he has been often accused of making this up, but what is intriguing was that until we got a copy of his book, personal letters and numerous papers he wrote, none of his written research was known of or read. Not one quote from his work has been included in this consensus in a blanket denial of legitimacy. His character has been vilified and dismissed during recent times, which of course calls into question his honesty or sanity.

But the real truth during the time he was alive is so different. He was a four-time editor of respected and successful newspapers, a highly regarded correspondent, writer of fiction, non-fiction and even operatic comedies, President of the Australian Archaeology Society, close friend and colleague of the most senior presiding Catholic in Australia, twice accorded trusteeship of the only gazetted sacred sites in NSW over a ten-year period and a friend to solicitors, chartered accountants, professors, architects and people holding a variety of professional positions. All he was doing was not inventing, creating or hypothesising, but merely transcribing the work, notes and research of others with impeccable track records.

What this the supporting archaeology confirms is that Slater was telling the truth, the whole Original truth, and despite the recent deletions, additions and denials, the notes of those he referenced and archaeology we have raised stand fully behind Slater, and well apart from those who deny and insinuate. The real problem in all the earlier positive reports and press articles has nothing to do with Slater’s integrity, it is his constant referencing to off-world localities and beings that is the ‘straw that will break the camel’s back.’ And the only response must be more lies, omissions and an assault on the character of any who dare to speak with such honesty and due diligence.

Let the reader be the judge in the affairs of the Soul Language, and any assessment as to Slater’s integrity and honesty can only be made once evaluating and at least partially absorbing the actual words that make up the First Language spoken throughout the globe. We have let a few sacred words slip into the opening section of Slater’s book, but what is presented in this instalment of Slater’s book is an in-depth analysis of this Spirit Tongue along with lists of the most important and sanctified words.

For some time, it was my intention to act as a censor when giving the actual translation, as this language is too secret and sacred, but for reasons expanded upon in the introduction of this book there will be no culling or selecting. Undoubtedly, that open approach may cause offence and inflame, but regardless of their story, that is how that section of Slater’s research and our story has been presented.


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