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“The Year From Hell” and it’s not Good Enough

By Steven & Evan Strong


At Uluru on December 21, 2020 beginning at 7:32 pm, a global ceremony involving over fifteen million people was totally successful in activating the big red rock which began the process of a global cleansing of the body and soul of the planet and all its residents. As sensational and outrageous as this claim undoubtedly is, there is an impressive array of empirical evidence gathered that adds substance to this event. We have film of Uluru with a mass of intense white light literally exploding out of the rock at 7:36 pm, of a UFO idling above the rock at the same time, columns of lights either coming out of or into the earth and the dark grey skies above Uluru transforming into an arrangement of colours and patterns never seen before.

Unlike every earth-bound animal, tree, rock and life-force, humans now live in a climate of apprehension, and many have been overwhelmed by fear and division. Since that day of ceremony and activation of the ‘magic box’ that is called Uluru, the negativity and suspicion that permeates human daily lives has exponentially accelerated. This is not a commentary about right or wrong, about whether medical measures taken are justified, but is all about the miserable state of human affairs now and the lack of clarity and even awareness relating to the existence or intentions of that ceremony.

In the simplest terms, we were told that if the ceremony did succeed Uluru would activate what the Mayans refer to as ‘two roads,’ while the Hopi refer to the recommended pathway as a ‘fast flowing river.’ Either way, a choice is on offer for each soul, and this time around there are consequences. Basically, if the right decision is made that individual is granted the right to remain, conversely, if the wrong choice is the preferred course action, then that soul must immediately vacate these Earthly premises. Moreover, the time allowed to make the correct choice is not measured in decades, but has a sum total of less than three years.

Even though the timing is short, we have been assured that the time leading up to the final day will be “ugly”(2) and “brutal.”(3) And so it has been, and will continue to deteriorate until this day of judgment is upon us. We had assumed that our role in all of this was to get the required number of souls joining together in a global meditation and dedication directed towards Uluru, which would lead to the ‘magic box’ being turned on. From that point on, we thought it was all a matter of stand back and watch in taking on the role of a passive but very interested spectator.

And that attitude of holding an ambivalent ‘whatever’ to every event while adopting a waiting game, has held for almost a year. But over the last week a change in circumstances and collective directive by the rocks, rings, bones and sundry artefacts who are insisting much more participation is essential and that they are ready, willing and able to step into the fray.

In the days leading up to this summons by the ensemble, I have to admit I was beginning to question whether positioning myself outside the grandstand was a satisfactory plan of non-attack. It all began with a front-page article in the Sydney Morning Herald and the accompanying photo of the female and male school captains. These two students are studying at an upper-class high school and obviously are performing well by every measure and would seemingly be bound for success and many financial rewards. They should be at the peak of their days and fully aware of the privileges on offer, but it wasn’t the words laced in despondency and futility that resonated, but the look on this young woman’s face that said so much more.

She is very pretty, and coupled with her role, has a very bright future, but none of these blessings reside within her eyes. She looks so drawn, perhaps exhausted is a more fitting term. The last two years of her schooling has been all about lock-downs, home-schooling, masks, never sure of what tomorrow brings and exclusion from her friends, teachers and the joy of life. So much has been stolen or sacrificed and she has been overcome by weariness that will never leave her.

What she did say was so sad and insidious, and alas, it is what all of the students were suffering and often much worse for wear than this young lady. The reporters of this article only stated the obvious in their observation that “among feelings of frustration and resentment, there’s relief that the year from hell is close to ending.”(4) Harriet Shand, along with “many Year 12 students remain angry the assessments were not cancelled or modified after losing months of face-to-face learning.”(5) Not only did Harriet feel the exams should have never been held, “many students just want the exams to be over.”(6) What was even more telling and tragic, was the depth of Harriet’s mistrust, when she spoke of a communal malaise. “We’ve found a collective sense of mental exhaustion and a lack of motivation which has led to feelings of unpreparedness.”(7)

Irrespective of whether it is most or everybody sitting for this crucial exam that determines so much of the rest of their lives, Harriet has no doubts that “most students are exhausted and lacking spirit.”(8) How can it be that the two final years in school for nearly every student can actually be the year from hell that has its victims exhausted, lacking spirit and motivation and has created a suffocating atmosphere of frustration and resentment?

