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The Top Ten: Sacred Rocks

By Steven & Evan Strong


There are over two hundred ancient Original rocks under our custodianship which are being repatriated back onto a sacred site. More than half are already on-site, but until the location is fully prepared, they have been hidden-in-waiting. None of these rocks will be placed in a display case, but set into a sacred ceremonial formation resting on the earth. As this day of relocation and renaissance nears, the time to select which rocks will be featured in this public arena draws closer, and in prioritising from such a unique and potent clientele, what became clearly evident was the division in the tasks and powers they possess. And in this respect some rocks certainly did stand apart and above the rest, and it was these ascended stone receptacles that have requested publicity because of these troubled times, and it is through that directive we have selected the top ten of this ensemble.

Not an easy task, admittedly it is a subjective choice, but after over a decade of liaising and advocating for, and negotiating with these rocks, the ten chosen do suit my present needs and what I seek from these stone sentinels. When I was close to death through curses delivered from the Alien skull, rocks, rings and people, then healing and protection/harming rocks would be in the majority. But that was then, and right now my selection is heavily influenced by the redemptive ceremony at Uluru with its’ Original/Pleiadean undertones. That seven of the ten rocks chosen are star rocks is more a reflection of our current research into archaeology that has an Alien input, if I had chosen before these influences became so pressing it would have been more like a 50/50 balance.

In general terms, there is in this collection of two hundred an even divide between star rocks and the sacred rocks of Earthly concerns, which include ceremonies, rituals, sacred knowledge and locations, song-lines, spirit deeds and directions, magical powers, healing and killing, the list is as endless as the humans who hold them.

Rules of Engagement

Before beginning it needs to be understood that the large majority of rocks preparing to take up sacred residence on country, do not fit into any of the current theories dealing with Original technology and pre-history, not by a long shot! In fact, they break elemental assumptions on so many levels. First up, forget the notion that most of these rocks belong to one tribal estate. Ros’ Rock 1 was extracted from a depth of over one metre of sandstone, that is all there is geologically for a hundred kilometres in every direction, and this rock is clearly not sandstone, so was never native in geological and Original terms to this tribal estate. To suggest that a non-tribal rock would be used in local sacred business is not worthy of consideration, and the same can be said for the contradictory exotic geology of many of these rocks.

No less relevant is the fact that nearly all of these rocks bear patterns, designs and markings that have nothing that is like for like in any Australian Original motifs, styles and techniques. That so many marked star rocks are replete with perfectly straight lines, geometry, intersections, and angles has no precedent or parallel in this country during all known pre-Cook times. One of the rocks to be discussed has no less that one hundred straight lines, and not one is anything less than perfectly straight. There is no known Original technique in painting or engraving that is anywhere that precise or geometric, so we really are in uncharted waters here.

The third distinguishing feature many rocks display is a technology that is advanced by today’s standards. The metal blades used in cutting varying widths beginning with hair line width and ranging past one centimetre, are not part of any stick, stone and bone tool kit, which all sanctioned academic ‘experts’ subscribe to. According to academics who have seen these rocks, they not only acknowledge that all the star rocks have had a veneer of another melted rock placed around each rock, and invariably of the same width on all sides, but the temperature needed to melt the rock in the upper coat requires heat that can only be measured in the thousands of degrees Celsius. This is not feasible in any open campfire no matter how many logs are thrown on, but is the sole province of ovens and kilns, which of course were claimed to be absent in Australia until the British Invasion of 1788.

The advice Karno gave on this subject should be, and is, the final verdict. Nearly all these rocks were made at a time “when we had more genes”(1) and Original tribes did indeed use technology of a far more sophisticated level. This was a time that begins with Lemuria, then past its’ fall to a time when this continent was divided into three tribal confederations in a land much larger than today. It spanned from the top of PNG, included Tasmania, all of what is now the Great Barrier Reef, along with many other islands including Karta (Kangaroo Island) which were all part of the remaining mainland. Sacred star rocks and those of a non-Alien make, travelled throughout each confederation as the needs and ceremonies required, as for wherever they were last found and recovered or stolen, that is incidental as they were always in transit.

And the final word and legal document detailing where these rocks should reside as a collection at a Southern Lore location, an agreement, both formal and by word of mouth, was made between ourselves, Ros Mulder and Karno as to its final whereabouts, and that is now occurring. As it must, as we all gave our word.

Ros’ Rock 1.

Ros never wanted this rock to be named after her, but the rock insisted and once knowing that, Ros reluctantly agreed. As mentioned previously Ros Rock 1 was found during excavation for the foundations for a house at Kariong, dug out of a hole of over one metre in depth. That means this rock was deposited many thousands, and more likely tens of thousands, of years ago.

