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Our Alien Ancestry: What Comes Next - Chapter 6

In this chapter, we have two focus areas that needed to be covered before the final presentation which will solely be OrigInal Voices. In concluding our analysis of ancient civilisations along with their failings and wisdom, there is no better person in Australia to call upon than Paul Wallis. In what only adds to the intrigue, throw in Plato/Socrates and Paul will provide a very clear understanding of motives, intentions, blessings and mistakes made way back, which have certainly returned with interest.


Lea continues in the same Atlantean view but from a different more subjective perspective. Lea is both blessed and cursed with a clear recall of past lives and will divide her time recollections between the pluses and minuses of the mighty and inherently flawed Atlantean civilisation.

                 One of our two roles in this thematic presentation is as usual to provide a 'strong' scientific base to any talk of what Wikipedia refers to as "mythical Atlantis." With two more ancient metal artefacts, one from Lemuria and the second from Atlantis just analysed and confirmed., that provides nine chemical readouts validating the continued use of the same base metal each time, orichalcum. The problem is Wikipedia also noted that orichalcum is also "mythical" and enmeshed with everything that comes out of "Atlantis."


We did promise in our last presentation of chemical peculiarities and sophistication at play in these rings that there was also a very clear and present magical component in some rings. With the facts, figures and chemistry ticked off, we will share a sampling of some ring-events that no self-respecting scientist would ever endorse or acknowledge. Makes no difference, because the rings are here, and definitely not idling in neutral.


  Now with our historical duties seen to, we felt there was still the room for one more international perspective of ancient days. In that respect and endeavour, there could be no better choice to conclude the international section of the story than with spending some time with Bob Newton. He was the very first international researcher to contact us and has assisted so many times it comes close to countless. His wide breadth of knowledge and vital 'big picture' perception does run back into Australia. Our friend and colleague Bob will conclude our global journey and lead us back to where each journey always begins within.


    Solreta Antaria takes us inside and out. Her contact with beings from off-world non-Earthly is somewhat different and more personal from that of Lea's, but no less genuine. There are so many ways that non-terrestrial beings can breach the divide to assist or interfere. Solrita's story and truths come from those from elsewhere who care and have tried so hard to prepare us for December 21, 9:02 pm at Uluru.

                 It is that ceremony that is the inspiration behind all of this, and of course, we will be giving the latest up-date, along with one urgent request. They do not want anyone except those directly invited to come anywhere near the rock or ceremony. Away from the ceremony, yes most definitely, we need you on the ground 100%.

                   After this presentation, we move forward to December 12 with four Elders and Culture Keepers, from four tribal regions spanning three states. Each Original person speaking will be sharing and preparing for the same date, and would may come to pass... 

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