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Beneath the Surface Part 2

By Steven & Evan Strong


Invariably, whenever reporting on mystical or magical issues, it is so hard to find a comfortable opening gambit. It is not as if we harbour doubts or equivocations, far from it, but my training and manner of investigation is scientific and once venturing into the esoteric realms, the empirical larder is bare. Everything on offer past the other side of the curtain is subjective, solely reliant on the integrity and sanity of the observer. That all adds up to bad science, and it is, but it is also the plain truth.

So, with this faux apology dispensed with, the time has returned for us to complete our journey into the mystical realms with the second half our selection. In total this brief overview is incomplete as no less than four other incidents did not make the cut, but it is sufficient in establishing the esoteric credentials of these sacred rocks.

Killing or Healing, it’s one or the Other

Of the six incidents to be covered, three relate to the offensive capabilities some rocks hold and the other three deal with how they can assist and nurture humans. So as to not leave a somewhat negative aftertaste, we felt it better to examine how some rocks can punish first, then move on to their capacity to heal and inspire. The first ‘cab off the ranks’ main target was not me or Evan, but a lady who was called by an Original rock to save and protect it, then immediately after was attacking and harming everything and everyone it could reach.

It had no choice, this woman picked up a rock that was positioned directly beneath high tension power lines leaking electricity. To add to this rock’s present-day misfortune, it was situated in Chinchilla (QLD), which is literally fracking-central in Australia. The area is like a gigantic rabbit warren with holes piercing the earth in every conceivable direction. We have no doubt where the rock lay was too toxic and broken, and this woman had good intentions and was only trying to help. But alas, this rock, as it is with all our rocks, is fully beholding to Original protocol and being a men’s rock it is against the Law for any woman to hold, no exceptions, ever.

From the time the rock was taken back home, everything fell apart. The machines that used to drill and extract all refused to start, and despite some serious attempts to repair, just would not go. So too, the appliances and devices inside the house were no less engaging. However, her most immediate concern related to waking up in the morning and sighting blood on her pillow and the sheets. She had bled through the nose, and that was not only repeated but increased in volume.

The first I heard of any of this guaranteed first sign of discord between a sacred rock and holder, was during a phone call. Mary knew Evan and I were talking at a conference at the Gold Coast and wanted our advice and inspection. Along with her husband, they were driving down to the talks primarily to meet us and find a resolution.

When first meeting it was clear they were both under severe stress that bordered on being terrified, as they listed the grief and malfunctions while I had the rock in my hand. At first sighting I could see and sense that the first hurdle to negotiate was all to do with gender. This is a very strong, and decidedly angry men’s rock that should never be held by a woman. Irrespective of present-day predicaments, all of these rocks are bound around protocol. Mary was taken aback, she thought she was called and helped it by removing the rock from such a toxic environment. She did and was right in that it appreciated her recovering it, but Original rules and Old Way Lore have no give or take.

The rock was obliged to punish Mary, and would continue to do so, I did explain this to her and gave them both two options to consider. She could find an Old Way Elder up on country who would give it ceremony and never a display cabinet or room to reside, or if none existed, we would take it and make sure it would go on country in permanent ceremony. My advice was since they were here for both days, spend the day and night weighing up which alternative appealed and let us know tomorrow.

Barely fifteen minutes had passed before they returned, visibly distraught and adamant they no longer had a choice. They told me that they independently had the same message given at the same time by this powerful rock. It was as grim as it was stark, if they drove home from this conference with the rock in the car, the car would crash and they would both die. For them this wasn’t a hunch, premonition or possibility, but a rock-solid certainty and death wish. It goes without saying I did accept this rock, but equally, this disturbed rock was by no means finished in striking out.

Once returning home I placed the same rock on top of the bedroom drawers that stand beside the bed, just as Mary did. And just as it happened with Mary, I woke up to see the same bloody scene. It was a fairly substantial bleed, but it had to do much better than that to deter me. It might have won round one, but we had many more rounds yet to face together. Sure, my wife had to wash the sheets and pillow slip and wasn’t happy about it, but I had to bring this rock back and made sure during the day it was in the presence of rocks of high pedigree who now accepted me.

The next night saw little progress, the spread and volume had not lessened, and if anything, was greater. It just made me more intrigued and determined, however, the one person who was put out was my wife, nothing short of Nappy San would remove the blood and we needed more. To that line of defense was added two thick towels placed under the sheets to protect the mattress. For the entire week the washing machine was churning, towels replaced but my perseverance remained, and finally on the seventh night the rock conceded defeat and my nose remained dry and bloodless.

