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Three Rings for the Seven Things

By Steven & Evan Strong


When selecting from a total of nineteen incidents involving Atlantean ring malice, my original intention was to choose eleven, if for no other reason that the heading of Three Rings for the Eleven Things sounded so Tolkienesque, which was our intention. But it lacked any subtlety, elven and eleven are just one letter from being identical, whereas as seven is a step further away and will require a little more thought before the comparison is made. Equally, if after seven reports on one of the three rings acting mischievously the reader is not convinced, more of the same will achieve nothing extra.

Of course, claiming that three of these rings were made in Atlantis is a huge call and one that many would scoff at, but there are quite a few articles previously written and available on our web site that provide substantial evidence supporting our claim that we have rings from both Atlantis and Lemuria. That both sets of rings have an orichalcum base is clear to see through the chemical read-outs, and equally, it is agreed that until the same metal was found in a sixth-century BC. Roman shipwreck off the coast of Sicily in 2015, this metal was regarded as mythical and restricted to one location: Atlantis. For any who understandably find our claim challenging we do suggest reading the earlier articles first, then returning to this list of causes and effects.


Coming and Going

From the very first mention of the first ring, which until the chemistry was identified as Atlantean, it was regarded as a ring lacking in a home-base yet had a peculiar yearning to come and go. More than once Ros Mulder would ring and share details about the ring and its ability to disappear. Ros told me about incidents where the ring was somewhere, then it wasn’t. The problem was we were just beginning to deal with the drama and official threats related to the discovery of the flat-headed no-forehead beings, and it was our only priority. Even though Ros is incapable of lying, which meant her ring was vanishing, none of this actually registered with me.

Atlantis Ring No. 1

In fact, the only details of any of these disappearances I still remember was based around her husband’s incredulity. She told him about her placing the ring on the kitchen table, then returning soon after to find it had apparently vanished, then reappeared soon after. David was obviously nowhere near convinced, so much so that Ros gave him the ring with the instruction to place it on the same table. They then left the room and very soon after, I think she said there was about a five-minute interval, they returned to see nothing, the ring was gone, and this time David was no longer doubtful, and of course, soon after the ring did return.

Not long after David’s conversion in becoming a ring-believer, the ring made it clear to Ros it wanted to spend some time with me. And it did, but for the first two months our relationship was at best distant. Many were times when I would pause, open the leather pouch that held the ring, then put it back and walk away. Outside one paragraph questioning how any metallic object buried close to a metre-and-a-half beneath the surface was here in a country that supposedly only had a stick, stone, and bone toolkit until the British Invasion of 1788, I had nothing else to add and little reason to even write up a brief report.

Looking a Little Deeper

It wasn’t until I finally did some basic research on the ring, once finding the same Orichalcum chemical signature Plato spoke of, engraved motifs of Atlas and the five inner circles of Atlantis, did I discover firstly, the origin of this ring, and soon after the malevolent energy and power that dwelt within. As it has been with every rock, when an artefact first joins the ensemble, I spend some time holding the rocks, with this non-rock it seemed more appropriate to place it on my right-index finger. By the time I began to realise what this ring was and what it was capable of, it was too late the ring had been on my finger way too long. There were a series of incidents that were undeniably ring related that was ominous and seemingly lacking in any moral integrity. The more I got know this ring, the more it became clear that this ring was disturbed and was carrying some malicious baggage. The one mistake I made in these early days was assuming that somehow, I was protected and impervious from the evil traits and inclinations this ring contained. My belief was that through ceremonies and good intentions this ring could be cleansed, and soon found out that was a naïve expectation with deadly consequences.

The ring’s true nature and spiteful intent was repressed to an extent, but one day when on site with quite a few people, the ring was stolen from me. It serves no purpose in describing how this came about or the deliberate lies told, because once the ring’s darker side was called up by a person with suspect motives, literally ‘all hell broke loose.’ The aggression, lies and secret agendas were all ring-inspired and the empty promise that this was all about one extra ceremony followed by it being returned was a precursor for the final event: the death of myself and my son Evan orchestrated by that ring.

It began with a phone call from Ros warning us that the witch who lied and conspired had no intention in relinquishing her hold upon the ring and to cement that relationship she had publicly stated on Facebook posts that she was going to kill both Evan and me and was so brazen to even supply a date. Over the days leading up to our proposed mystical execution Original Elders contacted us warning us that something of an immense negative disposition was being used against us. Most knew nothing of the ring or its history, but certainly knew something was amiss. It wasn’t just Original Elders who sensed this imminent attack, psychics we knew also alerted us to something sinister and gave advice on ways to counter this attack.