Made in Australia so long ago, this rock just does not fit into all accepted versions of Australia during pre-Cook times for so many inconvenient reasons. Everything engraved is so geometric and incredibly straight, because there are so many intersection points and angles this looks somewhat like a mathematical puzzle, or maybe even a language of angles. Above the collection of lines on two sides is a set of seven imprints, which as it is with everything on this stone parcel, is artificial and seemingly ‘punched’ into the rock, but in doing so, caused no residual cracking or fracturing.

Then we indirectly came upon a feature we did not originally recognise. It was first pointed out when an academic with an open and adventurous disposition personally examined this rock. ‘Professor X’ was particularly taken by one of the two artificial “insets”(2) wedged into the surface. Measuring 15mm x 12 mm at its widest margins, of a depth unknown and surrounded by a thin brown uniform coat, it seems like a mixture of different sized grains of lighter shades has been pushed into a hole then smoothed off setting rock-hard soon after. ‘Professor X’ supplied no reasons or potential functions served by this addition, other than it certainly wasn’t natural and was definitely significant.

The same can be said for the other inset, it is smaller and may seem to be less noticeable, until holding a magnifying glass up against what looks like a rather small round piece of metal fastened amongst the exotic grains inserted into this very special and extremely sacred rock.

So taken was ‘Professor X’ by the overall credentials and importance of this rock, unbeknown to us, he personally contacted experts from the Smithsonian Institute USA, and they responded in the affirmative twice. On the first occasion they noted that they had no rock in their collection that resembled this unique rock, and then went further in extending an invitation to acquire this as part of their collection. For reasons not relevant to this account, we respectfully declined to respond. All museums and every display cabinet is forbidden entry for all rocks, its either back to mother Earth or to remain hidden until.

With the geology identified, technology needed and antiquity established, there is still one essential element in this rock-equation missing. What purpose or purposes did this rock serve or achieve? Not long after the first few articles on these rocks started to gain traction, a highly respected academic, Dr. Derek Cunningham, made contact with us. His specialty was travelling around the world examining and measuring the angles and arrangement of lines found in the most ancient caves first occupied by Homo sapiens sapien, which led him to believe the lines and the angles he analysed throughout the world constituted an engraved record in rock of the first language spoken by humans.

Not only are the measurements incredibly precise to two decimal points, the complete set of angles taken from the two main sides of Ros’ Rock 1 was then compared to earlier angles measured on rocks found at Calgary, Canada (21) and Germany (10), along with the late arrival of a rock found at the Bosnian Pyramid by Dr. Sam Osmanagich(15). Of the fourty-six angles found overseas on three rocks in two separate continents, fourty-four can also be found on Ros’ Rock 1. That is a match-up rate of 95.6% and is light years past coincidental. What it confirms is that the chances there was an ancient global system of communication utilising angles, lengths, widths and geometric shapes, firm considerably.

On five of the six sides, the thin veneer of melted rock is uniformly a chocolate brown without deviation in this colour. But there on the one side that is virtually unmarked (a feature of all the four rectangular marked rocks) is a break in proceedings, in that this one side has two colours, the dark brown already present elsewhere, along with an equal spread of patches of a much lighter and redder brown. Along with the reasons unknown for this deviation it does confirm a very important connection to this rock’s female equal and counter-partner, which we will expand upon in the review of Ros’ Rock 2.

Until Karno gave me the Dreaming story associated with this rock, I never fully appreciated the importance and magnificence of this sacred object. Once hearing his ancient account of the very beginning of Alien interaction in Australia, what Karno told me changed the future direction of our research, as the Original mantra of ‘as on top’ began to unfurl. And it all began with one flying goanna.

The Dreaming story is told through the actions and intentions of animal totems, they represent different tribes, and in this case one animal is Pleiadean. The goanna came from the stars and these beings came to settle and mingle with the Original people of Australia. But to begin with, the request for entry was not only denied but successfully thwarted by the Eagle and Crow. Together their powers and magic was sufficient, and for some time the Goanna tribe were unable to defeat these two totems. Until the Crow realised the greater good would be served by allowing them to enter and swapped sides. Soon after the eagle was defeated and the Goanna’s spaceship landed and those aboard began the merging of genes and the initiation of a chain of events that lead to the event.

As they landed the eagle gave the goanna his claws in acknowledging victory in battle, which was then used to engrave their laws and benevolent intentions on one very special rock, which happens to be according to Karno, Ros’ Rock 1. Karno concluded this account of the beginning days with an unexpected detour in geography and religion, in adding that the white-fellas took that truth and transplanted it into the Biblical narrative about Moses’ rock tablet upon which the ten commandments were engraved. He was absolutely adamant that the source for that Middle Eastern legend is Australia.

