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For the Children; For the Future

by Sarah Doig

You may remember last year being welcomed to join Forgotten Origin: The Out Of Australia Theory Online Conference - Our Alien Ancestry Chapter 11 show. This time around I'm joining the crew again for Chapter 18. It is an honour to be part of the show Evan William Strong and Steve Strong present around the world with their host and guide Lea Kapiteli not forgetting to include Mezreth who is also part of the online show. Chapter 11 was a preview of what took place at Uluru the night before Solstice and this chapter follows on and links in the deeper purpose. Chapter 18: Children's Business.

This chapter is focused on the future of our children and I humbled to be presenting with Peter Mulcahy a passionate Cultural Teacher who speaks from the pure essence of his heart and cultural family. We are both coming together as 2 individual Australians passionate for the future of our children. We will both be sharing our experiences and chatting about the road forward....

I know this is a long post but it’s a very meaningful one. I invite you to keep reading to the bottom and engage with some feedback. Our children today are the future parents of our grandchildren and great-great grandchildren. I won’t be here to see some of those milestones, but I truly hope some of the milestones I have reached as part of my goal to them will be honoured with the same legacy. This chapter has a theme called Children’s Business and it’s a topic I extend the invitation to everyone and to keep sharing because I do ask each one of you to come along in March and be part of the audience, we all need each other, especially right now…

In this world our society is continuing to change in its cycles and so are our people. It’s called life. Life today, the right now, is conditioning the future and the one thing that seems to be a theme in these cycles is most people believing in a miracle happening to save our world problems. The miracle of life is the creation of life. To be a human and create a human is a miracle and it’s a privilege to gift a child into this world. Humans have an intention that having a child will be the only gift they will ever need to solve their life in this world.

It's more evident than ever that we and our children are suffering in the now and from the past and it’s conditioning our future reality. We are conditioned to generational belief systems that program what we have learnt and become controlled by the system to believe this is the reality of life. Programmed to justifying our behaviour as pattern of life through validations of emotions is the just another story, we are sharing in our households stories that are linked to more stories inside our stories and continuing to use these as an example to enable our actions. This is where I stop talking about everything that’s wrong, as this is just the beginning.

Each and everyone of us are doing the best we can, and it takes 1 person to make another positive impact on another person. We are all miracles just like our children and we can be the miracle to mirror our children’s future. It’s simple, but its power and we all have the power to create the life we wanting to live and for our generations in our future.

This is why I am here, for the unconditional love I have as a Mum for my kids but also, it’s my role lead from Soul, the purpose and mission to my own unique Universal Consciousness to the love and light source of energy that I now I embody to bridge between the Pleiadian and future life on this planet. This conference I will be diving deep into how we as parents can step into passionate action and begin to focus our energy into a conscious parenting role. I truly honour each and everyone for their own journey that is personal to them. I respect each and every parent, all the children and their household privacy.

This message is about moving forward and taking steps to make a conscious effort to be naturally in flow of our heart centre and evolving our awareness to transmute anything that does not serve its purpose and learning to identify things we may not be able to see. We will discuss the world of technology and how we can make healthy boundaries with our children to minimise the attachments the children are becoming prone to. Leading up to the day I will continue to share more insight of what is to come.

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