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The Sky Heroes from the Pleiades

By Steven & Evan Strong


Mainstream history is adamant that before Cook, going back at least sixty thousand years outside a few stranded Africans no-one else from anywhere came to this continent. The problem is that the reverse is actually the real hidden truth, everyone came here, and if deemed worthy of entry they were granted the right to provisionally walk on Australian ground. They were guests and seekers of mystical truths, certainly not invaders nor conquerors. Of all of those who came to Australia there are two who stand above all others, the ancient Egyptians and even more ancient Pleiadeans.

In our earlier report we presented some of the archaeology in Australia that has an Egyptian imprint, but never addressed the most important question, which certainly isn’t if they came, but why. What inspired the ancient Egyptians to embark on such a long and perilous journey across thousands of kilometres of ocean? Determining why involves the simple task of accepting and understanding two cardinal participants of the Original Dreaming and Australian ancient history: the Seven Sisters from the Pleiades and Sky Heroes. Both terms are found all over ancient Australia (Sahul), and it is extremely important to factor in that the Seven Sisters Dreaming story is the only one found in every tribal estate throughout the continent. All other content is normally specific to each location, but when it comes to the off-world cast, once again the title given never varies, they are not called Gods, Spirits or even Aliens, but Sky Heroes.

With that national perspective and semantics established it is time once to again return to the archaeology found in the Gosford region. As it was when we looked at the archaeology with Egyptian insignias, we first looked at the research of academics and archaeologists of much earlier times, and although most would not expect archaeological papers in the 1930’s highlighting Alien themes and engravings, it is very clear Frederic Slater’s (President of the Australian Archaeological Research and Education Society) interpretation of ancient engravings on a Gosford rock platform was exclusively about Aliens landing at the nearby Mount Yango and what happened next.

The First Inter-Stellar Contact

The paper on the Burragurra site was co-written by Slater and his colleague R. H. Goddard, who is a highly regarded Sydney university academic and is also the grandson of Eliza Dunlop. She compiled the only dictionary/compendium on the symbols and markings of the Original First Language. The content was so sensational and career-threatening Goddard decided to pass it on to Slater, and that is why Goddard’s section of the paper examines the geology and background. He passes on every mention on what the engravings mean, to do so is tantamount to a life-long sentence of academic suicide.

Photo By Erik Bower

Slater was far more forthcoming in noting that the Sky Hero Biaime and his family came from space and landed at Mt Yango. After landing on the earth, “tradition says that Bhaiame, after making man at Marula, rested after his task.”(1) What is crucial during his arrival was the main task, “Bhaiame, which means “Cut off to build,” apparently cut off one of his legs in order to make the man.”(2) This is a very clear unambiguous reference to genetics.

Photo By Erik Bower

His wife Mulla Mulla was not born from the earth and “was lifted down above from a high place, so instead of being made on Earth, she came from the sky above, where Bhaiame dwells.”(3) Mulla Mulla may have accepted this change in locality, but one of his sons was far from impressed with dad’s choice. One of Biaime’s sons was tracking another called the “nameless one,”(4) and once sighting him “walking ahead and called out to him, “Turrawula ngui dhurudt” (“Come back, my friend”). But the nameless one who had left the footprints pointed to the setting sun and said, “Yugar ngutta” ( “Not I; I go that way”).(5)

“Ngutta Ngintabe yur” (“I will go with you”), cried Boobardy. But the unknown figure went on until he came to a tree huge in girth and so tall that the foliage mingled with the clouds. Picking up a suitable stone he cut notches in the trunk of the tree and so climbed up, calling to Boobardy, “Turrawulla, Turrawalla, guiya ngaia kaoi” (“Go back, go back, I go onwards”). Boobardy turned to retrace his steps and on looking backward saw that the tree had vanished in a cloud of smoke. This beautiful tree is now the Southern Cross and the stars the notches whereby the spirits of the dead climb to Bhaiame.”(6)

“This briefly, is the Aboriginal story of the creation and how man was brought into the world.”(7)

This site is the beginning of a new chapter in the history of humans and this planet, but it stands alone and relies heavily on the integrity of Slater. There needs to be more supporting evidence before accepting such a transformational change in circumstances and genetics. And there is, plenty of it, first up the Burrugurra site is merely chapter one, and we believe chapter two can be found at the Bulgandry site. Evan and I have heard Darkinooong Elders Aunty Beve and Gavi Duncan explain in detail what the entire assemblage of engraved human-like figures, an eight-metre vessel, assortment of animals and symbols represent. They both told us that this was Biaime in transit through the Milky Way on his way to Earth, along with events that took place past arriving on Earth.

