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Our Alien Ancestry: What Comes Next - Chapter 8

All of the previous seven conferences were meant to lead up to the ceremony and global creation of a massive wave of positive energy directed towards Uluru occurring on December 21. The problem has always been there were very good reasons to suspect that this ceremony may not take place, and that is why we have always been consistent in equivocating. Secondly, even if it did actually happen, what empirical proof could there be that came out of this etheric event that would be as convincing as it was sensational?

It turns out we grossly underestimated what did happen and the huge assortment of supporting photographs and accounts we now have at our disposal. This conference begins with Evan and myself presenting a small sampling of the proof we have been sent from around the globe along with a ‘back-story’ as to how this all came about. Our main brief is to supply a full account of before and after, with particular attention paid to the concept of ‘Seed Dreaming.’

Knowing that the ascension that took place at Uluru along with the emergence of two paths/roads/rivers is real and now ‘set in stone,’ the issues, requirements, settings and intentions revolving around what comes next need to be fully addressed. (If time permits, we will talk about some very recent events involving two Atlantean rings that are of a decidedly mystical inclination.)

As this parting of the Earthly ways is steeped in Original Lore and tenure we felt it vital to open the next stage in this revival with differing approaches given by Elders and a spokeswoman of the highest possible degree.

It is an honour once again to have Uncle Lewis Walker presenting the second in a series of excursions into Old Way morals, beliefs and stories. The first session was in sand and it was an absolute surprise and pleasure for us to be part of such a moving and authentic glimpse into how things were and will be very soon. How and where he takes us this time is again unknown to us, all I suggested when first discussing this project with him was that he share any Old Way wisdom and knowledge he felt was appropriate. He is, in my opinion, the best practitioner of these ancient ways in my area and needs no guidance. It would be like me coaching Roger Federer on how to serve.

Barbara Randall is the wife is the recently passed Bobby Randall. A famous and highly respected Elder, he championed a concept which is almost identical to Wirritjin, he called it Kanyini. Bob Randall spoke about and lived in its entirety Kanyini, and we know already it is the only path forward in maintaining the proper merging of all cultures under an Old Way Original banner, which the future now demands. At Uluru I had the pleasure of hearing Barbara speak at the Cosmic Consciousness Conference, and it was stunning. In my opinion it was clearly the best talk at the Conference, by some distance in both content and delivery, and that included both our presentations. Bob Randall is such a gentle caring loving compassionate human male and the ideal role model for every male to adopt, right now! The time is upon each soul to choose and prepare wisely, Barbara can show the path every man on this planet should walk.

Alan is for me the greatest inspiration I know for overcoming a huge challenge from day one and has literally hurdled over it with a smile on his face. Alan Parsons knows a lot, a real lot about Old Ways, he has been given ceremonies acknowledging that, and every time we talk I just keep hearing more from him. Aside from the breadth and depth of ancient Original knowledge, what impressed me just as much, is his unique style with engaging anecdotes and asides. It is so different from the others, but no less effective. Best of all, the general theme of how things were done long ago still apply, and underlying all of this is a reconnection with the land, Nature, the Dreaming and the reason why we exist. An extensive area indeed, but not beyond Alan, for him it is an easy task.

So far, all four presentations are given by Original people, however, according to the essential precepts of Wirritjin and Kanyini, this gender disparity and race roll up as it stands, falls well short. To counter this imbalance, plus offer a completely different perspective and galactic personnel, our last two presenters are sharing one session as a duet. Solreta Antaria and Lea Kapiteli are female, non-Original, and will be providing a more Cosmic perspective. Lea Kapiteli and Solreta Antaria have both appeared in earlier conferences, but not together. Their joint tasks are to consult with the spirits and their Alien guides in relation to the massive change in global circumstances, and draw upon their personal experiences evolving out of that seminal day at Uluru.

We are no longer equivocating over maybe or what could come to pass, it has done so! The ceremony was successful, the numbers meditating was around 15,000,000, and Uluru is now energized and slowly ascending. That means every human soul on this planet has to make a choice and leap of faith, and in that endeavor the first conference of this year is all about what comes next and how to choose wisely. The world’s infrastructure is literally fraying at the seams and will continue doing so, each person must fully understand why we need to be bold, simply because as the Hopi prophesized, “we are the ones we have been waiting for.”

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