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Sun, Nov 06


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Our Alien Ancestry: Mary Magdalene & Gnostic Scriptures - Chapter 25

The esoteric path of Christianity.

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Our Alien Ancestry: Mary Magdalene & Gnostic Scriptures - Chapter 25
Our Alien Ancestry: Mary Magdalene & Gnostic Scriptures - Chapter 25

Time & Location

Nov 06, 2022, 9:00 AM – 1:50 PM GMT+11

Online Event

About the event

Our guests in this conference are Lyn Pickett & Clive Prince. Their expertise is based around the esoteric path of Christianity, whether that includes the true history of the Knights Templar. The Cathars, Mary Magdalene,  the Gnostic teachings and above all of this the Catholic Church did everything it could to suppress and destroy, they are agreed to be one the best and most authoritative duo of scholars on the planet. It is a great honour and privilege to have experts of this level on our show. What they will be sharing is the true story of how two strands of Christianity were always an uncomfortable match, why that division came about, and most importantly how badly things turned out once the Gnostic philosophy and wisdom was deliberately hidden and intentionally destroyed.

      We will be joining Lyn Pickett & Clive Prince in our examination of the same Gnostic tradition, with our focus locked into the Gnostic links to what we believe was the first global spiritual Lore and Religion called the Dreaming. We ae of the belief that Gnosticism is without doubt the closet connection of all mainstream religions to the Dreaming. Within our investigation there are two areas of particular interest. Firstly, our comparisons to the sayings in the Gospel of Thomas and wisdom of Kakadu Elder Big Bill Neidjie, has so much in common and literally nothing in opposition. In Thomas Jesus said he is merely “tending a bubbling spring,” so too is Bill Neidjie. Equally, as Gnosticism was based around and overriding equality between male and female, so too is it agreed that in Australia Original women’s magic is at a higher level than men’s magic. That shared respect for the feminine leads to Mary Magdalene’s role in the ministry of Jesus, it is our belief they were partners, and that Mary was far more aware, knowledgeable and advanced that all other disciples.

      Along with our comparisons we have a late inclusion, some sacred rocks of incredible power, exquisite design and importance are with us for a short period of time and before repatriation back of the tribal estate they were taken off in 1959, not only will we be talking about these new additions and their amazing story. They will be part of a sacred arrangement of eighty odd other sacred rocks, which will be used in a meditation exercise in the workshop for attendees the day before. What we are going to do is as each person who is sitting inside the rock circle the day before for fifteen minutes, we are going to try to do the same thig on line. We will leave the circle undisturbed, and after our presentation instead of the customary break in transmission between talks of 15 minutes between talks, we will place the camera between the rocks for that 15 minutes to create an electronic and distant meditative equivalent. We have done something similar before during the second solstice ceremony, and the results were surprisingly successful and worth the attempt again.

      In closing Lea and Mezereth will be answering questions put together by myself that relate to the major global religions of Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam. I am really looking forward to Mezereth’s responses and can guarantee some will be totally unexpected.


  • 2 hours

    Steven & Evan Strong

  • 1 hour 15 minutes

    Lyn Pickett & Clive Prince

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