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Our Alien Ancestry: International - Chapter 5

We are roughly half-way through Stage 1 of Our Alien Ancestry: What Comes Next, all of which leads up to the Uluru ceremony of December 21. That ceremony, along with the integrated paths and parts, is the inspiration behind all the associated topics and speakers. Many of those chosen knew nothing of the Elder’s intentions at Uluru, and no-one was asked to endorse or speak about this ceremony, it was the knowledge and research they were involved in that struck a receptive chord. In each chapter there has been a unifying theme that binds, the last one was focussed principally on one location under direct threat near Gosford, while Chapter Five expands its horizons through examining every continent in the world, bar Antarctica.

The absolute scope and global impact of what the Elders believe will take place on that day has no parallel. Our principal role is to assist in each person cleansing, clearing and clarifying the conditioning and lies that have led some many astray. In doing so we cast a very wide net across many disciplines we are presenting in the online conferences which includes: scientists, archaeologists, channelers, Original Elders and Keepers of Old Way Lore, local historians, UFO contacts, mystics, Yidaki sound healers, a biblical scholar, an ex-ABC National News Reader and a current Bondi Lifesaver. It was Winston Churchill who correctly observed that if a society does not know its real history and past, it will never have a future. Each speaker chosen must go some way towards achieving that enlightenment in past and future circumstances.

What all of these researchers share is obfuscation, denials and resistance. Anything we do and discover is seen as either threatening or ridiculous. In our case we have been served official government requests to explain over the standing Stones site, the collection of flat-headed skulls and bones and quite recently the Kariong Glyphs. On every occasion mention was made of substantial jail terms and hefty six to seven figured financial penalties. Our current correspondence tally of threats and fines, if including emails, is thirteen. We have no doubt Michael and Klaus can better that number, as all of us are facing the same institutionalised hurdles and brick walls.

As to why the impediments are all but insurmountable, we feel it comes down to an ongoing schism in human capacities and fictional historical narratives that began way back, around 6,000 years ago when humans built up their numbers once again after the fall of earlier ancient advanced civilisations like Lemuria, Atlantis and Avalon. As humanity once again strayed from a nomadic hunter gatherer no-till farming lifestyle, and took on a more sedentary combative existence where Nature had to be ‘tamed’ and fought against. The problem and salvation that many of the earlier fallen civilisations had was that each was underpinned by magic and a more animist perspective where the souls and spirits of all creations are equal. This mystical undercurrent was slowly overwhelmed by the rise of money, denial of the feminine and increasing settlements that farmed and fought against the creatures and soil. Merlin tried to set up a revival of old Avalonian Ways where magic reigned supreme but failed. Soon after the magicians left the courts and kings. Books were written by many Christian and conservative commentators in the Middle Ages vilifying magic and equating it as the devil’s business, ignorant myths or just deleted everything.

Now it comes down to one fundamental division that relates to the real intentions behind human potential, all scientists tell us no-one is born with magic, while Original Old Way Clever-fellas and women insist that every person is born with some degree of magic. The problem is that it was not only magic that was edited or turned into a naïve fantasy, censored then ‘mythologinised,’ the same can be said for Atlantis, Lemuria and Avalon, the involvement of Aliens in every facet of human development and evolution, the spirits residing in the land along with the little people, Yowies, fairies, and so it goes on and off. So much of our history was deliberately hidden or destroyed, and in this conference our focus is primarily historical in providing a global overview of what really happened supported by the best science, technology and rigour.

Once that task is completed Michael and Harries will bring us forward to the days proceeding December 21, when new days based on Old Ways come into force and slowly establish throughout the planet.

This ceremony/prophecy may well begin here in Australia, but it spreads everywhere. And under that global setting Michael Tellinger, Klaus Dona, Dr. Rita Louise, Harries Carroll (Bondi Rescue), Lea Capitelli, along with Evan and myself will, to begin with, go back first in finding what really did happen a long time ago and conclude in examining what is the best structure and philosophy to embrace once the change in Earthly vibration and ascension takes over.

