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There Comes Their Time: Fate of the Sacred Rocks

By Steven & Evan Strong


Every attempt made by us to engage in thorough research on these rocks is inevitably a mixed blessing. There are so many arm-chair critics, deniers of the mystical and crusaders of cultural protocol and appropriation ready to speak out, yet the only truth they actually share is a complete lack of direct contact with the rocks or us. We have no doubt that this report on the rocks will see participants from all three groups once again complaining and lecturing from the pulpit about the most recent rock/artefact-directive we were given a week ago.

It makes no difference whatsoever, our loyalty and future dealings are entirely artefact-inspired, and once again we are merely responding to what they determine, everything else is background noise. Just to be perfectly clear this development comes from the sacred Original rocks, all the non-Atlantean rings and pendants and Alien bones, as was the case when we hastily put together the second Solstice ceremony. Having said that, from a quantitative viewpoint undeniably the rocks make up a sizeable numerical majority.

And yes, time after time the same call of return these rocks to country is proclaimed, yet it is an almost invariable truth none have ever bothered to read the accompanying articles. If they did so they would be forced to acknowledge that the technology on display stands well outside the capacities of all stone, bone, stick and open fire tool-kits, that each motif has no known precedent and every carving/pecking/ linear arrangement is unique and when it comes to 95% of the artefacts discussed the place of origin is unknown to us. Every artefact received was bought by another or given to us, not once ever have we taken any object in our custodianship off country. To do so would see us cursed and dead soon after. The role given to us by our Elders was never to collect, but only to inspect.

Photo by Ildi Budai

Karno’s Wish

It was our chief Elder’s request that as these rocks came from very ancient times when Original people used very advanced technology and had “more genes,”(1) these rocks should be kept and accessed by the public on Ramindjeri Land. We not only agreed to that verbally for a host of very good reasons a signed written agreement was put together, which still is legally binding. From that point on until now that has been, and still is, our prime and only determinant of location.

Alas, when it comes to Original directives, or for the matter almost anything Original, the realities of today seems to be on a permanent collision course. And in the case of these rocks, it is not once but twice.

That agreement with Karno was not only cemented by word and paper, but it was also done Old Way when in ceremony on Ramindjeri country on Kangaroo Island (Karta: Island of the Dead: Blessed Those who Listen). And from that point on the intention was for the rocks to be stored, protected, given ceremony to and presented to the public stationed on that island at the Cultural Centre on which Karno and his wife Christine were living. It was an ideal location for a variety of reasons.

It was the residence of the Ramindjeri Culture Centre that was the only logical choice. Not only does it have a building catering for the custodians (Karno and his wife Christine), it also has two independent self-contained units, a separate building that can seat about 40 people, camping facilities and extra water tanks. In 2014 nearly all the rocks were taken down, as this was the intended and ideal location, where ceremony was given and close to 20 rocks were chosen to stay behind. Once some minor adjustments were made with a few additions needed to ensure the rocks were safe and fully protected, it was our intention that all of the rocks would then assemble on site.

Not long after Karno passed on, the Government and State Lands Council initiated legal proceedings to evict any Ramindjeri guardian, which obviously included Karno’s wife. The deceit and hypocrisy was rampant and it was all ‘legal,’ within a year after Karno was gone, so too was any trace of Old Way Ramindjeri involvement or ceremony, and that meant the rocks resting place was literally stolen. We will not go into the sordid details, but promises were made and never denied, regrettably, nor were they honoured.

The Second Coming, and Going Again

Another supposedly legal theft of ownership and the proposal to set up the rocks for public viewing access may be related, pivotal or coincidental to this confiscation. Owing to the legal reality that this is an ongoing event, we have to be obscure in providing details as to why the rocks had a residence-in-waiting all bar resolved, yet now seem to be ‘homeless’ yet again.

During 2021 a group of Original and non-Original people formed a committee which met every month nutting out the finer details as to how all the rocks, plus many other artefacts and photographs of sites would be arranged and displayed. A three-acre site, along with a fully equipped building, plus the promise of two more constructions to house artefacts along with all the associated building foundations and landscaping, was offered free of cost. The site was on Ramindjeri land and situated less than half-a-kilometre from the ocean with uninterrupted views, the gentleman who made the offer was utterly genuine. Elsewhere on his 15-acre holding he was setting up a Common Law Meeting Place, but that was a separate venture and unrelated to our activities and agendas.