Their renditions of this Dreaming Story were almost a word for word repetition, but Gavi did add one extra fascinating off-shoot when pointing out to us why the wallabies/kangaroos were the dominant animal symbol. He is adamant that these animals were brought to this planet by the beings/Sky-heroes engraved beside them. Very simply, he is saying that these iconic Australian marsupials are introduced and exotic. Whether this is true is an intriguing notion, but for now the Alien presence and involvement is ticked off again. And just to make sure there are no residual doubts we feel that another site dealing with the same content warrants a brief acknowledgement and mention.

Four in a Row

About ten kilometres to the north of the Bulgandry engravings is a site that takes some time and a few steep slopes to reach, and once there I kept getting drawn back to the four figures with ‘Wandjina-like’ helmets. They were arranged along a straight line and as the carvings were of the same wear, width and depth it seemed fair to assume they were engraved together.

To draw comparisons to astronauts is obvious but since this old engraving is a pre-Cook product, that would seem a huge unwelcome step into the void. However, when I asked Aunty Beve what was on their heads, her response was immediate, “hats.”(8) The point being until then I have never heard the term hats apply to anything worn anywhere in Australia before Cook, nor does any Old Way Original language recognise any form of hat. Headdress in ceremony, most definitely, a bandaging for a wound may be registered, but not a hat. When it comes to helmet the same vacuum applies, but when it comes to that, whether hat or helmet, they are virtually the same.

With Who Determined, What about Where???

Undeniably the Cave of Golden Boomerang is unique many times over. What sets it apart begins with the fact that John Gallard (ex-Head Ranger Brisbane Waters N.P.W.S.) told us we were the sixth and seventh people to see this gallery, and to this day despite numerous attempts we have yet to find it again. What is eternally frustrating is that this twenty-five by four metre gallery is no more than four kilometres from the Kariong hieroglyphs.

Three figures, two females and one male, are completely representational. The women have wider hips, all three figures are totally proportionate, have fingers and toes and look nothing like every other painted or carved figure in Australia. The male and one female are standing a little over two metres tall, and the other women seems to be floating and her dread-like hair style yet again has no precedent. The male is reaching towards, but has not quite touched, the golden boomerang. My initial reaction upon first sighting was to compare it to the Sistine Chapel fresco, and once again, there is nothing in Australia that comes close to this subject or style.

What was challenging and perhaps even raised questions about a lack of morality and compassion, was the least prominent fourth figure placed near the left-foot of the standing woman. It did look a bit like a discarded foetus laying in the dirt about to be kicked off into the distance, which strangely enough turned out to be close to what it actually meant. Through a contact Evan had at Newcastle University Library it turned out this was not a foetus but the local Original symbol for the Pleiades. Although far smaller than the three human-like figures, it does provide a bigger picture as this entire gallery, according to an Arnhem Land Original contact of John Gallard, is a Dreaming Story about the creation of humans. Could the two women, with one floating in space and the other standing on the ground, symbolise two types of genes?

Of course, this is our interpretation of this four-figured gallery, outside knowing it is creation Dreaming story, we were not given any further details, so this is an educated guess. But with the next piece of archaeology, there is a Dreaming story associated with this rock and since the highly respected Ramindjeri Elder and Clever-fella Karno W. was one of the custodians of this story, it cannot be challenged. This rock was dug out of the ground from a level of over one metre situated just over a kilometre from the Kariong glyphs site.

Photos by Samarah Wood

This marked rock is not the product of any stick, stone, bone and open fireplace technology. The lines were cut into a topcoat of chert and resin that was melted then attached to the lighter coloured base rock. The rock has deep imprints, two areas where infills of another rock was added and exhibits a sophistication of mathematics that spread across the planet. The lines, intersection points, length and angles are actually intentional and are a form of communication. Dr. Derek Cunningham has been measuring the angles cut into ancient rock engravings around the world. He made an extensive analysis of every angle created on this rock and compared to twenty-one angles on a Calgary rock in Canada where nineteen were also found on Ros Rock 1, fifteen angles from a rock recovered in a tunnel beneath the Bosnian Pyramid where there is a complete match-up and ten angles recorded on a rock found in Germany, and once again every angle was also found on the Australian rock.

