Our Alien Ancestry: International Addition

Chapter 5

October 24: 4PM (Los Angeles) | 7PM (New York) 

October 25: 7AM (Perth) | 9AM (Melbourne)

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Edited and directed by Bob Newton, the Rogue Researcher.

Meet the Presenters

Bringing the knowledge of our alien ancestry with world-renown speakers.

Steven&Evan Strong

The Out of Australia Theory: Authors, Researchers, Progressive Archaeo-Historians & Speakers

Standing Stones Site, genetics, smaller section on skulls & rings.

Klaus Dona

Is a well known and respected artifact researcher and museum curator hailing from Vienna, Austria. Klaus has one of the world's largest collections of evidence in anomalous and unexplained artifacts. Klaus has devoted many years of travel, during which he documented the findings that official science could not explain. Pyramids, the ancient city flooded by the ocean, the inhuman skull design, a huge human skeletons, crystal skulls, carvings and items containing information that they should not contain, maps of Antarctica under the ice, and Antlantydy – physical evidence that humanity just repealed the curtain related to our heritage.  


Dr. Rita Louise

Bestselling author, Dr. Rita Louise is a consummate researcher who passionately explores topics such as ancient mysteries, Ufology, mythology, health and healing, ghosts, intuition, and the paranormal. She is the author of five books and the producer of a number of feature-length and film shorts. A public speaker in high demand, Dr. Louise has appeared on radio, television and on film and has spoken at conferences around the United States. Her writings have appeared in books, magazines and newsletters around the world.

Dr. Rita offers a new theory regarding out shrouded history. It incorporates perspectives from a variety of disciplines that challenges many of humanity's most dearly held beliefs about who we are and where
we come from.​

Michael Tellinger

I connect the dots between widely diverse subjects to remind us how everything is connected. The history of our planet and our origins as a species is very different from what most of us can imagine. We are a species with amnesia, undergoing a rapid awakening from a long deep state of unconsciousness, to rediscover our significance as humanity and our critical place in all of creation. My discoveries of the vanished civilisations of Southern Africa have provided some critical missing pieces of the GREAT HUMAN PUZZLE.  

The Ubuntu Movement has a simple plan to turn our small towns into places of abundance and prosperity for all the people, where there are no hurdles to progress or restrictions on personal growth of the people.


Harries Carroll

Harries is a lifeguard from TV's Bondi Rescue who is best known for protecting the lives of swimmers at Sydney's Bondi Beach. He has a keen interest in history, the mysteries of life and a deep respect for the Original culture and people. Harries, along with his wife Emily and son Billy, recently went to the glyphs and a small sampling of the surrounding archaeology. All three of them had profound experiences while there. 

"Bondi is on the same longitude as the cliffs 33° and my reason for having such a belief is that I’ve never lost a life on Bondi Beach being a sacred place like the glyphs. I've rescued 5.5k people in the water at Bondi, and no one has drowned on my watch. I’ve resuscitated 50 people and had to pull in 60 bodies from suicides, or falling off the cliffs in my career." - Harries Carroll


Lea Kapiteli

Is an author, blogger, artist, psychic and extra-terrestrial contacted...and a conference organiser!

She will be discussing her interactions from her E.T. guide, the illustrious and slightly irritating, Mezreth. Lea will be divulging details of how deep and far back both human and E.T. histories intertwined, but also the most important lesson that overarches all others: the likeness and eerie familiarity between both peoples. 


The Event Schedule

Melbourne, Australia Time

9 AM Introduction

9:10 AM Steven & Evan Strong

Break 15 minutes

11:15 AM Klaus Dona

Break 15 minutes

1 PM Dr. Rita Louise

Break 15 minutes

2:45 PM Lea Kapiteli

Break 15 minutes

3:30 PM Michael Tellinger

Break 15 minutes

5:15 PM Harries Carroll & Steve Strong

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