From the time of first discussions until when the land was marked out, leveling had occurred, the first building was set up and the sizeable dwelling was cleared out and ready to be occupied, a little over a year had passed. During that time, there were moments when many of the twelve members of the joint committee doubted this would succeed. But by the time the first vacant building was positioned and given an undercoat readying it for Original artists to decorate based around a chosen local Dreaming story, those equivocations had all but vanished.

Even after the first time the entire property/business venture was raided and searched by around 30 armed police for four hours who found nothing and left empty-handed, there were a few mutterings of concern. However, as the weeks since that conflict passed by and the undercoat was finally completed, such negative thoughts went elsewhere, for a while.

Around two months after the first foray, which we assumed was centred around the alternative Common Law activities and publications in which this person was also involved, the authorities returned in larger numbers, more weaponry and an increased load of belligerence and resolve. Numbering at around 50 with an armoured vehicle in tow, the search was more thorough and longer and after five hours a firearm was ‘discovered’ which was claimed to be fully armed. How it came to be loaded is debatable, but what was clear cut was the immediate arrest of the person in charge, who was also our benefactor.

To our knowledge, close to six months has passed and at present a charge has not been formally laid. What happens next is entirely unknown, outside one fact. The authorities have closed down his business, banned all Common Law activities and any other associated ventures. Even though our meetings and aims were deliberately kept separate and unconnected, the wife of the person arrested is now the legal guardian and she has been instructed to make sure nothing remotely related to everything planned on this site before can take place. That means even though we were weeks away from opening, right now under the current circumstances it is more like ‘light-years’ away hovering in the distance.

In what only adds to the prospects of a less than promising outcome, the same Common Law Court set up on this site, served formal papers on the local Police and Judiciary that has since arrested him and will eventually pass a final verdict. Whether this action was solely responsible, or was in conjunction with the rocks upcoming opening presentation, can never be proven. Even so, there is a saying that could apply, ‘once bitten twice shy.’

The Children Have the Final say

A lady by the name of Bronwyn, who kindly helped us in an earlier activity involving the rock/artefact ceremony held at the second solstice, asked us if we would consider making a contribution to assist in the establishment in a small community school which currently had an enrollment of ten students between the ages of six through to eleven. We agreed, but not to her original suggestion of welcoming the children to country, as this is not our tribal land and nor have we received any Old Way ceremony here, but when it comes to the rocks blessing the children, that was acceptable. The only issue unknown is related to the fact that until now every rock ceremony given had adults sitting inside, never before had any child been part of this.

We had seen the overwhelming affirmative adult-results and that was convincing of itself, but had no idea whether this would succeed or fall flat for those of very few years. It did neither, I deliberately ask adults never to share any information in relation to what the rocks do, simply because it is private business and have maintained that approach throughout. Nevertheless, I could hear some comments made between the children and parents, and they were always positive. But in one case the parent came over to me and despite my reluctance insisted to share what her son experienced.

Each child was marked across the forehead with one moist dab of sacred charcoal and salt, smoked all over, then after walking slowly three times around the outside had five minutes inside the rock circle. The young boy of eleven was the oldest and therefore, the first to enter. Upon exiting he went down to the creek and wept, a lot. He was cleansing his spirit and soul for what came next. According to his mother her son then received a series of “downloads,”(2) which were clearly of immense significance. That really caught me off-guard, I immediately thought back to what I experienced and thought about at the same age-sport, playing games with friends and a little bit of homework, that was the sum total of my trivial non-reflective thoughts and existence.

As stated earlier I wasn’t sure of whether it would actually work for children. It did far more than that, there is no way I could ever forget how all the children were affected in more subtler ways. From first to last to enter was over an hour, knowing as a teacher how children need to be occupied, I told those waiting to leave and or talk, then keep your eye out for the person next to you now going in, and then come over and wait. With a majority of the children seated under eight who have concentration spans that are reputedly fleeting and very short at best. My suggestion would seem a compulsory sensible first step, but not here, not now and certainly not when children of this calibre were involved. Within ten minutes of dispersing nearly all had returned and just sat quietly. They rarely spoke to each other, and when doing so the volume was soft and muted. I do remember actually being concerned that surely this reverential silence must implode. So, once again I reminded them that they didn’t have to sit here, they can play. It made absolutely no difference, they remained seated in the same order and a few minutes later the only two who were elsewhere playing took up residence.

There were two times when I did speak about the ways things were when the oldest Original child acted not as a ‘boss’ but more mediator of potential discord, that they were bound by this ceremony into a tribe and reminded them that as they sit inside they must “lay down all spears”(3) pointing out the worst spears are very angry and are wedged deep within, and because of this, bad thoughts must stay outside when you go into sacred rock country.

