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Chapter 6

November 28: 4PM (Los Angeles) | 7PM (New York) 

November 29: 7AM (Perth) | 9AM (Melbourne)

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Meet the Presenters

After a long and chaotic history, what comes next for humanity and aliens on earth?

Steven&Evan Strong

The Out of Australia Theory: Authors, Researchers, Progressive Archaeo-Historians & Speakers

Anomalous Sites in Australia, sacred rocks from Australia & USA, Little People.

Paul Wallis

Paul Anthony Wallis is a popular speaker, researcher and author of books on spirituality and mysticism. His work probes the world's mythologies for their insight into human origins and human potential.

Atlantis, Lemuria and wisdom of Plato/Socrates.

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Solreta Antaria

Internationally renowned psychic,  Clairvoyant from a young age, Solreta has long been aware of other dimensional realities and is also an ET/UFO Experiencer. Best known as an ET Communicator. 

Solreta will be covering the star languages and the wonders of alien contact.

Belinda Rich

She has a BA in Archaeology and Palaeoanthropology and a MA in History, undertaken archaeological work in Central QLD and NSW, and recently involved with the Lismore Regional Museum and various historical research projects.

Little People in Australia and Dr. Mike Morwood's work in Flores on the Hobbits


Bob Newton

Bob Newton, the Rogue Researcher, has dedicated his life to investigating lost and forgotten civilizations around the world.

The Misconceptions of "The Lost Continent of Mu" that have kept us from locating this lost world, and defining it as the vessel that contains the bones, and ash of Civilizations X-Y&Z. Misconceptions that we've accepted, as the end of the search. 

Hosted by

Lea Kapiteli

Is an author, blogger, artist, psychic and extra-terrestrial contactee...and a conference organiser!

The Event Schedule

Melbourne, Australia Time

9 AM Introduction

9:10 AM Steven & Evan Strong

Break 15 minutes

11:15 AM Bob Newton

Break 15 minutes

12:45 PM Belinda Rich

Break 15 minutes

1:30 PM Paul Wallis

Break 15 minutes

3 PM Solreta Antaria

Finale 4:30 PM 

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Tickets included access to all sessions throughout the entire one day conference. You'll receive these sessions as a bonus - if you'd like to watch them in addition to the session you're interested in, that's fantastic. 

Will there be a recording of the conference available?

Yes, all ticket holders will have access to the event recordings for one week after the event to catch up on any sessions they missed.

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