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Sun, May 28


Online Conference

Our Alien Ancestry: Book Launch - Chapter 29


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Our Alien Ancestry: Book Launch - Chapter 29
Our Alien Ancestry: Book Launch - Chapter 29

Time & Location

May 28, 2023, 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM GMT+10

Online Conference

About the event

Due to the very recent release of two books from our team, and another from the Eden series penned by Paul Wallis, this online conference is all about those three books. Even though all three books vary greatly in content, Paul’s book references biblical texts and ancient writings, while we examine the written records of the First Global Language and the advice of an Alien by the name of Mezreth, they are all bound together through their connection to the deeds, words and intentions of beings whose origin is not from planet Earth.

   As we are back to our normal format and timing, we will return to a two-hour session in devoting equal time to Interview with an Alienand Frederic Slater: Genius or Mischievous. The first book is a record of ten transcripts myself and Lea had when conducting question and answer sessions with Lea’s off-world mentor and guide Mezreth. His responses are so deep and often as enigmatic as they are cryptic, but in each case extremely insightful. This is not the normal UFO content in such topics on Alien activity, and in most respects is more philosophical and spiritual in its direction. Quite simply what Mezreth offers is best summed up on the back cover of this book. What I wrote was “if I was to offer the impossible, to be able to speak to the Creator of Everything and ask everything you want, surely only a fool would decline. But what if the next-in-line was willing and able to tell you everything, would you be agreeable to have a series of conversations?” And that is what will be doing, reading a selection of his comments along with Lea and I trying to fully comprehend, which was and still is a task well beyond our abilities.

   The second book is an fairly brief introduction to a book written by Frederic Slater that was, until six months ago assumed lost or most likely destroyed in a London Publishing House during World War 2. That book, plus many of his papers, was retrieved and the first section of his book, Scribes of the Stone Age has been published along with some accompanying and supporting chapters Evan and I put together. Slater had exclusive access to notes taken by Eliza Dunlop in the 1830’s that gave a complete ‘dictionary’ of what every ancient engraving meant, anywhere on this planet. He claimed that this language, often referred to as Soul or Spirit Language, was part of a time when humans were at their most “civilised.” He believed that all religions and knowledge was sourced from Australia, and that this language was so secret and sacred that all other languages that came after are pale inferior reflections. This opening book focuses on the first section of Slater’s book that leads up to him revealing all the sacred base words, but until fully understanding the real truth about Slater’s legacy and personal journey, which we will cover first, there is no point in actually examining the words until we have presented the Book of Discoveries and substantiated his claims with archaeology on the ground. The second section is complete and will be published soon, but until the air is cleared and truth fully canvassed, it had to be held back.

   Paul Wallis has really opened up a new approach in a massive area, he has proved that so much written in the Bible and other ancient texts has an Alien influence and so much more. He continues in his research in presenting utterly compelling “evidence of ancient ET contact in the Bible’s deep past.” What he is trying to rediscover and realign is an attempt to salvage “lost secrets” that made humans magicians, philosophers and seekers of esoteric truths. This book, like the three already published, is unique in that Paul has no problem or discomfort in clearing away the semantics, grammar and revisions in determining that the terms Aliens and Gods in the sky are interchangeable.

   Join us in our journey through our past and immediate future, it is all a matter of reading the lines and what lays in between.

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