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Sun, Sep 24


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To Look Forward, We Look Back - Chapter 33


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To Look Forward, We Look Back - Chapter 33
To Look Forward, We Look Back - Chapter 33

Time & Location

Sep 24, 2023, 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM GMT+10

Online Event

About the event

In some parts of Australia, especially in the more remote locations, there are real issues evolving around crime, despair and lack of opportunities for Original people, and in particular those of a younger age. In recent times, the declining state of affairs in Alice Springs has been front and centre. It is undeniable that billions of dollars have been spent in trying to remediate and many national targets have been set, yet are rarely met. But the problem is all the drama, crime and despair are merely symptoms, and there is a local solution that is far cheaper and guaranteed to succeed.

   And that solution is the primary focus of this presentation. This all about a vision some Old Way Elders and Keepers of Culture and Lore know will work, and the best thing is, if this did work and set a precedent, that there is no colour or race requirement here. What some of the local Original people of Alice Springs want to do is bring back ceremonies for the young ones, to revive the mystical, magical and meaningful. To teach them Old Ways and wisdom that binds them to the Earth and their spirit. It is their belief that once ceremonies, rituals and Old Ways are shared and taught, the anger and frustration that gnaws away will step aside as these apprentices begin to understand and see the Old Ways for what they are.

   The Old Way Elders have a vision but for such a venture to succeed it has to be a partnership. And for such an arrangement to be fostered, Uncle Frank Ansell and Binnah Pownall will provide all the details, plans and needs to make something that is so utterly grass-roots succeed. For so long in so many presentations we have returned to the so important missing societal key, a lack of ceremony or rite of passage for our young. What used to be an initiation into a mystical ladder is now a pen-and-paper inquisition into how well the student can recite and recall what Mick Jagger saw as “useless information.” They will explain what they are doing and equally how this partnership can develop.

   Our presentation will continue on this recurring theme of what the Hopi refer to as Old Teachings, in looking at how Original people in Australia thrived before Cook. The most recent archaeology we have just finished is a report on a site that actually gives some fascinating extentions in establishing how incredibly important satisfying the esoteric and spiritual concerns were. We intend to examine in detail quite a few ancient sites in Australia. Along with this internal examination, right now we need to return to a new old piece of archaeology I recently held in my hands, that is clearly part of an ancient Egyptian presence in Australia. That Egyptian archaeology, along the decaying situation in relation to the Kariong Egyptian hieroglyphs is yet another part of the stolen history of this country, just as is the case with the Old Way ceremonies. But fortunately, while they are both part of an eternal truth that is gone right now, it was never forgotten and will return.

   The monthly interview with Mezreth and his spokesperson/interlocutor Lea, will be centred on the same Old Way content, with of course an Egyptian detour.

We strongly urge you to join us for this chapter, and if you want, you can become part of something so ancient that lacks affiliations with every agency and institution, but has to be the only forward for humanity and our children.

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