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Our Alien Ancestry: What Comes Next - Chapter 11

This presentation is both a continuation of a theme picked up in our last Conference, and an accentuation of the Alien Ancestry phrase used in our banner. I have asked both Paul and Allen to couch their presentation around a structure that is akin to a curriculum with individual units. Paul's most recent book would be a stunning text in history and philosophy for senior students. His interpretation of the opening passages of the Bible replete with Alien beings and the sharing of genes and so much more is both true and essential information essential after the oncoming change in global circumstances

Consistent with the content of the future is a strong Original presence, which Uncle Allan will provide both botany/bush tucker and Original history lessons. Now that the ceremony was successful, the time has come for all people, irrespective of colour to learn about the Dreaming through Alan's engaging anecdotal style.

This will also mark the beginning of a semi-permanent fixture with Lea. The time has come for Lea to introduce her main Alien contact through a question and answer format. They are part of this change and can assist in so many ways and this is their media avenue to warn and advise.

As with every conference, our role is to present a strong empirical case. Of course, our next report will include photographs,graphs and videos we have gathered proving something dynamic and global is approaching, With such a compelling ensemble of related events established we will now begin sharing the reports of eye-witness accounts people experienced while in ceremony. We will also return to the four enigmatic flat-headed skulls found in Australia which we believe are neither Hominids nor sapiens, but almost certainly Pleiadians.

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