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As Close as We Could Get: Karno’s Words & Deeds

By Steven & Evan Strong


Over the last four decades I have met many Original Elders. For some the title is a self-proclaimed political statement that has little to do with cultural wisdom known and is more about a tally of grey hairs. For others, they are indeed worthy recipients of an acknowledgement of their knowledge of Original Lore. But beyond that there are three Elders where any such description falls well short of the mark.

The late Aunty Beve and Uncle Marbuck are Elders of the highest degree, their Original Lore pedigree is impeccable. But above and beyond their lofty station, stood Karno. From our perspective, which granted is subjective, we have never met anyone as immersed in Old Way sensibilities as Karno. From the first meeting, what stood out was that deep penetrating stare. It was something any on the receiving end fully agree that when he did focus on you there were no secrets, everything was exposed. So many others said exactly the same thing, they insisted that when he did really lock in on someone, their soul, and the deep inner secrets held within, were his for the taking.

Granted Karno has recently passed over, and while some critics may begrudgingly admit he was exceptionable in stepping beyond the realms of white-fella science, they would put this all down to being a relic of the past, an inconvenient historical possibility no longer relevant to the three dimensions of modern daily life.

Nine Inconvenient Truths

First up, it needs to be understood that what I witnessed while in the presence of Karno, all of it took place during this century, not hundreds of years ago, and most of what I will share occurred in the previous decade. And with two notable exceptions, every event was witnessed by not just me, but also by others who were no less astounded or bewildered.

It all started off somewhat innocuously, the first interaction I had with Karno was seemingly the least sensational, but ended up with a directive that certainly concluded with an excursion into celestial and mystical realms we knew so little of.

I was invited down to Ramindjeri country for a meeting, to discuss their claim that in very ancient times Original mariners circumnavigated to globe in a figure-eight formation, along with vague talk about some sort of ceremony. There was no mention of an agenda or return date, just come down and see what eventuates. Karno, and others, had read our first three academic books which were published by University Press of America and apparently that did meet with their approval, and that tick, along with Darren McElroy’s recommendation, who was related and Ramindjeri himself, was sufficient to earn an invitation. But until I met them and won their trust, the details were still to be determined.

From my first meeting, nothing about this man was normal. We meet at a caravan park and at the time Karno oversaw an Original reburial that involved moving many Original skeletons from a site that was to become a bridge. Karno was the only person who knew the protocol and songs needed to move these bones to another appropriate location of his choosing. As impressive as this responsibility was, the dingo that sat with Karno never left my attention. I had never seen a domesticated dingo before, it was totally devoted to Karno. When Karno stood, so too did the dingo, and when he sat down the dingo was beside him.

On one occasion when we were sitting together, with the dingo next to his feet, three dogs wandered over at different times, and in each instance it was clear they wanted the dingo to engage in play or some sort of doggy-activity. Twice the dingo never moved but did give the approaching canine a deep penetrating stare (something Karno was renowned for) and on both occasions the dogs backtracked with their tail curled between their legs. On the third visit the dingo did begin to stand, and I suspect the tacit invitation was accepted, but then Karno also rose, and the dingo followed him, and the other dog immediately backed off. It was so clear, the other dogs looked upon the dingo as if it was royalty, whose only loyalty and allegiance was to Karno.

Seven days had passed before Karno came up to me and grabbed my black folder I kept my notes in, and literally threw it away stating that “You won’t need this.” He handed to me an incredibly decorated sacred stick and told me to hold it. He told me the stick would decide if I was deserving of ceremony, then left me to my own devices. I held that stick for over an hour before Karno returned, he took the stick off me then declared that I had met with its approval. Karno, along Peter Evans, Bluey and other Elders whose names I have forgotten, sat in a circle and sung in language with Karno singing and at times whispering instructions into my ear.