Evan and Steven Strong

Our role is to begin proceedings through empirically swamping and overwhelming with the best science, archaeology. Our introductory brief is to provide a solid base to the items to be raised which will include the real existence and continued presence of Lemuria, Atlantis, Avalon, the emergence of Homo sapiens sapien in Australia first, extra-terrestrial involvement in our genes, purpose and future, then once completed throw in liberal dose of magic and mystical proof and conclude with an Original prophecy/ceremony that promises to revitalise and energise the planet and all that exists upon it.

In clearing the doubt and lingering conditioning that trains us to question anything lacking an official tick, we will present thirteen pieces of evidence sanctioned by scientific analysis. Three come from or near the floor of the walls than contain over three hundred engraved hieroglyphs, of which two are metal and one a “very old human bone.” Four are the bones and skulls spread over two thousand kilometres of beings with incredible intelligence which had phenomenal physical differences to the skulls of any Earth-bound hominid or sapiens. And then there are the seven ancient rings that have come from across the globe, spanning England, Angkor Wat and Hill End NSW.

Once the supporting evidence is completed, half the story is told but with out the magic and mystical it is at best, half-told. Be it ever so brief, but absolutely obligatory the truth has to be told in respect to these ancient rings, Tolkien cryptically alluded to, they do exist and are absolutely magical and fully independent. At the same time these rings yearn to merge in synchronicity with a human host, for that is what they are designed for.

Having shared some of the reasons why we know due to being directly involved, the rings are magical, we will then conclude with a prophecy of which we had no direct involvement with or contact, of which we hope and pray is going to come to pass. If it is true, everything changes, forever, or it all could be wishful thinking by original Elders in absolute despair at what has to come pass and everyone will have to suffer the consequences.

Klaus Dona

There is saying in music circles that is often regarded as more a curse than commendation when observing that an extremely gifted musician is the ‘musician’s musician.” More often than not this means highly talented, but commercially neglected. In Klaus Dona’s case, we see him as the archaeological equivalent. Fortunately, the lure of financial incentives or success is not part of Klaus’ vocabulary and utterly irrelevant in every situation as Klaus is all about the discovery and repatriation of what was lost, forgotten or stolen-nothing else. He never writes books, sells podcasts and rarely speaks at conferences, simply because any of these extraneous pursuits takes him away from the field or relics he is examining.

What both stuns and shames me in my semi late sixties, is that Klaus is close to ten years older and at present is living on-site in the Phillipines, digging tunnels that stretch hundreds of metres while climbing down sheer vertical bamboo ladders that drop hundreds of feet in one stretch, and has the energy and flexibility of anyone half his age.

We go way back to very start of our research with Klaus, after Bob Newton he was the first overseas researcher to take both an interest and assist in our work in Australia. And assist us Klaus certainly has, through sophisticated technology beyond my comprehension he has a 100% success rate in locating ancient archaeological sites in the Gosford region. From his chart of over one hundred sites in a fifteen by five-kilometre corridor, we have been to four and in each case the results were never the same, but each no less than sensational in at least one respect. The co-ordinates were to the metre precise and correct, at one location it is so step and dangerous that one misplaced step leads to a certain fall of deadly proportions. No-one would ever find it, and nor would we if it wasn’t for Klaus’ technical guidance and pin-point accuracy.

In this talk, Klaus will share with us his work not just in Asia and Europe, which he is primarily involved, but it was Klaus who first came upon the enigmatic elongated skulls of South America. We are honoured by Klaus’ participation in this conference, it just doesn’t get any better than having Klaus on board for our first international edition.

Dr. Rita Louise

“History is a Myth,” Dr. Rita Louise is a highly credentialed academic who employs a rigorous scientific approach and open mind in validating our real past and reality of human potential drawn from so many mystical realms. Providing an American perspective, Dr. Rita will begin by ‘clearing the decks’ in dispensing with so many parts of our past that have been grossly misunderstood, or alas, deliberately misrepresented.

We have known Dr. Rita for quite some time, going back to one of our first interviews in USA. Always a pleasure, what immediately grabbed us was the depth and scope of her knowledge in literally every ancient topic area. She has written many books and put out a many more Podcasts, all addressing a diverse range of topics and it is that big-picture overview that fits so well at this stage of the conference. What also became obvious was that Rita was quite taken by our work and very open in her endorsements. So, knowing we intend to cover all continents, of which Rita will discuss the entire continent of America, and we needed someone to expose the reality that so much of our ancient history is a fabrication, in every respect, we could not be in better hands.