An Adult’s Perspective

Three days after this article was on the front page another reporter from the same paper, contested and dismissed what Harriet said in claiming the real casualties are actually not the students sitting in the exam halls with their future prosperity and life choices on the line, but the parents. As condescending as it is an insult to every one of about 65,000 young adults this much older male basically said the young ones were fine and happy. Within one paragraph he becomes very personal in declaring both “from what I have observed”(9) and “from what I have seen.”(10)

Positioned firmly in the pulpit, Malcolm Knox was convinced that “most teenage students have the advantage of suppleness: the prevailing circumstances become their normality, they adjust quicker than their parents, and get on with their lives while we mourn for what we believe they have missed out on.”(11) Utterly incorrect, as a teacher rule 101 of every classroom is stability and predictability in routine. Can I suggest that this self-appointed patronising spokesman for teenagers has real problems with his vision that requires a new pair of glasses, because whatever he is looking at just does not exist in the real world or classrooms.

From the Ring’s, Rock’s, Skull’s, Bone’s and Pendant’s Perspective

The day after a message from behind the curtain was received and accepted. I can never be sure whether the sender was just the rocks, or a combination of the entire ensemble. My suspicion is that it was a collective effort. What I was told to begin was a touch vague and more than a little confusing, all the ancient magical objects wanted to change the global setting and charge up the atmosphere through assisting those who were under stress and are suffering. But how? I knew the rocks could kill, as could the rings from Atlantis, but that was not an option under every circumstance. That night I delivered the group of artefacts an ultimatum, I was taking a ring, a rock and piece of bone to be placed beside my bed and during that night I wanted all the details set out step by step.

When I woke it was all clear, completely non-confrontational and the only way forward. Very simply, the instruction was more of the same. They wanted all of the people who joined in last year in positive meditation directed towards Uluru to do the same thing again on the same date, and hope many more will join in. Their aim is to flood the world in positivity. Surely this is not only desperately needed, but doable. It worked before and we see no reason why we cannot succeed again. Uluru is generating and accelerating every day, but to supercharge the process is not only warranted but needed right now.

This is what they have decided is the best course of action forward and will be our primary focus leading up to December 21. It is a win-win situation, if on the exceptionally negligible chance the rock does not increase its outflow the reality of millions of people healing the world with positivity is good for the planet and every soul participating.


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You bring joy to my heart and tears to my eyes, knowing that this "pono pono" positivity ceremony which will be televised around the world for half an hour is happening on December 22, 2021. There is an indigenous saying here on Turtle Island: "We wrap our love around you". It is done with a ceremonial blanket held on each end by two people, in the spirit of community with the recipient/recipients facing the participants who gaze upon them lovingly, sending positive energy and appreciation from their hearts. . I have seen this ceremony performed at an Anishnebek wedding I attended in Mnjikaning First Nation, Rama, Ontario. I have been involved in this ceremony honouring the first leader o…


Oh YES please! Dear Rings, Rocks, Skulls, Bones, Pendants, Steven and Evan and your team of friends and families, Thankyou, I have been thinking that regular World Meditation and focusing LOVE on the Earth is becoming vital but no idea how to be part of this. So, yes, please! Thankyou for your openness and courage to organise us once again! This Solstice time has always been powerful across the world. Surely this, with the wisdom frequencies of the 'entire ensemble' will help to bring the joy of life and love back to our young people, our children and all creation.


Jennifer Neilson
Jennifer Neilson
Nov 18, 2021

We certainly need more positive energy on the planet (what an understatement!) We can do what we did last year again plus more with help from the people of Gaia and I hope I would not be too cheeky in asking those in the higher realms if they would be able to help this time? If we don't ask we don't get their help after all and if it is up to us alone we can do it!

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