After the ceremony Peter sat beside me and told me that soon I would go out into country to examine a series of astronomical sites. I told him I knew nothing about astronomy, I could not even identify where the Southern Cross or any well-known constellations were. My self-confessed celestial ignorance did not deter, as he insisted it made no difference. About three weeks later he rang me and told me it was time to investigate, but I made the point I knew nothing about the stars and nor did we have any such sites to investigate. He laughed insisting that “you will, soon enough.” Two days later the Senior Park Ranger for both the Snowy Mountains and Brisbane Waters rang offering to take me to both locations to examine a variety of archaeological sites, beginning with two massive astronomical constructions found in the Snowy Mountains.

Eight Hawks, a Figure Eight and new Horizons

It took close to six private meetings with the farmer who owned the Standing Stones site, before he agreed to allow a team under my supervision two days on site investigating and recording the rocks, mounds and sundry artefacts. We met below the farmhouse, there was a big mob of close to forty people in the group and there was an even mix of Original and non-Original people. There were ten Original Elders, and after some rather animated meetings beforehand it was agreed that Karno would have the final word on all matters pertaining to culture and spiritual pursuits. We left the rest behind as first up we had to get the Guardian Spirits to agree to our presence on such a sacred site, and until that happened, or didn’t, there was no way any archaeology would take place. Such important business must observe Old Way protocol.

Richard Patterson.

It was about one-and-half kilometres to the site, and as we got closer Karno and others called out to the “Old Ones” explaining why we were coming. Once arriving at the two mounds we split up, and a smaller group went over to the smaller mound (seventy metres long x ten metres wide x three metres high), while most followed Karno who took them up to the much larger mound upon which the 184 Standing Stones were originally positioned. At a site where the southern circle of stones once stood, Karno took up the same position then broke into song. No-one recognised it, but with benefit of hindsight and knowledge of the contents of an unexpected letter in the post that turned up a few years later, we strongly suspect he was singing in the First (Soul) Language.

That may well explain why so many hawks replied to Karno’s invitation to attend and circle. It began with two hawks appearing in synchronicity from two different locations yet forming up a joint circle directly above Karno as he kept singing. It was not even close to a minute past their arrival before three more hawks had answered his call and joined into a much larger circular formation above. No-one spoke or to be honest was capable of doing so, there were no words that came close, but three more hawks did get much closer to the source. In fact, whether the number of birds was too great in navigating a single circle or that geometry was insufficient for this ceremony can never be known. But the eight hawks were now gliding in a figure eight formation and that required crossing intersecting paths through cooperative thinking or direction. Either way the hawks remained in that flight path for at least another minute. The time between when Karno finished singing to when the formation scattered was just one second if that. There is absolutely no doubt that these wild birds came from all over for no other reason than it was the song Karno sung, of which the lyrics are Soul Language, and that response of the hawks of such numbers and synchronicity gives us a clue as to how powerful the words of this language could be.

It is not a natural event for wild hawks residing in wetlands and rainforest, who are solitary hunters, to flock together then circle around an area lacking in any food source, that has never been recorded or seen anywhere. What I do know as a truth is that if that same event happened in ancient times and was recorded in the Bible, it would be referred to as a miracle, an action that is beyond the understanding of human science but is still real, because it happened in front of five witnesses.

That Night Around the Open Fire

That night as we sat around the fire-pit, more than once I was asked to question Karno as to how he got all these birds to not only come but fly in the sacred formation that represented “infinity.” My negative response was consistent and based on a track record of never getting the answer I expected whenever I asked or was asked a question by Karno. Anyway, Karno had another agenda that night, he wanted to inquire, not reply, and I was his prime target.

Throughout the night he peppered me with a series of questions I had no idea how to answer. The laughter delivered with that customary mischievous grin he was known for was constant, he had no time for what happened hours before. I do remember one of our friends, Paul, came up to me looking a touch distressed as he offered his condolences and wondered why Karno was attacking me with such relish.