Photos by Dr Derek Cunningham

The chances that this repetition of fourty-four angles out of fourty-six is coincidental is nigh on impossible. Not only is this proof that the rock has a narrative, Karno knows what the rock is stating and who created this ancient passage. According to Karno the Dreaming story this rock contains is off world in setting and incredibly ancient in timing. He told us that a long time ago the totem spirit of the Goanna came to this planet with the intention of landing their spaceship and sharing their knowledge and genes with the Australian Original people, but the earth-bound totems of the Eagle and Crow banded together and blocked the passage of Goanna. I must point out many Dreaming stories do include representational animal spirits, the Goanna bears wisdom, the Crow intelligence and Eagle power and vision.

For some time, the Crow and Eagle prevailed in preventing the Pleiadeans from entering until the Crow realised their arrival would be beneficial and fought with the Goanna. Together they were victorious and upon landing the Eagle gave the Goanna a gift that acknowledged their victory in battle in presenting its sharp talons. The Goanna took those claws and wrote their laws and guidance on Ros’ Rock 1. Karno told me when concluding this story that the ‘white-fellas’ took that same story and refashioned it into the narrative of Moses receiving the Ten Commandments burnt into stone.

I do remember that whenever Uncle Gerry Bostock would ring me, every time he finished talking he would return to the same reminder, that his grandmother told him time after time that the Pleiadeans were our ‘bothers and sisters.’ They are now and were for some time back, from the time that rock was marked until today.

The Empirical Part of the Equation

To this point the Original stories, engravings, paintings and academic paper either directly or indirectly rely on the accounts of people who supposedly had no pen, alphabet, schoolroom, library or metal. In the eyes of those who question the veracity or integrity of these ancient peoples, this is all circumstantial evidence at best or perhaps just a fantasy invented around the campfires. To assuage those with a more sceptical predisposition they will need proof in the form of metal, bones, genes and chemical analysis before even conceding there is a remote possibility that Aliens were so intimately involved in the affairs and evolution of Original Homo sapiens sapiens.

Remaining in the Gosford area, in fact this next site is less than three kilometres from the Kariong glyphs, is a complex that would be nigh on impossible to construct today. This huge stone construction is precariously balanced on a very steep slope, so steep is the incline that unless standing inside the complex crawling on all fours is the only sensible way to negotiate the surrounds. That automatically means that the three tunnels that lead into one 50 metre narrow opening that makes its way towards a huge open chamber were built on site, and that alone is a massive project.

At the opening there are three stacked sandstone walls, the lowest of the three, which is down the slope a little is 313 cms high, the higher two walls are on the same level and both measure 294 cms. In combination the three walls are level at the top making a 180-degree flat platform for a sandstone slab to sit. The walls are made of huge, shaped sandstone blocks, some weighing tonnes. The logistics of cutting and transporting these blocks is hard to even imagine, but what needs to be factored in is that each block is a perfect fit, so tight are the joins that you literally couldn’t fit a cigarette paper between the blocks. The three walls have a massive sandstone slab sitting on top that would easily weigh over one hundred tonnes. Those walls taper inwards to a point where one tunnel continues on for some distance before reaching the chamber.

Alas, there is already considerable damage present with the top wall in a state of semi-collapse and the single tunnel is non-existent past twenty metres. I could not go any further it just got too narrow and uninviting. It seems that the top half of this structure is falling down the hill. What needs to be appreciated is this is as dangerous a building site can get, where standing up is an occupational health hazard. However, it was built and is well beyond the capacity of ancient Egyptians or modern Australians. That leaves two options, that either Original people of the ancient past had technology more advanced than anything we have now, or this was built by off-world people using off-world technology.

The answer in selecting one of those two options can be found three kilometres away at about fifty metres and five metres from the three walls of hieroglyphs at Kariong. The first metal object was found by Aunty Minnie Mace when examining the walls with Ray Johnson, no more than five metres from the hieroglyphs. It was so heavily coated in soil that she had no idea it was anything more than a clump of rock she felt compelled to recover.

Photo by Samarah Wood

Ignoring the many implications of this discovery but focusing on chemical read out reveals one declaration of origin that just doesn’t add up anywhere on this planet. It wasn’t the 72% of Aluminium or 3% Copper that so stunned the scientists involved, but the 24% residual. It did not register on the read out or any Earth-based Periodic Table, they have spoken to me personally about this anomaly and made it clear they have no explanation, but certainly have suspicions. That this metal should be very soft but was harder than steel was not lost on the scientists, but as for locating the cause, they agreed that there was nothing in this planet on offer.

In what only adds to the intrigue, some years later another metal object was found about fifty metres from the walls. It is another piece of metal that looks exactly the same in colour, grain and texture. We are confident it is the same metal, and as an added bonus, this small piece of metal has a piece of crystal attached.

