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Sun, Feb 26


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Our Alien Ancestry: Ancient Alien Artefacts, Skulls & Beings - Chapter 26


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Our Alien Ancestry: Ancient Alien Artefacts, Skulls & Beings - Chapter 26
Our Alien Ancestry: Ancient Alien Artefacts, Skulls & Beings - Chapter 26

Time & Location

Feb 26, 2023, 9:00 AM – 2:30 PM GMT+11

Online Event

About the event

Ancient Alien Archaeology in Australia and America

When it comes to any report of UFO’s flying through the sky there are always questions and maybes as to whether they actually exist and who is at the controls. However, the Alien archaeology found by us, and Dr. Cesar, is totally convincing and leaves no room for doubt or question marks.

   From Von Däniken until today we have seen a lot of compelling photographic evidence that something unusual is moving through the skies, but when it comes to Alien archaeology found in the ground in the form of skulls, bones, metal artefacts and rock engravings we had believed our contribution sat at the top of the list. Not anymore, what Dr. Cesar Alejandro Soriano Rios has seen, photographed, investigated and photographed, is at the very least equal first, and to be honest is in front.

   This combined presentation is all about ‘as on top; business. We are examining Original Australian archaeology, while Cesar is focussing on the artefacts and skeletons in Central and Southern America. Cesar has a PhD, worked in the field with Universities and NASA, and the ancient remains of bones and skulls he has examined is clearly neither sapien nor hominid. Some are of beings so incredibly small, others taller and slimmer and then there are skulls of a variety of shapes outside the parameters of all hominid craniums. There is so much he is working on that does not fit into any non-Alien ancient history narrative, what really caught us unprepared was not only the tiny skeletons, but the buildings and dwellings made for the extremely small. It will be fascinating presentation, so much of it is really beyond any doubt.

Our contribution includes bones and skulls, that are neither hominid or sapien in origin, metal objects containing metals not listed on any Earth-based periodical table, a carved stone head that again does not resemble any human body, engravings of UFOs along with a Dreaming Stories that are solely based on off-world participants residing/visiting Australia.

   Our first intention is to compile an impressive multi-continental fact sheet proving that Aliens do exist and have taken a long-term interest in this planet and its residents. Once completed, we then intend to deal with what we believe is the most pressing issue, why are they here and what motivated them to come and stay? I intend to ask our off-world guide and mentor Mezreth, a series of questions that delve deeper into why they came, the impact of the global ceremony that took place at Uluru in December 2022 and how that ties into Old Way prophecies of the Hopi, Innuit, Cherokee and many Original tribes heralding an ascension in Earthly vibration and the choices each human must make.

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