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Our Alien Ancestry: Original Voices - Chapter 7

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

This will be the last chapter to be held before the Original ceremony to be held at Uluru on December 21 at 9:02 pm, December 21. Because of this, it is entirely appropriate the speakers and topics all have an Original perspective. As with all Chapters presented, the focal point upon which every presentation revolves around is that final ceremony, which has the potential to cleanse the planet and offer each human the chance to be part of an Earthly renaissance. This time around we chose four Original speakers (and a special guest) who are all accepted as being extremely knowledgeable in many aspects of Original Old Way knowledge. They are people we know and hold in the highest regard.

Ulaki Brendan Murray’s great, great-grandfather signed a treaty with John Batman, the only one ever acknowledged in Australia, which was destroyed soon after. Brendan lives, breathes and baths in Old Way Lore and lifestyle. He has lived with the spirits and on his tribal land and refuses to relinquish the ways and beliefs of his ancestors, and it should come as no surprise that he was the first Original person to share with us details of this on-coming ceremony over three years ago. He literally set us on this path and because of this, there can be no better choice if seeking an Original spokesperson to discuss and expand upon humanity’s last chance to save ourselves.

Lionel Lauch is another who is a culture man par excellence. His lives down by the Mornington Peninsula and runs bush-tucker/culture/dreaming tours for the public. He, like us, is all about sharing, but he does so with such a disarming heart-felt smile, and then only multiplies the positivity once he picks up his yidaki (didjeridoo). In his hands that instrument transcends boundaries, his meditation and healing sessions with the yidaki are so real, so mesmerising and so much a part of the days soon to come once the ceremony takes hold.

Leaving Victoria and moving close to two thousand kilometres to the north into the sub-tropics of the Bundjalung Language Confederation of 13 distinct tribes, our next speaker, Uncle Lewis Walker is very much an Old Way custodian. His tribal lineage is the equal of Brendan, and his knowledge of sacred sites, ceremonies and sundry Old Way activities is extensive. He, along with the entire Original and non-Original community have joined together to save an old bridge at Tabulam that is part of an Original burial site, birthing place, place of incredibly sacred rocks I have verified and ceremonial grounds, and ironically for an entirely different set of circumstances, is just as historically important for the white community. Despite there being not one local agreeable, the bridge has fallen, the birthing place is about to be permanently destroyed, and Uncle Lewis is still fighting. Alas, until there is global reset in priorities, spiritual ascension and Indigenous respect, he is doomed to fail, but he must fight for Culture as the Spirits would expect nothing less.

In completing our journey up the east coast of Australia, we move further north another three hundred kilometres to Bribie Island, Aunty Minnie Mace’s place of residence. It is an absolute honour and pleasure that once again Aunty Minnie will be joining us as her knowledge of Old Ways, in every possible off-shoot, is stunning. Even and I still remember spending a day listening to Aunty Minnie and came out so swamped with wisdom and knowledge, most was lost in the throng of what was and still should be. Her knowledge of Egyptology and the long-term presence of Egyptians in Australia, with Original permission, is unequalled. She is, in our eyes, first amongst equals, and anything she says in relation to Culture will be no less than ‘pearls of wisdom.’

Our ‘special guest’ has a shorter segment, but that does not lessen the importance of the topic and practical application of how Old Way thinking and styles of living can be the way all humans live after the change. Binnah Pownell is theoretically a non-Original person, but whenever we run into an Original impasse, a name needed and direction to be taken we invariably seek out his advice, and more often than not it is taken. He is the shining light as to what Wirritjin (Black-fella White-fella Dreaming), embodies, and it comes as no surprise to find he is involved in setting up a huge lifestyle community bound by Original codes of behaviour. Part of our banner in this series of Chapters is “What Comes Next.” What Binnah is involved in is just that, it is tribal in complexion but modern in accepting humans do not want all be nomadic and do want conveniences and power running off some sort of natural grid. Binnah will be, if this venture succeeds, our roving reporter who will return. And that brief begins at this Chapter, as it should, just before the ceremony.

Due to the importance of what follows eight days later, outside discussing one of the most important sites in the world, the Standing Stones site, and how it could function once the transformation sets in, and of course spending some time talking about the up-coming ceremony, we are still considering options. Every day information comes in, sites are shared, and we hear more from the Rock. So fluid is the flow, the rest of what we will present is still under the bridge.

We will pause after this presentation and return in February, we will need time to absorb and see what eventuates, then set the next course forward. If the ceremony succeeds the path is obvious, if it fails, we have to find a Plan B. We sincerely hope and pray that doesn’t happen and it is not full, but an accelerating speed forward.

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