Looking a Little Further Afield

Even though this find of Aunty Minnie’s was heavily coated in soil and contains a metal unknown, on its own it may be a bizarre one-off, a devious plant or an aberration in the laboratory. As we have been constantly told before Cook there was no metal or immigrants, so this metal object should not be here. But the trick is it is not a solo performance, as there are three other metal objects we have seen, had analysed, and still have possession of two of these rings. All of them were found in Australia, and again as the most advanced scientific devices assure us that some are partially made from a metals that were unknown at the time or just cannot be from Earth, so something isn’t adding up here, but does over there.

Remaining on the same southern thirty-three degrees of latitude at Gosford but moving about two-hundred kilometres inland, leads on to Hill End (N.S.W.). It is here at a goldfield that two metal rings were recovered from deep beneath the surface. The first ring was originally located one and a half metres below and the second ring at a much deeper level of four metres. That depth indicates that the two rings were here for a very long time, but the real issue once again relates to the thorough chemical analysis.

The first ring found, which we have provisionally named Atlantis Ring 1, is a five-element alloy, over 99 % copper and zinc, with three trace elements of iron, nickel and lead. This alloy is unknown in all metallurgical circles but is mentioned often in mythological realms: they call it Orichalcum. Plato, Pliny the Elder and Homer all made reference to a famed Atlantean sacred alloy called Orichalcum which they stated was made from copper, zinc, lead, iron and nickel. But as Wikipedia recently opined it is a “mythical”(9) metal found in the “mythical”(10) Atlantean empire. Well regardless of the credentials of Atlantis it is not just found there but also in Australia, twice over and at the same place.

Not only did this ring have an Atlantean chemical signature, it also had a doubly endorsed visual confirmation. There are two symbols on this ring, five are circles all having slightly varying diameters with a horizontal and vertical line above and below each circle, the other four are repeated patterns that vaguely resemble clover or a curling leaf. It turns out they are neither, but actually the Berber relief for their God, Atlas, who was the first-born son Poseidon. The inner sanctum of Atlantis was series of five rings of decreasing diameter alternating between water and earth, access to the middle of Atlantis was gained through straight roads and bridges, as is depicted on the ring.

The second ring found at the same place was positioned close to three times deeper, whether intentionally buried or the result of tens of thousands of years of deposition can never be resolved, but the similarities in chemistry and icons is undeniable. Both rings have a combined copper zinc content of 99.5%, in both cases the residual three add up to less than 0.5%, but in the second ring the iron and nickel is also present in almost identical amounts, but the lead is missing. In the first ring the lead reading is 0.25%, and in the second ring there is the same number, but no label. Once again, this non-periodic table absentee has no title, there is a gap, and no name has been supplied.

Unlike the analysis of the earlier metal pendant with 24% lacking identity, this time around the analysis is non-invasive and electronic and correct to two decimal points. What only binds these rings so closely is that this ring also has five circles with lines above and below, and the same four Berber motifs that represent Atlas.

The third metal statue of some sort of non-human being is not in our possession, it belongs to a gentleman who we met, and it was certainly looked at by us, as we then arranged an analysis fully expecting to get a read out of six elements, the five that made up Orichalcum and the sixth that is the hallmark signature of a Lemurian artefact/sacred object. In combination we now have nine ancient metal objects that as a base have Orichalcum, what is clear is that three Atlantean rings have a strict pattern with five elements all registering similar percentages, while the other rings/objects from Lemuria have a varying read out on the five common elements, with the compulsory addition of tin. Some of these rings also have optional extras/hardeners (titanium, chromium) added when the lead or zinc content is exceptionally high, and the structural integrity is compromised.

It could be our assumptions based on mythical geography is incorrect, that still doesn’t explain why all five metal objects are found in Australia. We feel the final word on the origin of all these rings belongs to a very ancient and decidedly brittle Lemurian ring that was not found in Australia, but Cambodia, in the grounds of Angkor Watt. It is huge in diameter, quite heavy and has six elements that end in ‘ium’ and all were first discovered from 1804 onwards. Gallium (6.89%) is not found naturally and is a by-product when exceptionally high heat is applied to iron or aluminium.

Photo by Ros Mulder

Such a collection of rare recently identified elements residing within a ring thousands of years old is an issue of itself, but what really does not add up is the sum total of figures supplied. In total less than 58% of the content was registered, the recurring blank space is even more prominent here and cannot be sourced from this planet.

