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Sun, Nov 28


Crowdcast Online Event

Our Alien Ancestry: Mystical Ways & Historical Days - Chapter 16

We're going to the mystical lands of America.

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Our Alien Ancestry: Mystical Ways & Historical Days - Chapter 16
Our Alien Ancestry: Mystical Ways & Historical Days - Chapter 16

Time & Location

Nov 28, 2021, 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM GMT+11

Crowdcast Online Event

About the event

As always, all our presentations relate to just before, during and after the change in everything coming out of the ceremonies held at Uluru December 21. Our sole focus for some time has been Australia, while Chapter 16 takes a geographical detour in centring on a different location: America.

   Dr Rita Louise, who kindly agreed to join us in this ensemble, has a keen and profound interest in the mechanisms that create, foster or destabilise the American experience. As the transformation accelerates, human constructs will crumble and there is a real and present need to simply know what can be transferred and what must be left behind. Dr. Rita can clearly see both sides of this widening divide, but make no mistake while her observations may relate to her home country, they apply everywhere.

   Leonard O’Neill is an American commentator with undoubted expertise in a wide variety of what some mistakenly refer to as the ‘paranormal’ truths. As with Dr. Rita, we have asked him to address the current state of affairs in America, but this time focussing on the presence of UFOs in America. After the official contradictory semi-admission by the USA gov’t, we felt that clarification and a real understanding of what these UFO’s are and perhaps the reasons why they came is needed, and Leonard is an excellent source and resource to assist in reclaiming the real truth.

   The third thread in this investigation and analysis has to have a mystical inspiration, for in the immediate future understanding why we exist and acknowledging Nature and magic, is essential and pivotal. We asked Paul and Phoebe to fill in that breach, and even though they are residing in Australia, they have spent most of their lives on a spiritual pilgrimage throughout the planet and that obviously includes considerable time spent in both American continents. Their journey is personal and anecdotal in complexion, and it will be as compelling as it is crucial in understanding how to cope with the oncoming global renaissance and what each soul has to balance and cleanse.

   Our contribution in this American narrative is solely scientific in setting and completely Australian Original in ancient ancestry. At a time that may well stretch back into six figures, Original people were living in America. There are hundreds of Original bones and skulls in America, footsteps, artefacts, genes and tools that have an Australian imprint. Such is the rapidly increasing discovery of so many bones, relics and sites that are Original, some dated to be over half a million years old, it really is beyond dispute that the first settlers in America came from Australia.

   In concluding our presentation Lea and I will continue with Part 7 of our question and answer sessions with Mezreth (our Alien guide and advisor). We do accept that our claim that Lea is in communication with an Alien of great standing and knowledge is sensational and utterly unprovable. But, can we recommend that before levelling such a critique could we suggest that the sceptic listen to the six earlier interviews and assess the quality of his replies, then pass judgment. Often utterly unexpected, but invariably so deep and insightful, I approach each session with equal amounts of awe and uncertainty. On this occasion our main topic relates to animals, trees, rocks and other forms of non-human life on this planet.


  • 2 hours

    Steve & Evan Strong

  • 1 hour 15 minutes

    Leonard O'Neil

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