Salt around every opening, smoking everywhere, I created the strongest possible protective circle of sacred rocks, mantras given at the ready, we knew tonight was the night and despite all the preparations we also knew that ring was directly responsible for destroying millions at Atlantis and as we were numbering two, there were reasons for being unsure as to whether what we had in defense was enough.

The ring hit both of us once we laid down in our beds. In Evan’s case it was the middle of winter, and he made his bed in the morning and as he did notice nothing untoward or life-threatening. But when he woke, he felt gravely ill, and so he should, as he now had by his count forty paralysis tics attached to him. Whether by coincidence or design Evan is allergic to tic poison, and in this case, it nearly killed him. Knowing that in winter tics hibernate, and if they are active, it is in the forest and vegetation, never between bed-sheets. Beyond that one-night stand it was another two months before we saw a tic anywhere.

In my case tics are unpleasant but never lethal, my weakness is a recent medical addition. A curse delivered through an artefact almost killed me, and of the many maladies the combination of pneumonia and pleurisy was the most debilitating and was something I never wanted to revisit. That night for two hours I did, and had come so close to abandoning all hope. For what was about two hours, the coughing didn’t stop and after a while began to slowly make breathing a difficult process. It soon became more a gasp than a breath, and past that the constant coughing took so much effort to battle. Throughout this spiral I kept repeating an Original mantra given to me by an Elder which had Karno’s name, and I strongly suspect his spirit was beside me. That thought just would not leave and spread all over, and as this positive presence grew the coughing spluttered, gasped once, then moved on.

Ten seconds past that and I was feeling fine, for now, but this was the first attack launched from nearly a thousand kilometres away, would there be more? And will the same witch be so brazen to post a public notice again of her intention to kill via one incredibly powerful ring that has lost its moral compass and compassion?

Very soon after the ring did return, albeit reluctantly so by the person who lied and deceived. How that return came about, is not part of this story. But what came back was very much damaged goods, all the worst qualities were released and multiplied. As to what happened next to the ring that disappears on its own command and was willing and complicit in attempting to kill me and my son, that’s another story and not relevant to this selection of mischief and worse.

It Seemed far Less Menacing, Then …

At least with Atlantis Ring 1 it only tried so hard and fervently to kill Evan and I, not so much due personal animosity or insult between us, no, it was because the ring merely obeyed the new ring-holder in doing her bidding. But when it comes to the second ring, which only carries half the symbols, two Berber Atlas motifs and no Atlantean inner circles. Upon opening the package of yet another Orichalcum ring, that ring independently of its own volition made an informal up close and personal introduction to my wife and Evan.

Atlantis No. 2

Both my wife and Evan approached me with a request, neither was aware of the fact that both asked for the same ring contact on their finger. Never before had they asked to touch another rock, the first Atlantean ring or any bones, after all why would they? And that question was asked by me twice, and on both occasions the reply was the same, the ring gave each an invitation to bond. Even so, they were perplexed as to why they asked and whether they would survive. The solution was simple, I have a crystal that will supply yes or no replies to any question asked, and I have a Lemurian ring with three pairs of animals (elephants, monkeys and pigs) that never lies or deceives.

Lemurian Ring No. 2

The response was identical, yes, the ring did ask, and yes, if they put the ring on their finger, they would die. I then asked the offending piece of jewellery the same two questions and received the same lethal reply. It had been less than twenty minutes unwrapped and already ready to pick up on its previous Atlantean chaos and destruction. Moreover, unlike the first ring, this decision to kill innocent parties was an unprompted independent decision.

It wasn’t a stunning introduction and alas, only a precursor of more of the same. For a while I assumed the ring was fine with me, but no-one else. But two incidents over the next month made it clear this ring was making its own agenda and no incarnated human soul was exempt. The second attempt to harm me occurred after I was advised by Mezereth to limit the amount of time spent touching the ring due to two earlier belligerent outbursts. The ring was less than pleased with shortened periods of skin and rock personal contact, and made many attempts to call me.

My intention to cleanse this ring, after failing in my attempt with the first ring, and this had to be done knowing that prolonged contact was too dangerous for me. What became immediately apparent when I finally agreed to a brief encounter, was that keeping secrets from this ring was a futile exercise. It had been over a week since we last met, and once putting the ring on the fourth finger on my left hand, it became increasing clear the ring was ready to make a stand, or perhaps constriction would be a better description.