It is now part of the group and has cleansed itself of all the grief and pain its tribal estate has suffered, and equally, has thanked and forgiven both Mary and me. It was, for a while, an indiscriminate punishment and killing rock, but under the right conditions it now guards and protects. However, if pushed the wrong way or insulted, make no mistake it would come out fighting.

One Curse too Many

This is where this tale of rocks and magic does get as serious as it is so hard to fully accommodate. To be honest I still inwardly cringe when I share some of these rock episodes, because it sounds so difficult to absorb or embrace. I have had experienced both the pleasure and pain of their actions, but I fully get why anyone would raise doubts and eyebrows. Well, all I can say in our defense is that the next event was more a shock to me and Evan than even the person who was begging us to disconnect three killing rocks. And if I hadn’t agreed, all of us knew he had no more than thirty minutes before they would have sung him to death.

This all started nearly three years ago, when we were cursed by an Original person with some knowledge in dark mysticism. Previously we had shared such physical inconveniences. The worst two curses verged on death, and the others have been shades of those two. For some time, I decided it was best to grin and bear it, but this time around, the fifth by our count, turned out to be just one too many.

Up until then, throughout all these attacks we had the means to no less than negate these curses, and most likely much more. Before and during every earlier curse the three killing rocks, of which I knew the proper formation, they had ‘spoken’ to Evan repeatedly offering their assistance. (For reasons unknown they have taken a liking to Evan only, I suspect they fear me as I know which formation turns them on and off, and had been forced to do so once for a month.

My wife and I had been away for a few days and when returning Evan first told us of yet another curse delivered to him. The action he had taken to anger this Elder so much was to ban him from our Facebook page for continually swearing and threatening people. Those types of aggressive postings and comments have been clearly highlighted by us with a 100% guaranteed ban and no chance of returning, and Evan had no choice. But the person shown the door certainly did, and chose poorly.

He told Evan the curse had he called up would kill him. So far nothing to be concerned about as we have heard empty talk like that before, but Evan did add he did feel a touch unwell, and every symptom was a lesser version of previous episodes. That was something to keep an eye on.

I contacted this Elder based in Western Australia and tried to explain to him that he was being unreasonable, aggressive and that cursing through the internet is not cultural. That went over like a lead balloon, I was now cursed to die also. Evan did tell me that the three killing rocks were pleading for the right to intervene forcibly. My answer remained the same, under no conditions would I allow the rocks to do what they had done so many times in the past.

Or so I thought, that night I went to play in a tennis competition, and by half way through the second set I was totally exhausted and could barely swing my racquet. I had to forfeit, driving home I realised this was going to continue until it became lethal. It was that clear cut, from my perspective, and that of Evan’s, it was either fight this time around or literally wait to be sung to death.

The next morning contact was made, and an ultimatum was given. It was a very simple one-sentence declaration of further intentions and actions, call off the curse or the three rocks will be called in by me. Almost immediately the reply was sent and was full of bravado in daring us to continue, and he also added that if I touched one Original rock I would die.

“Well, I have good news and maybe bad news.” I went further is adding I would be going outside, putting the three Original killing rocks in formation and primed to locate their target, which is you. “Now if I do not come back, well that means your curse wins, but if I do return, then you have big problems.”

Clearly, I did set the rocks up and kept breathing. Three minutes after returning the Elder was already suffering, the response was almost incomprehensible and openly contradictory. He seemingly relented in firstly claiming he had called off the curse, then ran off into a tangent that concluded in my wife being cursed. My response was clear and ominous, the rocks will remain and continue administering their punishment. Two minutes past that he restated his previous claim and conceded my wife was no longer under threat and begged me to hurry, now. He was not well, and his condition was deteriorating.

The rocks were then reset and cancelled and about five minutes later there was one final response. Outside confirming that the curse was over, he pleaded that I leave him alone. He initiated all this vile negativity and anger both on Facebook and directly towards us, to which we reluctantly acted upon in defense. Apparently, he was not the perpetrator but the victim.

Since that incident, we did write an article announcing that those same rocks are still in the same formation and will remain so. We made it clear if someone did curse us, the rocks would independently deal with it and that we would not have the awareness or opportunity to either intervene or moderate. And since our rock sentinels have been in placed formation on country neither Evan nor I have been cursed. Or if we were, nothing got through this end, as it would be a case of return to sender unopened and with interest.

Another Men’s Rock in a Woman’s Hands, but This Time it’s a NO

This last foray into the darker metaphysical realms is the most tragic and deadly. I met with an Original lady along with two Elders who accompanied her, together they had travelled hundreds of kilometres to meet us at the Adelaide Airport. I had brought down close to a hundred rocks for a workshop the next day, but they were not coming for that meeting, it was all about one very sacred and troublesome rock she held, and most certainly should not have.

