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Sat, Apr 29


Online Conference

Our Alien Ancestry: Yowies & Cryptids - Chapter 28

A free and unforgettable show!

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Our Alien Ancestry: Yowies & Cryptids - Chapter 28
Our Alien Ancestry: Yowies & Cryptids - Chapter 28

Time & Location

Apr 29, 2023, 9:00 AM GMT+10 – Apr 30, 2023, 3:00 PM GMT+10

Online Conference

About the event

We have spoken about Yowies previously and made note of our original reluctance to speak publicly about these gigantic beings, and equally, now that we have been in direct and constant contact with Yowies, we have no choice but to pursue this topic. But unlike the sacred rocks, rings, bones and archaeological sites, we are merely novices in the ‘Yowie field.’ Until they literally came knocking on our back door and so much more, our knowledge was and still is rudimentary.

   What has become so clear is that we have underestimated and misunderstood virtually everything about Yowies and still have barely scratched the surface. We did assume that Yowies were a cruder and less aware hominid sub-species, the reality is that the opposite is actually the case.

   This presentation is an attempt to clarify and illuminate through delving deeper, as all four of our guests are actively involved in researching and investigating Yowies out in the bush. Through Sarah Bignall’s assistance in contacting the most appropriate people, she, along with Buck, Gary and John, will add so much more substance and depth to the real Australian Yowie story. All of these people have been looking in places were reports of Yowie sightings are most prevalent. They have seen, heard, smelt and sensed their presence and will share with our audience so much about these mysterious and wise beings with a decidedly magical disposition.

   For the first time, owing to having four other speakers our customary session time of two hours will be halved. Our presentation is limited to the Yowies who turned up on our property about six months ago, and from then until now have never left. What has become crystal clear is that these huge beings are far more intelligent, powerful and magical than any human. What they have shared with us is more than we could ever expected, but first and foremost, is their intention to come out of hiding. They are aware the Earth is ascending, and that many humans will not be able to exist once the vibration of this planet (Schumann Resonance) maintains a permanent high setting, and when that happens, they will come out of hiding and perhaps begin a conversation with the smaller residents allowed to remain.

   When Lea and I are in conversation with Mezreth, the main topic will be the same Yowies. We have briefly raised their existence earlier, but intend to delve deeper into their history, talents and relationship with humans. All up with Mezreth, our recent personal dealings and the extensive research conducted by our four esteemed guests as our guide posts, we do hope to get a better understanding as to how, why and what next.

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