Barely a minute passed before the tightening began, the ring was squeezing against my finger. Before this encounter it was a loose fit and very easy to remove, but this time around it began by being too tight to slide over my knuckle. Then it continued, it wasn’t long before it began to contract and tighten against the flesh. What began as a minor inconvenience became somewhat painful. I couldn’t move it anywhere, and as the minutes passed it was now wedged in one position and would not budge. Then as it burrowed deeper, it started to hurt and the skin and flesh was now above the ring and the distance between the metal and my bone was lessening. Of one undeniable imperative I was now a part of, was that the ring was contracting and there was nothing I could do to stop this continuing.

I told my wife that there was a real chance that this left-hand finger was moving on, if this shrinking continued the blood supply past my knuckle would be cut off and not long after so too would the top section of this finger would either have to be cut off or would wither and die. The pain was slowly increasing and had risen past nuisance level, when I first suggested that we may need to go to the local hospital or better still, the tin snips in the shed! And that was the immediate solution, cut the thing off now or it will be my finger on the chopping block.

Within seconds of realising the best path via destroying the ring, the pressure eased, the pain lessened and within a minute the ring slid off just like it always had. This was the fourth time that the ring independently initiated a chain of events it chose, and on each occasion, it was all about causing something between discomfort through to death. Appealing to its better qualities was a forlorn gesture, but threatening it with death through tin snips did bear fruit. As for my attempts to cleanse and convince this ring, it seemed at this stage that was not on its radar. What was becoming clearer was that compared to the first ring, which merely obeyed never instigated, this ring was a much more difficult assignment.

A Curse on the Rebound

After some more discussions about this ring with Mezereth, we devised a cleansing routine, mind you Mezereth held out a minimal expectation of success as he felt that although some progress had been made the little time remaining was not enough. Quite a few avenues were identified, but of one access point it was to be much less than before. The ring sitting on my finger had to brief at the least and never more than a couple of minutes. We had put together a sort of ring-jail made from layers of lead that completely sealed both the second and third Atlantean ring from everything, and that incarceration was not well received by Atlantis Ring 2.

After nearly amputating my finger, our sessions together were seldom in number and far briefer in duration. Even when inside the lead container it passed on its disappointment whenever I was near. Often it was ignored and on occasions I did take the ring out for a session with a variety of sacred rocks and artefacts, then back into the purgatory lead cylinder. It wanted more, and that was not going to happen. This was the new routine and because of this impasse it struck out in all directions.

The problem was it bounced off its intended target (me) and scattered all over the countryside causing a lot of collateral damage. Leading up to the ring striking out, it had been calling me, and of course, I was not responding. Knowing of its independent and somewhat spiteful nature, it set upon me and once that failed, targeted Evan. He felt dreadful, a migraine headache, a dramatic loss of energy, coughs and an assortment of illnesses overwhelmed him. Of course, to begin with we know nothing of the cause of his rapid decline until two psychics contacted Evan and both nominated that ring as the culprit.

But it wasn’t just Evan who was suffering, His close, and in one case not so close contacts were also targets. The same symptoms were present and the same cause was identified, but amongst this uniformity of poor health there was one deviation from the norm. One young woman who Evan had met personally for no more than fifteen minutes rung and proposed to him. She spoke of the number of children they would have, a date of marriage and so the banter continued. Often her conversation was utterly incoherent and was interspersed with fits of laughter or protracted pauses of nothing. She kept ringing and kept proposing. Throughout the physical and emotional decline, the ring kept attacking.

He was looking dreadful and had no energy, once we were aware of what was causing his distress I gave the ring an ultimatum, leave Evan and his friends, plus one woman who was far less than a passing acquaintance, alone, and if there were no signs of recovery in the morning, I would destroy the ring post haste. The next morning Evan was fully recovered, as were his friends and the woman who kept ringing rang no more. It seemed that outside issuing a threat to destroy, cut up and bury, this ring had no morality or compassion.

Yes, progress has been made, it has to be remembered that the ring was made for the best of intentions and until the wrong people began to hold this ring and taint it, the ring was meant to improve, assist, and illuminate. However, since its attempt to kill Evan and my threat to cut it into pieces and bury I have had to make the same threat, and once issued within hours everything returned to normal. Less than three months out before the planet ascends and this ring is still a long way off from being involved with or existing past the day of reckoning.

Atlantis Ring 3

As it is with Atlantis Ring 1, this ring has the same two motifs (Atlas and the five inner rings of Atlantis) and has also been clearly interfered with and reshaped. From the first time we contacted the seller of this ring, he kept changing his stories about the ring. He told me his wife despised it, then adored it, that he had put it on his finger and did not, that the ring is the most beautiful ring he has seen (it is probably the diametric opposite), and so it continued. I knew he had put the ring on his finger, and it was affecting him negatively.