` It was a male rock dedicated to ‘as on top’ business, that much was clear from first sighting and both Elders were in total agreement. Between the three of us we tried to convince her to take the rock out of her house and cease all skin to rock contact. My compromise suggestion was to bury the rock in the backyard, but she just would not listen to any action that involved separation. Despite our best efforts in pointing out that these nose bleeds she now experienced was a precursor for much worse to come. This lady was just too attached and refused to part company. Even though we did explain to her that this particular male rock was obliged by protocol to continue, it made no difference.

Not long after she died a very painful and protracted death. Whatever prognosis was cobbled together by the medical experts meant nothing to those who knew why, they held no doubt that the male rock killed her, and that it had no choice but to do so.

The Flip Side

The day after that unsuccessful meeting at the airport, at the rock workshop an observation was made by one of the Original attendees that we feel is an excellent way to introduce their positive and affirming disposition, along with a real tangible connection between rock and host initiated by many sacred rocks.

This Original lady shared with the group an account about an inland Elder, whose wife is still alive, and she intended to find her. The male Elder/Clever-Fella was a Rock Guardian and Keeper, chosen by the rocks to act as an interlocutor between the rocks and humans. So close was this bond and interface that he was renowned near and far for his ‘rock song.’ Once in ceremony and symbiosis, he would sing up the rocks and they would rise, move forward and attach to his chest as he walked.

Returning to the rocks of which we are acting as custodians, we have previously discussed the positive feats of individual rocks, but it is time to move forward to very recent times and do so communally. Early last year I was contacted by a person with two conflicting agendas claiming to represent those involved in an Original ceremony to be held at Uluru on December 21, 2020. He claimed that this ceremony had the potential to heal the planet and present to each human a choice. I was requested to attend and bring the rocks, to which I agreed. The personal financial cost through flights and accommodation was considerable, but if this ceremony was as important as claimed, it was money well spent.

But then it wasn’t. About three weeks later Mick and Kathryn, the coordinators of the Cosmic Consciousness Conference from December 20 to 23, asked Evan and I to do two presentations. In return for us participating our air fares and accommodation would be paid. That conference was in no way aligned to what the Elders were doing at the rock, but even so, I thought the synchronicity was ‘food for thought.’

I took about seventy rocks, and on the day before six rocks were taken to Uluru and I gave them a quiet ceremony at a family site, a women’s water site and a male site in preparation for whatever eventuated tomorrow. Upon returning to the conference centre a gentleman who was attending the three days of presentation approached me with a request. He clearly had major physical issues with his back of which his spine was bent and badly aligned. He was in constant pain and had exhausted every medical treatment and wondered whether the white female healing rock we used successfully could assist.

I wasn’t sure it could help, cancer, sicknesses and curses are ticked off, but a severe spinal condition is another story again and one I wasn’t sure was part of the rock’s repertoire. I agreed to try and help, but made it clear this may or may not help. For the next ten minutes the white rock ran up and down his curved and twisted spine and at the end of all of this, it actually worked!

Photo By Samarah Woods

Before he spoke, I could sense the tightness and constriction had eased, he was clearly feeling better and said so, often. He then pulled out his wallet and I immediately protested making it clear this was never done for money and nor did I want or intend to accept any payment. It made no difference, he refused to listen and after no less than half a dozen refusals he forced some notes into my hand. I had no choice but to accept, but had no idea what the amount was as I put the money in my wallet yet just could not look.

But this didn’t end there, a few hours later our paths crossed, and it was obvious he was still feeling the best he had in years. He introduced me to a young lady he was with and asked if the white rock could help her. I said yes, but insisted no more money would be exchanged. However, once hearing of her issues was doubly unsure of any tangible result. Yes, I know knew it could heal the body, but this lady had endured horrific psychological stress and drama. She was extremely withdrawn and lacked trust in humans because her teenage years were full of abuse and deception. This was totally uncharted territory for me, and I assumed the same applied to the rock.

That same rock, once it made contact, used me as a channel and advisor. So much so I could remember virtually nothing that ‘I’ said. Outside something pivotal talk about one tree close to where she lived, I have nothing, it is a blank sheet. Despite my role as a spectator in relaying a rock-message with no plan or idea what word came next-once again it worked. She was better, much better, so much so that as we finished the same man reached into his back pocket and took out more money. This time I was going to stand firm in refusing payment, I tried and tried again to explain the many reasons why not, but neither of them would budge.

My wallet was literally bulging but for the rest of the day I couldn’t bring myself to look further or add up the notes. It was only on the final day of the conference where I decided to buy meals for four other people who helped us both at the conference and at Uluru, did I summon up the courage to look. The four hundred and fifty dollars was fifteen dollars short of the bill for six, and was also affirmation that this rock is both blessed and magical.

