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Chapter 7

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Meet the Presenters

This will be the last chapter to be held before the Original ceremony to be held at Uluru on December 21 at 9:02 pm, December 21. Because of this, it is entirely appropriate for the speakers and topics all have an Original perspective. 

Steven&Evan Strong

The Out of Australia Theory: Authors, Researchers, Progressive Archaeo-Historians & Speakers.


Right people, right time at the right place for the looming prophecy.

Binnah Pownall

In the spirit in what comes next Binnah is heavily involved in a pragmatic attempt to blend Original and non-Original people in a large community under the guiding principle set out in the Dreaming and Old Way thinking. This is not a commune but a town living tribally and could a prominent way forward in the changed reality that could be forming after December 21st.


Uncle Lewis Walker

Old Ways men's culture, ceremonies, the battle they face in saving essential cultural and technological sites at Tabulum Bridge that is currently being destroyed.

Aunty Minnie Mace

Old Way Culture, Women's Lore, Presence of Egyptians in Australia for a long period, Her take the Uluru ceremonies.


Lionel Lauch

Stunning player of the Yidaki (Didjerdoo) of the highest order thru healing the body and soul, Lionel is also a knowledgable Morongton Culture keeper of dreaming tracks, bush Tukka and Old Way Lore.

Hosted by

Lea Kapiteli

Is an author, blogger, artist, psychic and extra-terrestrial contactee...and a conference organiser!


The Event Schedule

Melbourne, Australia Time

9 AM Introduction

9:10 AM Steven & Evan Strong

Break 15 minutes

11:15 AM Binnah Pownall

Break 15 minutes

12 PM Uncle Lewis Walker

Break 15 minutes

1:30 PM Aunty Minnie Mace

Break 15 minutes

3 PM Lionel Lauch

Finale 4:30 PM 

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What if I can't make it live?

If you're unable to join us live, it's no problem. All ticket holders will have access to the event recordings for four weeks after the event to catch up on missed sessions. Each session is recorded.

What if I only want to listen to one session?

Tickets included access to all sessions throughout the entire one day conference. You'll receive these sessions as a bonus - if you'd like to watch them in addition to the session you're interested in, that's fantastic. 

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What time is it?

Upon purchasing your ticket, the date and time are only set for Melbourne, Australia. Please check for your time zone so you don't miss the live event. If it's too late or too early, don't worry, you can view the event a month up to the next conference!

How do I access the sessions?

We use Crowdcast to stream live, to switch between sessions, look to the top left of the page to see SCHEDULE and next to that 'more' press that to see a drop-down menu for all the previous sessions. 

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