Michael Tellinger

We took Michael to the Kariong Glyphs and sites nearby a few years ago, and both of saw Ros Rock 1 for the first time just before seeing the hieroglyphs. I knew nothing of engraved rocks and Michael was of great assistance in filling in the gaps at the time and set us off in the right directions to research. When in conference with the sacred grandmother tree, which is the obligatory last step before going between the walls at Kariong, Michael’s connection to the tree and site was far deeper at so many levels than almost any I have ever seen. The sprits of that site are completely real and so accepting of Michael’s spirit and passions, their approval was unconditional, as is ours.

There two equal parts to Michael’s presentation, the first half deals principally with the real history of Africa pre-colonial invasion, going all the way back to the start of everything. He has covered so much in his work, be it the famous rock arrangement, Adam’s Calendar, the thousands of circular rock arrangements, those enigmatic cylcons thought to be rock or petrified that could be the product of lightning strikes and the mining of gold by colonists and alien conquerors, Michael’s choices of topics are huge. But alas, time constraints will necessitate an overview for this session since there is the need to have ample time put aside to discuss the philosophy and structure behind Ubuntu, which introduces the second theme addressed during this conference and our banner, What Comes Next.

Michael is the focal point and initiator of this ancient African society and cooperative way of existing relying on sharing village Old Way principles and ethics. He sees this lifestyle resolving the many failings that bedevil our lives and the planet, and even though of African origin, we see no reason why it cannot be a seamless fit into the precepts and animist principles of the Original Dreaming, and totally support his work and absolute integrity. We all need to hear about this co-operative venture full of optimism and good news. The best part of Michael’s work in establishing Ubuntu, is that irrespective of whether the Original prophecy does come to pass, Ubuntu is already here ready, willing and able.

In Conversation with Harries Carroll

This is the perfect way to follow-up on Michael’s vision of global societies sharing a common goal underpinned by the values, precepts and passion that constitute Ubuntu. Michael has provided a basic structure for individuals to live under, a form of modern tribalism which we have often stated is the best re-adapted model of old Ways sensibilities available on the planet right now. But what if the people it served had the wrong expectations, hidden flaws and aggression or selfish attitudes? Would it still succeed? We think not, and that is why we decided there was not a better candidate we have ever met to conclude this presentation in acting as a template, as a prototype for the new male new warrior of post-Uluru days. It is huge claim to make, but we have an advantage in that we have met Harries at a personal level. And in closing in a personal reflective manner It only makes sense to try and replicate that informal relaxed setting via a conversation/interview between myself and Harries?

A long-term lifesaver of Bondi Rescue fame, Harries set the world record for rescues of over five and a half thousand, and on every occasion he put his life on the line. That is the only constant the men and women of Bondi Rescue face continuously, they are prepared to risk their lives for those who stand and swim on a certain tract of land with defined boundaries. Very tribal isn’t it? In the Ramindjeri spirit of Wirritjin (Black-fella, White-fella Dreaming), although nearly every Eora tribal person was wiped out, these men and women protect, counsel, care for, show unlimited patience at our crass stupidity and maintain a poise and balance we can all admire and learn from. They are behaving just as the Original Eora men and women did when standing on the same beach not that long ago. Bearing noble good intentions inspired by a positive caring lifestyle is an essential role model for future times and incarnations and certainly worthy of a chat.

Harries is almost always smiling and radiates good intentions, what can only benefit is that he is actively involved in the last stages of a mainstream free-to air TV series that has the potential to portray Original locations, communities, Old Way beliefs and ceremonies in a very sympathetic and caring manner. His genuine love and respect for the land and Original culture is well known, but perhaps what surprise many is Harries extensive research and knowledge in many of the areas we are involved with.

This will be part interview, part informal conversation and although most of the questions will be ours, Harries will have free reign to ask or extend whenever he feels inclined. We see this as a more relaxed and less cerebral, but no less important, way to conclude a quite extensive and because of this, a touch long, conference.

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