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Our Alien Ancestry: What Comes Next - Chapter 9

All of these conferences have as their base the Uluru ceremony of December 21. The first seven led into the ceremony and what followed after was always a question mark. We were never fully convinced the ceremony would be successful and what would eventuate, but as it turned out, it was more than we could have hoped.

Chapter Eight featured three Original Elders and two spokeswomen of the highest degree, both confirming the authenticity of the ceremony, and discussing aspects of what comes next from their cultural perspective. In maintaining our commitment to Wiritjin (Black-fella White-fella Dreaming) our guest speakers in Chapter Nine are non-Original and all three spoke at the Cosmic Consciousness Conference, which was held at Yulara Resort and organised so capably by Mick and Kathyrn We both felt Craig and Nick would be great speakers and a perfect fit for this particular conference, as they were at the rock ceremony held at the resort, and can give first hand accounts of the night.

But there is more they can offer. Whether the two roads the Mayans speak of, or "fast flowing river," the Hopi describe and prophecise, the divide has begun and each soul has to choose and reflect. Craig's presentation was very entertaining and utterly thought-provoking for any male, as many men carry some clear aggressive tendencies that need to be cleaned out, so too are many habits and conditioning that have to be faced and dismissed. It isn't that such qualities belong to one gender exclusively, but the roll-call on the male column is large.

While Craig' passion as a 'life coach' is soul-driven and soul deep, Nick has walked down both roads and his presentation is entirely personal in delivery once again, but given from a 'first person' perspective. It compliments Craig's overview, Nick shares his personal journey and what came out of it for one reason only, it is a road every soul now has to face and then make the decision. But in making that decision with awareness, we do need to provide clues and truths that have been hidden or denied, with the future of "what comes next" covered twice, it is time yet again to return to the past tense, both here in Australia with Evan and myself, and also elsewhere with Freddy Silva.

Freddy Silva also spoke at the Conference, but alas, the terror and

restrictions of Covid meant Freddy could only reach the audience at Uluru via Skype, which he did. We had the pleasure of listening to his broadcast and every word and example resonated. His actual style and manner was very engaging and, just as it is with us, he too had a very solid factual logical base to his research. That he agreed to join was the perfect overseas cog in this ensemble, all are from the conference held near the sacred ceremony and have clues, observations and suggestions that will help in the days soon to come

Our contribution is two-fold, firstly to present a brief overview of photographs, science, astronomy and written accounts of what happened at that time in late December. And with the time left over, go into some rather interesting Atlantean and Lemurian ring-developments in the chemistry and a real surge in the esoteric powers and outright magic these ancient metal objects always had, and never lost...

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