Despite all these warning signs, if we did not make an offer to purchase, it would go on the open market, and I have no doubt that the witch who stole the first ring would be aware it was up for sale, and being heavily cashed up, would make an offer he could not refuse. So, it was purchased primarily as a self-defense ploy. It wasn’t until it took up residence with us did it become obvious it did have one purpose and ritual to conduct, which I refer to as the ‘hell ceremony.’

For reasons not needed to expand upon, it was decided that before the end of September 2021 I had to put the ring on my finger before going to bed and hopefully wake up the next morning. Dante wrote about hell, and all I can say is what he imagined or deduced is pure fiction. Nothing like it, it is far more horrific and entirely personal in construction.

It took a few seconds from the time my head rested on the pillow, the ring had one function and performed admirably. Hell lies within, your soul never forgets, and every deed, thought and word of unfavourable inclinations awaits the beholder with consequences. Normally it keeps its peace until we leave our body, but in my case, this sneak preview was an open book and every page had to be read. The unjust deaths, plots, deceit, and anger was inescapable and felt a thousand times over, it never stopped all night. It was more distressful than any horror movie simply because this was a factual autobiography, and every scene was of my making and fault. There is no adequate way of describing how deep this ran, and how pathetic the script and worst of all was that every event was mine alone.

I have never worn that ring since and have barely touched it, not through fear, dread or suspicion, it is because this ring will only interact when skin touches stone. Of itself there is nothing to fear as it cannot perform like Atlantis Ring 2, which to an extent, does as it pleases. I am convinced there is nothing good or redeeming left in this one, fortunately its destabilising power and influence is restricted to a real connection through skin or finger. The problem remaining is that this ring has been misused too often, and the faint glimmer of goodness still burning in the second wilful ring just isn’t here in the third ring.

A Different Perspective

The last of the selection of seven out of nineteen, is not of my experience or that of Evan’s, we thought the final choice should come from two women with clear psychic ability. They were chosen by us because of their familiarity with some of the more sacred and powerful artefacts and have a very impressive track record in such mystical concerns. What really struck us was that these two women had not met before and did not share their readings of these rocks until after. Both have held and interacted with the first and second ring, I have deliberately not allowed either woman the chance to either touch or see the third ring, I think it would harm them as it is too far down the wrong path.

Both rings were identified as Atlantean, although Alison did this through one degree of separation. She had little to no knowledge of any particulars in regard to Atlantis, but did say it felt “Egyptian” however equivocated in adding that it is much older than Egypt. Ancient Egypt is but an echo of Atlantis, and it was from Egypt that Plato, Pliny the Elder and others obtained their knowledge of Atlantis. Both rings created adverse physical reactions, but the reaction to the second ring was far more dramatic. Alison was dry-retching and groaning, both the pet rabbit and cat would not go near her for a week, the other psychic had to wash her herself as she felt she was enveloped in a dark malevolent force. Replying with figures to my question as to the number of victims directly killed by this ring, the figures of 5,000 and 500,000 deaths were given, which at first glance seemed a touch contradictory. However, when probing deeper the lower number related to the beginning of its influence when the first person of a violent and negative disposition used the ring, and the second figure was the sum total of all deaths created by the many who had possession of this ring up until it was buried in Scotland.

Looking Forward, Leaning Backwards

Mezereth’s advice in relation to the three rings From Atlantis has never varied, destroy them all as soon as possible, full stop. But in doing so it must happen not before, but after the ceremony on December 21. For all their glaring faults and lack of any semblance of empathy, they carry within an enormous reservoir of energy which can be used or misused, and on that day albeit ever so briefly, it will bring the very best out of both rings. Once past that ceremony and the beginning of an Earthly ascension, in their present volatile state they will no longer be required or relevant and must be destroyed.

The first ring was permanently set awry after the theft and attempts to kill and has been destroyed, as will be the third ring the day after. I have no compunctions or objections in doing so. But as for the second ring, Mezreth has conceded that some progress has been made towards healing and reviving, but time is short and the damage still severe. At the moment it will obey under threat of execution, but there is so much still to go, and even last week another threat of destruction was given and acquiesced to, but forced obedience is a long way off what is required past the third solstice and first ascension. In the meantime, I will continue administering the healing process in trying to redeem and reclaim the noble intentions and conventions this ring has never lost, but there is so much misery and malice that’s still in the way.

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Interesting love and alway intrigued of your findings and knowledge of First Nations people and culture. But especially the truth. When is your next event? Workshop aswell please.

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