I was literally dumbstruck because I had never seen such respect, silence and patience. In what only highlighted the depth of connection between rocks and children, the last to enter after 55 minutes was the youngest. He was six, and never moved or even wriggled from the beginning till now. If these children are our future, there is genuine hope and a reason to unconditionally believe that the Global change in everything is so near. Speaking of wriggling, I remember one child telling me that when he will sit on the log in the middle of the rock circle, he will “wriggle” because that is what happens all the time. Not this time, I made comment when he came out that I watched him throughout and he did not wriggle or rock but stayed still. The smile, and pride, was instantaneous and ran deep, I found out later that this young boy was the brother of the oldest child who had wept, purged and then received.

Of all the ceremonies given with the rocks this was most moving and profound and to be honest, has never left me. The total innocence of those children embracing this rock ritual is a hard act to follow, what has only just become apparent is that depth of impact was not only due to what the rocks did then, but nor to do with what was still unfinished. Unbeknownst to me, I didn’t stand alone in being so moved by what tangibly happened, what wasn’t clear until a few days ago is that the rocks can wait no longer and want their ‘business’ to begin now.

The Rocks Have Another say

Just under a week after that day in the schoolyards the same rocks, rings, bones and artefacts who gave us less than ten days to put together a second solstice ceremony which will culminate in a third solstice ceremony that elevates global circumstances and vibrations, made it clear that they want to repeat what happened with the children, and that it had to begin quickly. This wasn’t delivered in the form of a request with a degree of give and take, it was a non-negotiable ultimatum. The rocks fully understand until every possible avenue is fully exhausted, a Ramindjeri Keeping Place is still the only option, but in the meantime …

The proposal is certainly not ours, in fact both Evan and I hold reservations over issues that could arise. To be honest that all adds up to less than none. It is not our call, these ancient, resurrected relics coated in superior technology which often contains magic spells that can change everything, insist they want more of what happened with the children to take place as soon as is possible. The message from our mystical past was clear and simple. The time remaining for each soul to choose from the prophesised holy Mayan Road or Hopi fast flowing river to dive upon or into, amounts to less than ten months from now. The rocks-in-formation will create a powerful portal unto themselves and will also call up soul medicine with each individual dose addressing the deficiencies the soul is yearning for or what still needs to be overcame.

Details and Dates

This will begin on April 4 and 5, at a rainforest setting in the Byron Bay Hinterland and will take place over one two-and-half-hour sessions. There will be no more than six people in each group, and during that time each person will have a private ten-minute Seed Dreaming session with the rocks in a sacred formation. As to what comes out of each ten-minute sitting, that is entirely a matter between the rocks/artefacts and the person the rocks are healing/illuminating/guiding/downloading/cleansing. It has happened twice when the rocks were not forthcoming, and on both occasions my suspicions were confirmed in that each person was shunned by the rocks. Their inability to find a position of comfort and general unease was somewhat expected and sufficient to ask each male to vacate these rock-premises. If that does happen, or if the sitter is adamant nothing came to pass, we will do what was planned when the rocks were all bar ready to step forward on Ramindjeri land in unconditionally refunding the admission price (which in this case it will be $20 out of $50 for the full session).

To an extent the number of workshops is dependent on demand. On both the Saturday and Sunday we have penciled in three sessions. They run from 9-11:30 am, the second run from noon to 2:30 pm and the last beginning at 3pm concludes at 5:30 pm. In each session the first two hours is devoted to the artefacts on display, which we will present in a way that is more like an interactive classroom lesson than a lecture. The last half hour of each workshop is open to questions about anything else we are doing or more on what was shown-it is meant to be open-ended.

We have misgivings about doing this at our property, but the rocks don’t. Their time has come, they want to help, to prepare, to cleanse and inspire any who believe the Hopi were totally correct in prescribing the Old Ways as the only remedy and way forward in securing and healing this ailing planet. This Event has Cosmic implications and resonance, and as each incarnated soul has an unlimited supply of free will, now is this time to make a choice and in doing so, the rocks are ready to campaign on behalf of the Old Ways and have extended a ten-minute invitation to discuss matters up close and personal.

After December 21 …?


(1): Karno, 2013. Personal Communication to Steven Strong.

(2): Mother of Kid No. 1, 2022. Personal Communication to Steven Strong.

(3): Steven Strong, 2022. Personal Communication to children present.

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