No, no, no it was an honour. His assumption that these were critiques was way off the mark. That he spent so much time trying to share knowledge with me is an honour gratefully accepted. I asked him how many times Karno asked him a question, to which he correctly replied, “none.” What he did not know was that whenever Karno wished to speak to me, another would ring me informing me that I had to ring him. With one exception I really did not fully comprehend what he was sharing with me, and on that one occasion I proudly responded in the positive, all he could offer in response was “well it is about time.”

As to how he actually called the hawks, no-one asked and no-one has any idea beyond that he definitely was solely responsible, and that is the way it should be.

The Final Step

If it was just the hawks, all of this performance could just be an incredibly rare display of group aerobatics, but there is more, much more, and of the four mystical events Karno created that we have chosen, what he did in front of nine people was certainly the most dramatic and theatrical.

When Graham Hancock came to Australia for a series of presentations, he contacted us asking us as to whether we would take him on country to see some of the sites and archaeology we have investigated. We agreed to do so under one condition, in that after the six days looking at sites along the east coast of Australia, he would do ceremony with Karno on Karta (Kangaroo Island).

I had no idea what Karno had planned for Graham and his wife Santha, and when he first appeared done up Old Way with white ochre body markings, a lap-lap and his red bandana wrapped around his forehead, I knew that whatever he was going to do, it had begun. He stepped down into the firepit and started talking and singing, primarily in Original language, as to whether it was Ramindjeri or Soul Language was unknown. It wasn’t so much what he said, which was undeniably important, but what he did upon exiting. The first step out was clear and precise, but the second step backwards breached the divide-he disappeared! He was totally gone, I glanced across to Graham and his mouth was open but nothing was coming out, he like all of us, was speechless.

For no less than a minute no-one spoke and no matter which way we looked, he was still missing. Then out of nowhere, he stood behind his wife Christine and had that huge grin plastered across his face, as he surveyed the stunned looks. I do remember that a few of the party pleaded with me to ask him what he did and how. As before I refused, knowing that whatever the answer was it would be cryptic and totally obscure. However, someone did ask the day after, and the answer was surprisingly unambiguous. What he said was that there was a curtain he stood behind for a while then came back. It was no big deal as that curtain/portal was always there for anybody to use, all they had to do was learn how to look properly.

I remember sometime after asking another Ramindjeri Elder, Wirritjin, about this apparently miraculous event, and was slightly taken aback by his description of this as a “party trick.” It is not that he was dismissing and casting doubt on what Karno did, but just giving it the proper perspective. What Karno did catch our attention for sure, but disappearing does not provide extra food on the table, create shelter or make something. It is purely entertainment with the potential to expand horizons and give us something to remember and talk about. The reality is that there were nine people who saw this and all neither question nor contend that it was real in every sense, and that what happened was clearly positioned outside the laws of white-fella science.

The Removalist

Not long after Graham’s visit/ceremony Christine rang me passing on Karno’s need for me to ring him. Normally she gives no clue as to what he wanted to talk about, but this time around was different as she did mention that he was concerned about Ros’ Rock 1.

Photo by Samarah Wood

When I rang, he began by asking whether Ros’ Rock 1 was in the house. It was a question that seemed a touch odd as I had kept him fully up to date with every rock either bought or found by others, and all archaeology conducted, and until now he had never asked for more details or placed any restrictions on what we did. I answered in the affirmative as that rock and some others were indeed safely secured in the house.

He made it clear that the rock was now more active, and it was dangerous for humans to be in close contact, and it had to moved outside. In adding to this request to reposition, he shared with me the Dreaming story associated with this rock which I think was given to help emphasise the importance and power of this rock. Karno was adamant that the engraved narrative on this rock was all about Aliens in the form of the goanna totem who wanted to meet and greet the Original people, but were thwarted by the human crow and eagle totems. And that impasse continued until the crow switched sides once realising that it would benefit both groups if they ceased hostilities and joined together.

