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Our Alien Ancestry: What Comes Next - Chapter 10

This presentation is a cross between an empirical and mystical balance. We will look at the admission by Griffith University and the Australian Museum that not only the Out-of-Africa theory is wrong, all theories on human evolution are now clearly worthless. We will also present the most recent analyses of more Lemurian and Atlantean rings. Then in changing our mystical perspective, discuss some of the magical events inspired and conspired by these ancient rings.

Chris Blackmore: Chris's knowledge of herbs and natural plants in relation to its healing and spiritual qualities is phenomenal. In the post Uluru December 21 future Big Pharma and Chemo companies will no longer exist and the earth alone will be our medicine chest, and in that pursuit Chris is in our opinion, as good as it gets.

Stephen Cummings: Steve is the protégé of a linguistic genius who recently passed over. Atilla's research was based around the consistent and never-ending repetition of so much shared between Original Languages and the enigmatic ancient Hungarian language of Magyar. Stephen is now the resident expert in these two residual languages that were sourced from a universal First Language that was spoken by all peoples of the planet long ago. The proof and synchronicity Stephen will share with us is so comprehensive and undeniable, and such an important part of our collective history has been hidden, but no more.

Omar Faizi: After such an intensive study of ancient history and herbs from Australia, we felt an overseas overview is needed, as this change that began at Uluru is not only global, but Cosmic, in consequences. In that respect we felt Omar is a perfect fit. We were one of Omar's first guests on his show and have willingly returned often since. He really does get where each researcher is coming from, how each piece of a puzzle fits, a sort of 'big picture' perspective. And that is what we asked him to do, to piece together all the content and experiences his many guests discussed, with particular emphasis given to our Alien colleagues and, of course, the many earlier civilisations and failed attempts to find a balance within a spiritual context.

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Sylvia Bondurant
Sylvia Bondurant
04 Μαΐ 2021

Looking forward to this one! Sounds like interesting presenters, as is usual, bringing wisdom and knowledge!! On the day of the presentation will we be able to access it through a link on the app if we are a subscriber? Thanks for all the hard work you do behind the scenes to make this possible!

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