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Sun, Nov 05


Online Conference

Our Alien Ancestry: Kariong Calling - Chapter 34


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Our Alien Ancestry: Kariong Calling - Chapter 34
Our Alien Ancestry: Kariong Calling - Chapter 34

Time & Location

Nov 05, 2023, 9:00 AM – 2:30 PM GMT+11

Online Conference

About the event

Last night there was a media releases which spoke of the “light damage” of a sacred stand of Original stones due to some type of explosion. It was the outcome of the mining activities of the same company which two years earlier blew up a sacred cave at Yukon Gorge. Up our way time is short before the Standing Stones site will be legally subdivided and gazetted into residential lots. All over Australia known sacred sites are being intentionally destroyed, many of which we are actively involved in defending and validating, and regrettably one of those sites under attack includes the intensive cluster of incredibly important sites that radiate around the Kariong hieroglyphs.

   We had pulled away from the struggle and ongoing acrimony, until reading two comments given by the anointed spokesperson for the Darkinjung Lands Council. Barry Duncan stated as an absolute fact that the guardian grandmother tree is merely a “tourist” attraction and is totally lacking in any cultural authenticity. He went on to add that all land under their control was theirs alone to develop as they see fit. That alone is merely repeating what Phillip and the invading British preached and stole as their mantra, but that is happening with Lands Council all over the state (with government backing and support). That’s just more of the same, but the part about the Grandmother tree was a huge step too far.

   Aunty Beve was our only Original mentor when on her country, every time we looked or ventured an opinion Aunty Beve was our first and last authority to run past. She told us all about that tree, it was beyond special, and she made it obligatory to give ceremony to the tree before venturing further towards the three- hundred-odd engraved hieroglyphs. She was the last-full descent Darkinooong Elder and our only Elder when on country. The last ceremony she held was at that tree, which is not a lie or tourist invention, but a sacred real spirit tree. What this amounted to is calling Aunty Beve a liar about Original sacred and secret business. It is for this reason and insult alone we are putting on this presentation and making one last attempt to stop this desecration.

   Fighting for this site has been ongoing and well past a decade long, knowing Nina Angelo has been front and centre throughout, and since even the government has acknowledged with an O. A. M. that she is such a brilliant community negotiator and inspiration, I asked her to gather a few other speakers who could pass on their wisdom, insights and issues faced. To that end we are extremely honoured to have both Aunty Colleen Fuller and Lisa Bellamy joining Nina in explaining why this sacred area is so important and utterly unique.

   Our role is simple, to present the most compelling archaeological and historical case validating what Aunty Beve showed and instructed us in regard to the Kariong site, but just as important is the surrounding archaeology we have seen. The reality is once all the evidence in the immediate vicinity, along with the four pieces of evidence, three of which have been validated by an analysis conducted by one of the top laboratories in this country, the real thruths about this site are undeniable.

   As always, our presentation concludes with a session with our off-planet Alien mentor and guide, Mezreth. Remaining within the same general theme, some of the questions asked will be centred on sacred sites in this country, and hopefully some specifics can be directed towards Kariong’s three sandstone walls full of engraved hieroglyphs.

"Aunty Beve was the last Initiated Elder, but not the last Elder. I am a respected Elder of the Darkinoong Mob. I would like to also say that Renee Sales the Grandaughter of Tommy Sales (who was one who formed and named the Original Darkinjung Land Council), should be soon acknowledged as an Elder even though she is young. We should also acknowledge the Guringai Mob who are the main Original Custodians of the Kariong area, even though the Name of the Mob has been disputed by trolls from the Land Council, Aunty Tracey Howie and Uncle Paul Craig are Respected Elders and direct Descendants of Bungaree who walk beside us to protect the Sacred Sites in Kariong and the Greater Central Coast."

(Aunty Colleen Fuller)

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