Eagles Watch

It was around three months after Karno suggested that the rock vacate our premises when I came down to Karta for reasons I can no longer recall. Equally, as to why I was driving a small bus around the island is no clearer, but past these unknowns what happened once we were all seated inside the bus will never be forgotten.

Karno was sitting beside me as he knew where he was taking us and I didn’t, but right now his focus was not down on the ground but way up in the sky. As was mine, because directly beside me, at eye level was a wedge-tailed eagle flying at the same speed as the bus. It was no more than two metres from where I sat and maintained that positioning for over a minute. As did the eagle next to Karno, same height and speed as its compatriot, and all the time this happened Karno never stopped softly singing. Everyone in the bus was totally absorbed by the sudden appearance of the two eagles and equally, were fully aware of who sung them up. As it was at the Standing Stones site, the second that Karno stopped singing so too did both eagles fly away.

For maybe a few seconds I did entertain the thought of asking for an explanation but after Karno ceased singing that customary mischievous grin was plastered across his face, and I knew if I asked the reply would be something entirely enigmatic. Moreover, this was merely an entrée because we had now arrived at the first site Karno had chosen, and there standing on the beach waiting for Karno was a wedge-tailed eagle. Whether it was one of two that escorted us to this site, or a new entrant was unknown, but once we stopped Karno went over to the massive bird and sat beside it as we waited some distance away. They spent no less than three minutes in silent congress, and once Karno stood the bird departed.

Not a word was said by us, as Karno said nothing about their meeting and was more concerned about taking us to a site further along the beach. Not long after we were at the location Karno chose, and for reasons unknown yet again, it was just myself and Karno together and the rest of the group were a couple of hundred metres away.

Karno asked me what the arrangement of rocks about thirty metres from the shoreline was, and my response was both immediate and this was the second time I actually knew I was correct. “A rock fish trap.”

Finally, I got something right, but I never expected Karno’s response. “You better go and check it out.”

“What? Walk out there? I’ll have to take off my shoes and jeans first.”

“No need, just walk out there and make sure that it is a fish-trap.”

I was about to explain why I needed to remove my shoes and jeans, but one look into his eyes and the broad grin that accompanied, and I knew what had to be done. The beach faced south which meant the currents came from Antarctica, and even though I had the added protection of denim jeans and canvass sandshoes, it helped little, it was so cold. As I went further into the water the rest of the group had returned and taken up spectator positions and clearly found my journey into the deep amusing.

With a towel on the seat and saturated jeans and shoes driving the bus became somewhat moist, but within two minutes after departing the beach two more eagles were first spotted by Karno. He told me to stop the bus, so as to not disturb or distract them. After all, how many times have I seen two wedgetails mating? They were on a fence post close to the road, and for the next two minutes we waited until they finished and flew away.

We then made our way up a hill and upon reaching the crest we saw three men staggering out of an upturned badly damaged four-wheel-drive. The car was a mess and that all three were relatively unharmed was hard to fathom, but when talking to them there was something even more amazing and personal to absorb. From what they said, if we had not been stopped by the eagles, we may well have been rounding that same corner from the opposite direction, at the same time the driver lost control. When factoring in three eagle appearances leading up to the crash, it seems extremely likely none of this was coincidental but was providential, especially since Karno’s totem is the wedge-tailed eagle.

The First Rock Ceremony at Karta

Maintaining the same chronological order in our selection of Karno’s science and magic, the next event was close to a year after the eagle’s multiple performances and took place at the Culture Centre at Karta (Kangaroo Island). There was a three-day fire ceremony, and I was asked to bring as many of the sacred rocks I could to be part of the ceremony.

All up two suitcases carrying 25 kilograms each was as much as I could bring. The rocks were placed to the side of the fire pit and stayed there for the three days, and unbeknownst to me at the time, this all had immediate consequences.

