Our Alien Ancestry:
Mary Magdalene & Gnostic Scriptures

Chapter 25 Replay

We are of the belief that Gnosticism is without doubt the closet connection of all mainstream religions to the Dreaming. Within our investigation there are two areas of particular interest. Firstly, our comparisons to the sayings in the Gospel of Thomas and wisdom of Kakadu Elder Big Bill Neidjie, has so much in common and literally nothing in opposition. In Thomas Jesus said he is merely “tending a bubbling spring,” so too is Bill Neidjie. Equally, as Gnosticism was based around and overriding equality between male and female, so too is it agreed that in Australia Original women’s magic is at a higher level than men’s magic. That shared respect for the feminine leads to Mary Magdalene’s role in the ministry of Jesus, it is our belief they were partners, and that Mary was far more aware, knowledgeable and advanced that all other disciples.