A few months later the same man rang me, the pain in his back was still present, but far much better than before and his companion was 100% better and she was now able to smile.

That Seminal Line in the Desert Sand

The next day the rocks sat inside the conference hall set into a powerful formation and close to two hundred attendees spent five minutes inside one of the two circles, and it seemed most, if not all, really benefited from doing so.

Outside the big red rock was understandably closed to all public access, as nothing was allowed to interfere with the ceremony performed. After an inordinate amount of drama and obstruction, it was decided that all of the three hundred people involved in the conference would join in the global ceremony at a nearby oval. The rocks were set into a very powerful figure eight formation.

At 7:32pm everyone that was seated in five circles around the rocks began silently mediating, sending their energy into the rocks and towards Uluru. As mentioned in previous reports the grey clouds above transformed into an array of colours never seen before and there in the centre was a deep patch of blue. Five minutes after the beginning of this global meditation involving no less than fifteen million, the rock itself burst into a surge of intense white light not seen with any human eye, but was certainly captured on film. So too a UFO slowly cruised above the rock before almost instantaneously vanishing, which again was unintentionally filmed. Some of the participants, which included Evan, could feel the earth vibrating and many others experienced visions and revelations that left an eternal impression.

Then the rocks made a statement of cause and effect that came from left field and almost saw the rocks being accidentally trampled or kicked. The rocks lay in the centre of the oval and all people sat outside careful not to get too close, but right after this historic event that boundary was breached. There was no person who instigated what happened next, it was totally spontaneous and certainly wasn’t planned in advance. It began with about twenty people who as a group held hands while standing in a circle then began to dance and chant. They were, to begin with just on the edge, but within another minute the numbers had increased to close to a hundred and the distance between the closest feet and rocks still waiting had diminished.

I was originally slowly dismantling the rock formation on my own but had no choice but to include others to speed up the packing of these rocks. As the numbers continued to increase, so too did the need for speed. Instead of one hundred the numbers had no less than doubled. We were working on overdrive, and they were dancing with some feet positioned less than a metre from the rocks. No rock was lost or touched, but never before had I disassembled that quickly, or perhaps frantically is a better description.

Photo By Mick Turner

The chanting and circling, so reminiscent of an Amerindian dance around the campfire, was neither orchestrated nor planned, it just happened as people went ‘tribal.’ It is as if the trappings and conditioning of today was overwhelmed by this crucial Original ceremony and the rocks. The dancing continued for about half an hour until I suspect the energy level of the group was exhausted.

What I did hear on countless occasions was people telling me that this was the most important and moving event they had ever participated in. I remember one lady telling me when seated in a plane flying back to Brisbane that for over fifty years she had been living on this planet, up until that ceremony, she could not see any reason to be incarnated here right now, but now she had one.

What I do know, but could never empirically validate, was that the main reason all of these rocks gathered together at this time, began at that ceremony and all that follows after revolves around assisting in healing the planet and any person willing and able to be part of a new beginning of everything.

Returning to the Here and Now

This really is a case oftake it or leave it.’ With the exception of the rock ceremony at Uluru, what eventuated was witnessed by a few, and even when the numbers run into three figures, we have no doubt sceptics will put this down to mass hysteria or sinister manipulation. For those of a devout pragmatic disposition, rocks are inanimate objects lacking the capacity to create, interact or symbiotically strike up any relationship with humans.

We do understand that people who have never seen or witnessed these rocks in motion would object. To be honest until the first rock came on the scene we would agree. And even after that rock appeared it took some time before we slowly realised there was so much more inside and outside. But now, with monumental change and chaos upon us, a leap of faith must be made by each soul.

As the Hopi have prophesised, it is we that we have been waiting for. All the rocks want to do right now is to guide and inspire every me to become we.

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I am from WA. It doesn't surprise me that the misdirected elder was from WA. Less than a week ago someone was telling me how they are finding it difficult to find a genuine elder in WA, and I have experienced the same problem, the very limited access I have had has been to those who are very misguided. This article only adds to my disappointment. I'm very thankful to hear that your family is safe however. I have been watching your work for a very long time now and I am surprised to find you have ended up in the same direction that I am heading!

Good luck to you all.


Wow I think my head has just been blown off my shoulders . This is brand new to me but it isn’t if that makes sense . I naturally talk to my rocks they often take my pain away but I always ask permisson first for some reason . you guys have just opened another part of my brain . I can feel a shift I don’t know what it means but something has just happened when I read all this . Thanks and Much love ❤️

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