What was also being addressed with these rocks was strict adherence to Original protocol and sacred business. It was Karno who first suggested this and was very keen to see it come to pass. He wanted all the rocks secure and open to public access in Ramindjeri tribal land with the Karta (Kangaroo Island) Culture Centre, which he managed, being the proposed Keeping Place. As Evan, Ros Mulder and I agreed to Karno’s request, it was decided that around fifteen rocks would stay with Karno, and once arrangements had been made to safely store and display all the rocks, the rest would join them. While the humans may have reached a consensus, not so the rocks. Karno accepted the fifteen rocks, knowing more were to come later, but I was never sure that the rocks were agreeable to a multi-staged agenda.

Karno is totally Old Way, from that perspective I am so far from where he is. He knows the songs, the Soul Language from which all other languages evolved, and he reeks of protocol, it drips out of every pour of his skin. He along with so many other Elders have assured me that I will be able to unlock the secrets and latent energy within these rocks, but the truth was at that stage my progress was minimal as the rocks were still sussing me out. To begin I didn’t know their protocol, whereas Karno surely did, but the point was I knew they would respond favourably to him immediately. It was like going home for them, while with me the jury was still out. For the rocks protocol is everything, and I just knew that so many rocks which were returning with me were not happy because Karno is completely and utterly Old Way and I’m merely a student at best. They knew their time on Ramindjeri land would come, but right now that didn’t count for much because the rocks given to Karno would be hidden and will remain so until the buildings and display of rocks in formation will be safe and protected. Irrespective of which rocks stayed or returned, just under two hundred were carefully wrapped and packed into the two suitcases.

I just managed to get a seat on the last plane out of Adelaide which got to Sydney very late, way too late to get a flight to Byron Bay. So, I booked a room in a cheap hotel/motel simply because it was so close to the Domestic Airport, and since I had two suitcases with forty odd kilograms of rocks inside to drag along, a distance of 800 metres made a booking there obligatory.

I had a poor night’s sleep with the rocks in the unit, they and I just could not settle down. The only benefit was that I was up early for the flight, but crossing the only main road between the motel and airport was a daunting task. The flow of traffic just never seemed to stop and with no pedestrian crossing nearby, I figured eventually there would be break in the traffic caused by stop lights somewhere close by. After over five minutes waiting, I did see up ahead what seemed to be a gap. Fortunately, the driver of a semi-trailer could see me and seemed to be waving his hand across which I took as an invitation to quickly proceed.

With both wheeled suitcases at my side, I felt the gap was sufficient, but after taking two steps onto the road as my left foot was preparing to continue forward, it felt like I was ‘ankle-tapped.’ When playing football and running past a defender and seemingly out of reach, the person passed sometimes dives to ground and reaches out with the closest hand in an attempt to flick the ankle so that the player carrying the ball stumbles and then falls. Well, I wasn’t playing football as such but something with considerable force pulled my ankle, and I fell face first onto the bitumen. I let go off the bags and extended my hands in attempt to cushion the impact of the fall, but first up my main concern and focus was the truck that had its brakes applied and was swerving as it got closer. I could see both the smoke and expression on the driver’s face, strangely enough everything seemed to slow down, and as the wheels got much closer the main issue was whether it could stop in time, because I was now laying in a position where the truck was heading towards.

It did stop, no more than two metres from where I was still lying. Both hands were bleeding and my left-hand had a large chunk of flesh missing, which has since grown back but is decidedly lighter in flesh colour to this day. My cheek and forehead had hit the road and was also bleeding, but when it came to more serious damage I was in reasonable shape. I picked up both bags and got off the road which saw the traffic pick up speed. The two hankies I found did a reasonable job of stopping the flow of blood. Turning up two minutes later with a torn bloodied shirt, plus hankies wrapped around both hands at the counter to get my baggage checked, certainly got quite a few second glances.