The Original credentials, geology, sophisticated technology and mathematics is ticked off and clear to see. It is as undeniable and impressive as it is inconvenient, but it gets even harder to ‘digest’ when delving into how these rocks were used and the energy and powers they still retain. But this is not the time nor appropriate forum to expand on the esoteric truths associated with this rock. For now, it is sufficient to state that there is an energy, awareness and magic residing within this rock. This rock is aware of my thoughts, actions, especially those it felt broke its understanding of protocol, and that always ended badly for me. This rock has been with me for a decade now, and there is no doubt whatsoever it is functioning on many levels and willing to assist.

Ros’ Rock 2.

Unlike the first rock, which was reclaimed by Ros during excavation, the second rock was actually bought in an internet auction. Once again, the geology of the region it was found is entirely volcanic and this rock is not. For a combination of reasons, some of which will be given, we believe this rock is the female counterpart to Ros’ Rock 1.

When comparing the scripts and marks on both rocks, together they total seven distinct categories, three can be found on the male, and four more on this second rock, plus a few repeats. Instead of intersections, angles and straight lines, which is an indicator of ‘on top’ off-world business, this rock is not only the gender opposite, it deals primarily with Earthly concerns. The main script is dot language, there are close to one hundred on the main face. There are also five lines of dots and dashes, somewhat reminiscent of Morse Code. Of course, the ‘stand out’ feature on this rock is what seems to be, and is, the capital letter A with an extended staff.

What is extremely revealing is that each of the four lines making this letter has a very fine extremely thin cut line in the centre. It could only be cut with metal, no other material would be strong and sharp enough to cut so consistently, finely and always running along the exact middle path. This is yet another example of advanced technology, no stone, stick or bone tool could cut like this.

There are many reasons why it is a women’s rock. It is held in the left-hand comfortably with the index finger curled around a deep worn depressed area that has seen many women’s fingers rubbing and interacting. Unlike the first rectangular male rock which is right-handed with the thumb thrusting forward, the second rock is more curved, the finger points back towards the women holding, it is somewhat egg-shaped, and very smooth on the surface with a strong permanent sheen. If any further confirmation was needed, the reaction of Original women Elders has been amazingly consistent, they are so taken by it, and all they want to do is hold and blend.

Ros’ Rock 2 also has imprints, but some extend past impressions and cut through the top veneer and into the green tinged ochre coloured base rock, and are much bigger and wider than any imprints on the first rock. But the principal connecting feature between these two rocks relates to the one mottled two-coloured side on the male rock. All other five sides are the same darker brown, but for reasons now apparent, the almost unmarked side on the first looks exactly the same as one side on the female rock. The female rock is all multi-coloured, with both colours nowhere near as dark as the dominant colour on Ros’ Rock 1. Upon closer inspection both of these sides are free of every mark bar the faintest of lines with the thinnest of cuts, and on both rocks every faint linear entry is a perfectly straight line.

In the spirit of the Seven Sisters of Pleiades and union of male and female, these two rocks introduce the seven scripts/symbols/markings that bear witness to the First Language. On these two rocks there are grids/angles/lengths, dots, bars of dots and dashes, very fine straight lines, a letter, imprints and shapes.

The Linear Rock

Unlike the last two rocks, and very much in keeping with every rock that follows, this star rock has only one light reddish-brown coat with no additions. The cuts are numerous and some quite deep, with the main cut being at least two-thirds of the way through. It is so close to severing the rock, I do fear if dropped on a hard unforgiving surface it would snap in half.

Without doubt the unbelievable assembly of close to one hundred lines, all perfectly straight is the star attraction. On the main flat side there are two types of lines, before and after. The seven deeper lines were cut into the top veneer and much further into creamy base rock, and are part of this original artefact when in mint condition and pre-first ceremony. We believe the second serving of smaller and shallower lines running across the face has been a gradual process, each line represents one ceremony and in every case the line made adheres to same exact standards.

On this face there are two vertical principal lines/agents with the more centrally aligned straight line, which continually runs around both sides, and is cut close to five times deeper than its companion. Directly in the middle of this triangular crevasse there is very sharp cutline clearly visible. It is literally raining geometry, there isn’t one kink, bump or curve present. Accentuating the difference in station and importance of these two vertical lines, embodied in every Dreaming story version of the Seven Sisters From the Pleiades, there are two main sisters who guide and advise, and a second tier of five sisters. That hierarchy is engraved on this rock, as the five other lesser cuts are all horizontal, smaller in length and shallower in indentation.