The Final ‘Nail’ in the Skeleton

Outside commandeering an actual spaceship or capturing an Alien everything else has been found in Australia, and while we certainly have not sighted or imprisoned an Alien, we do have the next best offering. Well actually not one, but four offerings.

We are aware of four skulls spread over two thousand kilometres found in three Australian states that do not qualify for membership in either the hominid or sapien genus. None have foreheads, past the eyebrow ridge there is nothing above. The skull slopes back at more than 180 degrees and is flask-shaped and at its widest at the back of the skull (17 cms). The eye sockets are nearly 50% larger than ours, and there is no depression between the eyes but a ridge instead. The face is much wider, the skull shape dramatically different, then to top off these irregularities one of these skulls has no evidence of any sutures, something all hominids share.

But it is not just the head that ‘sticks out,’ the humerus bone is far too long to be part of any human skeleton. Our humerus bone measures from 28-32 cms, that of a gibbon is longer by three centimetres, but when it comes to these no-forehead beings, the elbow joint was missing which means at least an extra four centimetres can be added to a measurement of 43 cms. This means this humerus bone could be half a metre long, but this is where it gets contradictory, because at its thickest it is 2 cms wide.

They have eyes that function poorly in the sunlight, bones far too thin to perform effectively under the Earth’s gravity, with a rigid skull too wide for anything close to a natural comfortable birthing process for any human mother. But this is not any form of mutation, as there are four such skulls buried in four different tribal estates. From every perspective these skulls aren’t human or from a hominid, but have a brain at least 400 ccs larger. They have to be from an off-world location.

It is our belief that the Egyptians of old knew that the Pleiadeans had come and shared. They sought wisdom, knowledge of the Sky Heroes, magic and guidance and were welcomed because of their intentions and esoteric truth-quest.

Then Came the British Boats ….

According to conventional historical accounts no-one from anywhere was living in Australia apart from the off spring of a few Africans stranded here 50,000 years ago, until the British Invasion of 1788. According to every historical Original truth, the opposite was true and actually everyone was welcome to visit, and if staying longer permission to remain had to be obtained, that was compulsory and non-negotiable. The two most notable guests were clearly the Pleiadeans, with the Egyptians a distant second. This somewhat radical conclusion is supported by academics, original Dreaming stories and Elders, chemical analysis and good archaeology.

The evidence of Aliens being involved in Original affairs at every level is clear and present. We have referenced an academic paper co-authored by two well-known archaeologists in which their reading of Original engravings state that some of the off-world crew were not born on Earth, shown other examples of the crew involved engraved elsewhere, have analysed four metal objects found in Australia that should not be here, we personally possess a star-rock that chronicles the first Earthly contact and union of Pleiadeans and Original people, we have stood beside massive shaped stones weighing tonnes that have been cut and positioned into structures that require the most advanced technology available today, and in combination (aside from this being the longest sentence we have ever written), all of these rock and metal facts add up to the same Alien total and locations.

The reality of this brief resume is that the only question remaining in relation to the Pleiadeans being in Australia regarded as our “brothers and sisters,”(11) is not if, but why. Why did they come and why stay so long? And why is Australia wholly Pleiadean in presence and permanence?

The answer to why so many different Aliens are so interested in Earthly events and tragedies, all leads up to one sacred Original secret, yet global ceremony, held at Uluru on the Summer Solstice and conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn on December 21, 2020 at 7:30 pm. That was the ‘make or break’ moment, and because of that success the world is now changing for the better, and each person has to make the right choice or …


(1): R.H. Goddard and Frederic Slater, 14th Jan. 1937. “Interpretation of the Drawings at Burragurra and Yango,” Auckland Meeting, (Section F, II), (A Paper read before Australian and New Zealand Association for the Advancement of Science) 11.

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Dom Gannon
Dom Gannon
May 09, 2022

I wonder if it is just coincidence there are 7 sisters and we have 7 senses

(i.e. as mentioned in Chapter 18 conference, we use 5 senses and 2 have been forgotten)


Apr 23, 2022

Uncle Gerry Bostock took us to the Kariong site in 1995 after reading the diary of Valerie Barrow holding the sacred Alcheringa Stone lent to her for 2 years....Long story about us experiencing remembering being star people coming from the Pleiades Uncle Gerry told us that his grandmother would point to the 7 sisters in the sky and say "That is where our Ancestors came from." More and more people then came to us remembering being star people from the Pleiades- a 2nd book was then written sharing their memories. Different details but the same EVENT. There was a star war at the time. Described as the Old Empire on Earth and who owned the planet.

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