The rocks tripped me, of that there is no question. This was their way of voicing their displeasure and reminding me that they have the final say. My suspicion was they knew I would survive, and this was their way of letting me know who pulls and trips the strings. The only definite that can be taken out of their protest was that if they had not met Karno, my hands, cheek and forehead would not be shredded and bleeding. However, they also knew the Cuture Centre needed funding and extensions, and further on very soon after Karno passed over the entire complex was White-fella legally stolen from the Ramindjeri and they were literally evicted from the island. So, putting all the rocks on the island then would have been a disaster, and those that were left behind have been hidden ever since.

From my first meeting with Karno and Christine until some rocks were left behind at Karta spanned a nearly a decade, and when I wasn’t visiting in South Australia, I stayed in contact with Karno via the phone. Normally it was Christine that would ring alerting me to the need to ring Karno as he had something to share, and these phone calls were never more than three weeks apart. So even though much of our contact was not face-to-face, it was the next best alternative, and it meant all our archaeology in the field was always discussed and analysed by Karno. If an error in protocol or procedures did occur, which was not often, Karno would always point out my mistake and the measures that needed to be taken to remediate.

Then everything changed when he passed over.

The Rock Workshop in Adelaide

This was first time I had come back to Adelaide since Karno had died, and from my stance I had no good news to share. Despite all the assurances over how I will lock into the rock’s inner secrets, my mystical cupboard was bare and as for changing this non-state of affairs, I had nothing beyond a request I did expect to be denied.

Photo by Ildi Budai

From the time Karno first knew of the increasing ensemble of sacred rocks, he was absolute in his directive that no-one but me could ever touch rocks like these. To do so, from his perspective, was a 100% guarantee of grief or much worse. The reason why Evan and I came this time was to put on a rock workshop at the Irish Club in Adelaide. The recurring issue was that at a superficial level I had plenty to say in regard to the evidence apparent on the surface of these rocks which could never come about through any application of stick, stone and bone technology. That was easy, but when it came to the inner secrets, the power and magic residing within, I had nothing bar the clues Karno gave me in relation to Ros’ Rock 1.

The only solution I could offer to this impasse was to allow the Original Elders who had come to the workshop to hold the rocks and see what eventuated. There were about 60 people in attendance and quite a few were Original, which was an encouraging first step, but as to whether any could actually touch the rocks, well that was a moot point and one I raised with the Ramindjeri Elders. I spoke to a group of five Elders explaining my predicament which in practical terms meant I had half the content needed to make this the day long event it was advertised to be.

After explaining why I wanted to contravene Karno’s edict the Elders said they would discuss the matter privately and let me know what their decision was. As I began the presentation I explained why I asked for an exemption, and at that stage Unbulara rose and announced that after careful consideration they had decided Karno’s ban on anyone but me touching these rocks still stood and under no conditions would that be annulled. My immediate reaction was simply that I just did not have the content to last a full day and I was pondering over announcing a partial refund as the presentation began. Just as I was going to interrupt my opening explanation as to the abridged timetable, Unbulara stood and asked for permission to speak on Karno’s behalf. She said that Karno just made contact with her and told her that until midday anyone, irrespective of colour, can hold the rocks.

Three people immediately volunteered, and in what was a reflection of Wirritjin, all three were non-Original. But there was much more to this day, the rocks were literally charged up and turned on and no-one doubts for a millisecond that this was also at Karno’s initiative. Three different people brought measuring devices called tri-field meters and the needles on all three were reaching the maximum level as they were held over individual rocks. Many of the rocks that reacted were somewhat plainer and less dramatic in presentation, it really was a totally unexpected and welcome change in circumstances.

One particular reaction shocked all of us, and in particular Chris Blackmore who held his hand above the speckled white grandmother healing rock. Sparks of electricity jumped out of the rock into his hand hovering ten centimetres above. Such was the strength of reaction the tripod upon a which a camera was stationed was actually visibly vibrating. This was the day when the rocks began to share their narrative and legacy, and yes Karno’s body was no longer present, but his spirit was there and instrumental in activating and opening up the rocks.