The other side, which we see as the back side, most likely deals with male business. Deliberately differentiated through a raised bumpy surface as opposed to female side which is ‘easel flat’, these curved reliefs seem to resemble a shield jutting forward with patterns. The prominent vertical line on this side cuts through a shield and could resemble a spear, which could all add up to this being Orion’s Shield, or maybe something else again. On this side the lines and cuts were formed in the first pressing and are more subtle than those on the other side, but there are three vertical cuts that do cut through the thin attached stone veneer and is nowhere near as deep. While of the four lines running across, two just break the surface and the other two remain as depressions with the undercoat still intact.

What is revealing is that on the less geometrical face, there is not one cut applied after the upper crust dried and set. On the male side of the gender equation no ceremonies were offered or inscribed after it was made. That makes sense, in every version of this focal Dreaming story, the seven sisters came to Earth pursued by a male hunter Orion. That chase is consistent, whether the male was a spurned lover, lecherous or besotted does vary, but the two constellations and the number seven remain constant and can be found on the upper and lower decks of this rock. In all accounts the sisters are the major participants, Orion’s role is more a backdrop, as it is on this rock.

Irrespective of what the lines and incisions mean, the technology required still remains well outside what is agreed by academic experts to be the normal Original boundary lines. This rock was marked and cut by incredibly fine hard blades or lasers, nothing else comes close and this truth is a non-negotiable central point. As also seen in abundance on Ros Rock 1, the repetition of straight lines on this rock, again addressing ‘as on top’ issues, needs technology supposedly not here. Irrespective of whatever and however, this linear rock is walking down the same hidden corridors.

And that journey into the unknown leads into the way this rock is held and its energy release point. On the highest tip of the flat side there is small section of rock missing. Unlike the surrounding precision, it is a rough section with a jagged edge. That is the norm for star rocks, all rest points, mainly for thumbs, are always on rougher sides, edges or ledges, when all around it is smooth or marked. This chipped section is the key indicator of a residence for the thumb or index finger. I feel this rock has an energy exchange that goes both ways, in that it generates and releases energy through that exit roughened point, and is also a repository for a lot of off-world wisdom and guidance. As to how to access that storehouse of Old Way Lore, well that is process under review. All we know for certain is that the rock is incredibly powerful and ready to assist.

A Pause in Proceedings

As I got closer to concluding the brief overview of the rock-of-lines, I realised the word count was all but 3,500 words, and knowing that writing about rocks is such a dry, static topic, a change of tactics and suspension of proceedings was needed through the addition of a subtitle to the heading, Part 1. The next article chronicling and dissecting some traits and features of the fourth candidate to somewhere near the tenth is soon on the way. But for now, three is sufficient in providing a solid foundation.

The incredibly sophisticated and variety of technologies on display on each rock is consistent, and that assumed modern trait has been seen on so many rocks generously bought or given to us (never once ever have we picked up and taken an Original rock while on country). Throughout, our interest has only been in rocks that just do not fit. Past that physical benchmark, it must never be forgotten that many of these sacred rocks/stone devices have an innate energy and undeniably possess a form of awareness of human deeds and thoughts. It has been like that for some time now, as unpalatable and ludicrous as that may sound to those of a more pragmatic and doubting inclination, they haven’t spent the last dozen years in daily contact and mediation with these conscious rock entities. My intention in ever so briefly revisiting my earlier reference mentioning the esoteric qualities and capacities within some rocks, is simply to remind those trying to understand these rocks and those soon to come, that there are two sides to every coin.

These rocks are all about earlier advanced civilisations, the extensive involvement of Aliens from the Pleiades, the union of tribes from Australia and off-world with a long-term goal that came to fruition on December 21 at Uluru and, most importantly, they still exist and interact. They come from a time some way back when things were much better for people and rocks simply because “we had more genes then.”(3)

Time to get those genes working real quick, that’s why these three rocks are back in the neighbourhood. The Mayans prophesised two roads, the Hopi speak of a ‘fast-flowing river’ and at Uluru on December 21 timed at 7:36 am, Uluru exploded pure global healing energy (which we have film of) and that is why the sacred rocks of Australia are here. And once again they are extending an invitation to join them.

All you have to do to accept their offer is to say one word, yes, the rest is easy.


(1): Karno Walker, 2015, Personal Communication to Steven Strong.

(2): Professor X, 2013, Personal Communication to Steven & Evan Strong

(3): Karno Walker, 2015, Personal Communication to Steven Strong.

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