Knock, Knock, “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door”(1)

Soon after the workshop the Culture Centre was legally taken from the Ramindjeri. Right now it serves no purpose in discussing the immorality, deceit and injustice in this theft and eviction beyond stating what those in control did was a cultural outrage and insult of the highest possible order. No-one has a justifiable explanation as to why this happened, but we have no doubt that the agreed positioning of the sacred rocks was a contributing factor. Once the eviction took place, the rocks no longer had a collective home, and that uncertainty left all our plans in a state of suspension with no light at the end of the tunnel.

I had nothing, and assumed all hope was lost in regards to displaying the rocks in formation on Ramindjeri land. So committed were we to this goal none of us had a Plan B, except Karno.

I woke one morning and for reasons unknown I decided to walk over to the curtains and pull them back. I had never done so before, but today it seemed like a good idea. And there perched on the roof but with its head bent leaning towards me, was a huge wedge-tailed eagle. I think most people would assume that upon pulling the curtains back the eagle was too close for comfort and would fly away. Not this one, not this time, it just kept staring directly at me. And as it did my mind was overwhelmed with one thought, the rocks must go on Ramindjeri tribal land, nowhere else would suffice, it just had to be there or nowhere else. Granted we had no location now, but that was irrelevant, the message was clear and simple that in the future the offer of a place would come to pass. Which, by the way, did take place a few years later and the location offered was on Ramindjeri land.

From that appearance of Karno in his totem spirit form until now, I have held fast to this feathered messenger from on high’s guarantee.

There was One, Then Four, Three Soon After and Then One Again

Never for a second did I expect Karno would appear in his totem form of the eagle when I was on country with two Original Elders examining the complete skeleton of a no-forehead Alien being at a burial site. I spent two days at different sites with a party of nearly twenty volunteers, the first day was at the burial site and the second was spent at three Original sites relatively close by.

Undeniably the archaeological highlight was examining the being that was neither a sapien nor hominid, but the spiritual blessing at the end of proceedings was no less intense or memorable. We gathered at the car park near a series of rock formations that looked decidedly artificial, our two days had come to a close and we were preparing to leave the site, when directly above us I first saw one wedge-tailed eagle circling.

I just knew instantly from first sighting that the eagle was Karno, and told the others. None disagreed and what then followed only reinforced my claim of his temporary custodianship, within a minute three other eagles joined the first eagle as they continued circling directly above. Not long after the eagle I identified as being Karno, peeled off to the west, and the others followed evenly spaced in a single file. Then the leading eagle flew direct upwards, above the clouds and seemed to disappear, but about one minute later it descended and returned to the position above us. It then circled one last time then made its way towards the single file.

Undeniably many may claim there is no empirical proof Karno was involved and moreover, Karno was human and these carnivorous birds are not. Correct on both counts, but since Karno’s passing, we have had eagle signs around our property of such quantity and quality that this appearance merely fits into an established pattern.

And Then There was One

As amazing and spectacular as these Karno feats were, they still are as a colleague of his, Wirritjin, put it, merely “party tricks.” It was always more about what Karno said than did. His knowledge of Old Way Original culture and lore was unsurpassed and literally priceless. But this isn’t all about the past, his main focus was on what was coming, and in particular, how his doctrine of Wirritjin could be applied in future days.

Right now, we have lost our Dreaming and it has been replaced with a nightmare of reality shows, fear in the streets and between the sheets. And every day the content gets worse. It is time to start a new conversation, not with the politicians, cartels and those who manufacture the news bulletins, but with yourself. In doing so use a language that empowers the soul and planet. The Spirit/Soul language Frederic Slater and Karno Walker. understood is both the solution and our salvation. Karno is real, so is the First Language, everything else is secondary at best and more than likely a permanent distraction.

And then there was one, it is either Karno’s way or no way, and we all get to choose, but it’s all or nothing this time around, as there is no second choice.


(1) Bob Dylan, 1973. “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door”, from Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid (Soundtrack), (Columbia Records).

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